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Shen Build Guide by Pharana

Shen in the Jungle? Creepy...

By Pharana | Updated on October 8, 2011

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Shens a Jungler?

This is what I think about Shen as a jungler: He has a spammable move which heals him, and once you get your first bit of spell vamp you can keep ganking without stopping. Once Shen is level 18, his skills make him unstoppable.

Why choose jungling over laning? Jungling allows you to have 2 solo lanes, 3 if you count jungle. So if you need a jungler, why not use an AP with a taunt and a group heal. Plus,. Shen's ulti is awesome for ganking, if a lane is extended, the enemy team can say bye bye to their laning phase.
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But I Thought Shen was a Tank.

Shen is a tank, and those tank attributes let him jungle fast and long. His skills give him an advantage over counter junglers, and in ganking. If you also choose defensive masteries over caster or offensive, you will be able to tank while doing damage for your team. Tank Shens in the jungle don't do as much damage and do not have as much healing power.

His ulti which makes him an awesome tank, also can be used to shield and make other people less "squishy". AP improves your shielding power letting a tank, tank more damage or a caster, burst with another skill.
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Shen has good AP ratios?

Yes, in fact Shen has good AP ratios for a tank. His main damage spell Vorpal Blade has a 65% increase in damage. Feint gives a 60% increase. And at last, his ulti Stand United has a 100% increase in shielding. They are not as high as some of the other champions AP ratios, but I find them to be enough.
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Pros and Cons


-Very easy to play
-Natural tank abilities
-Good jungling speed
-Taunt allows easy ganking
-Global ulti
-Spammable heal move


-Hard to turret dive at low levels if inexperienced
-Easily targeted in team fights
-Taunt puts you in more harm.
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Dodge Runes? But Those are for a Tank!

Dodge runes are very good to have with a jungler. With dodge seals and Ninja Tabi give you around 20% dodge. This dodge rate will allow you to jungle more and shut down most of their AD carry attacks.

As for Glyphs, I go with straight AP. I much rather prefer straight AP over AP per level. AP per level can get u in a lot of trouble in the jungle. Straight AP allows you to clear your jungle faster and gank more efficiently.

Marks, like for most AP users, allow you to deal more damage early game and late game. If you have no magic pen at all you will easily get your damage blocked by their magic resistance.

AP quint, like for glyphs, give you more and more damage at level 1-6 which is right when you need it.
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Why not get Taunt First?

Taunt takes up too much energy for you to help in damage. Your Vorpal Blade is the best skill to max first. At the max level it heals for 50 every 3 seconds which is good for you and your team.

Your Feint can stay at level 2 til everything else you have is maxed. Feint does not get it's energy usage deceased, but the others do.

Like every other champion (except for a few without ultis), you want to level your Stand United as much as you can.
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Defensive Masteries aren't for Junglers... or are They?

Defensive masteries give Shen what he needs to succeed. With the final mastery in defense you can be less squishy to save your carries from AD or AP hits. The dodge aspect of the masteries give you more movement speed whenever you dodge an attack. With your 20% dodge you can move SUPA FAST!
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Why get AD Items as well?

Shen also needs to have a bit of AD to help him have sustain in team fights. Hextech Gunblade makes Shen able to cover lanes for your allies. Trinity Force Gives you more damage with it's Sheen proc.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives your passive more health to work on which makes you, SUPA STRONG! With this strength Mordekaiser es not numer uno!

Moonflair Spellblade and Rod of Ages can be changed around in the build with eachother. Spellblade gives you tenacity and AP, which makes you SUPA TANK. RoA gives you more health and AP.
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Smite and Flash! OH NO!

Tired of having to cover a lane for someone at low health? Do you have 1200 gold in your pocket? I have just the thing for you! Hextech Revolver will save the day! Just use that Smite there on a minion, it makes you SUPA HEALTHY.

Your team needs a gank? OH! Theres a wall blocking your path, what will you do? Waste your Shadow Dash? NO! Flash will help you get the kill for your team! Or, do you have a problem with an Ashe or Tryndamere? Flash will be your SUPA SAVIOR! As I like to call it FLASH AND DASH!
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Why Won't You Just go Back...

Why would the all mighty Shen need to go back? He can gank whenever he wants! Don't underestimate the mighty AP jungler!

Jungle Route

- Golems
- Wraiths
- Wolves
- Lizard Elder
- Repeat little creatures
- Ancient Golem

Darn those mighty big golems... Why do they have to be the first thing I kill? OH! I know why! They are VULNERABLEEE! Like a teenage girl, yes? But why not ask your team for a quick leash. It makes you take less damage which makes you, SUPA HAPPY!

Why do wraiths have livesteal like me? THEY AINT NO WITCH. The big one is the target for now. But why don't I just get rid of the small fries first? They have less lifesteal? OKAY!

Am I killing Warwick's parents? Why do wolves like to crit so much... Not like im trying to hurt them or anything. But the alpha pack leader is first as always!

Giant Lizards are dinosaurs right? But why does this one look like a Renekton on a bad day. And what are the smaller ones, its babies?

Ancient Golems aren't that smart are they? If they just sit there not using any skills why are they in the game? They give me energy regen? HOW COOL IS THAT! You can stay Ancient Golems! We love you!

Big Bad Dragon... If your so good dragon why are the second to Baron in the neutral monsters?
BE A MAN! Just cuz you cant hurt me as bad as other junglers doesnt mean you can't do better.
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Okay Shen... Stop with Your Taunts.

So the enemy team is trying to get your most damage dealing champions? Or does that pesky carry have a Guardian Angel? Wellp, if Shen knows 1 thing he knows how to taunt! I wonder what he does to outrage the enemy enough to want to kill him instead of your carry? He might have a mini singed bottle in his pants? EW!

Shadow Dash Helps get your enemies dead quicker and easier in team fights.
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Shen How Can You Turret Dive Whenever You Want?

Shen's ulti uses technology to teleport him to his allies! But what if your teammate doesn't want you to be there? DO IT ANYWAY, save them from any more harm when they turret dive! In united we stand, or is it Stand United?

Need to tank a turret? Don't let your teammate tank it alone! Shield them for more damage taking goodness!
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Its Over? I'm so Sad...

This guide isn't actually over check back for videos of in game Shen playing! If you have any questions Post it in the comments below. And if you liked this guide don't forget to give it a +1 :P

Asking for it wont be enough to get more votes, but if you have any criticism also post that in the comments below.
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