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Shen Build Guide by Noobbones

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noobbones

Shen jungle. The ranked way

Noobbones Last updated on January 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My Shen Jungle build is aimed for ganks at their peak. Who could ever gank as good as Tanks? Riot can't think of any, I can't. Tanks are OP junglers.

Shen disrupts the enemy team but he is slow farming. Ganks however make you better than a Shyvanna or a Skarner. Shen can also gank Teemo and next moment counter gank another lane with his Ultimate Stand United.

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This are my main Jungling Runes. They are the fastest and savest in all of Kalamandra.
You: "Shen however is still slower than OP AOE **** OP ganker junglers blablabla!"
No ****! but Shen is at 90% life after first buff. You mad?

Movement Speed is uber important on Shen. You won't go from camp to camp like other noobs. You will gank top, take 1,2 camps, gank mid, gank bot. Enemies raging all over.

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Masteries are all defensive. That's why they give Shen more damage than any AD masteries. (And they are safer!)
Life for passive, any flat damage reduction because you will get LOTS of Minion aggro and MOVEMENT SPEED! HUEHUEHUE

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Regrowth Pendant. All you need for your first camps and first ganks. Then the only Gold/5 Item useful and MOVEMENT SPEED. with this Speed you are everywhere and nowhere. YOU ARE A NINJA!
Then normal Tank Items, because, well, that's what you are. Aegis of the Legion is good item but let you Support grab it. (It's ranked. Remember?)
After Force of Nature you have enough Mov. Speed without Mobility boots, so you can get the Mercury's Treads.
With Thornmail you have a perfect Itemset for your passive and your skills.
Now there is Trinity Force and Randuin's Omen. Later in the game you need more cc. Randuin's is slow. Trinity possible slow.
If you buy Frozen Mallet, because your team has enough damage that you dont need Trinity, dont get Randuin's at all cost but think if Guardian Angel wouldn't be a better choice. Tankiness and slow...

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Skill Sequence

Your Vorpal Blade is the key to jungling. You missclick? GTFO! You lost a ranked.
Notice there's is no point in Shen's Feint. You are ganker, so your taunt Shadow Dash is SO important.
If you think more damage for Vorpal Blade is better, you are a noob with no sense for Utility and League of Legends itself. PLS DON'T PLAY RANKED NOOB!
Keep your dagger and your taunt on even level. NO SHIELD!
Your Ult Stand United is the reason everyone banned Shen half a year ago. You want it. You get it.

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Summoner Spells

I get Flash and Smite for this build.
Smite? It's jungling guide, remember?
You:"Warwick needs no smite, he is much better" GTFO! NO RANKED FOR YOU!
Flash is a gap closer if your gank needs another. But it's more effective as defensive spell midgame. Shen has no Tank Steroids (I still say no shield!) Initiating is hard without the Speed my Guide grants you and with? ...too.

Other choices are Ghost and spells as Exhaust and Ignite.
Ghost: You are no Ninja anymore. You are... that coyote that tries to catch Roadrunner but horribly fail each time.
Exhaust and Smite: Meh... You die much and can't gank as good (Feeder)
Any other choice: I hope for your team someone leaves Queue...

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This is the important part. But i'm tired of writing...
Blue team? Good! Start Blue then Wolves -> Gank Top. Initiate as your pal hits level 2.
Clear one or two camps but start red as you get Smite again. You don't want to waste your Smite. You are slow already. Got it? -> Gank mid or bot, blow some flashes, kill someone. Your early ganks just set 2 lanes ahead.
You see... very aggresive play. But never dive before Tank Status or safe kill! You are an experienced player carrying your game, not a killing machine.
Go on, you can even counterjungle Fiddlesticks, he is such a bad jungler before level 6. Just wait for his sucking skill then taunt and laugh at him. (Seriously press Shift+4 after ganks. You are a Ninja, not a Nun)

Violet Team? This is trickier. Start Red Buff. You have to get your top lane ahead! Level 2 ganks OP! That's why you banned Shaco before the game.
You can now continue like described above. Your energy however could run out earlier and your autohits +Red buff have to balance the fact you dont spam daggers as much. (Atk Speed Runes. I thought of everything there)
If you started Red you definitely give your blue buff too your AP carry (if he has Mana).
You won another lane for your team passively.

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Team Work

-Early Ganks set your allied lanes ahead. Buffs let Mid pressure the enemy and free farm.
-Buy Wards for your Allies. Shen really is a Teamplayer.
-Ult *insert cool Smiley here* (If you Ult your friends as soon as they enter a bush but your enemy isn't in it yet, they don't know they're dead now. You don't have Ult only when someone is 1 hp. Imaging enemies be like "HOLY **** 3 BOT! WHERE THE **** DID HE COME FROM!"
-You are always nice! Tell those noob feeders in your team that it's not their fault, help them more. Whatever you do. Don't flame in Text chat or you will lose all teamplay and, with that, the game. (You can punch your Wife afterwards if you like, but don't do it while playing. You have to focus. Just like a Ninja)
-And please: If you see that your team in fact WILL pick up the kill, if they definitly kill them. Let them have it! You can secure the kill but don't get it at any cost.
(Kill Secured? Not in ranked)
-Your team want a jungle camp? (Yes, nothing against that. Please be ahead of the enemy)

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Man! I'm tired of writing.
-Good Gank jungler
-Much early damage
-Safest jungler in game
-****s up every enemy carry
-No definite gank succes like Rammus (wtf he's so OP seriously)
-Squichy until mid game
-Teams/Lanes that push so hard, that the enemy stands in tower ****s you up, because...
-slow clearing, no AOE damage

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Shen ganks are fenomenal good. Kills are important, because his farming is slow. With this guide you set your team ahead instead of getting fed, while your team is "Meh...". Shen is a great ***-saver but needs his Speed for initiation. Roaming Shen Steamrolls much much.
The rest is up to the Summoner. To you and your team. Remember that a good jungler leads his team and helps them. If your top lane blames you it's not your fault but their jungler may be better than you. If they lose 1v1 it's their fault. Be nice to everyone so they like and trust you. (Good Karma really wins you games, no lie)
There is no ELO hell. Only Shen. (For best results ban: Kassadin, ~~ Singed~~, Morgana, Ahri, Tryndamere. Those champs counter Shen ganks)