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Shen Build Guide by roroer

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author roroer

shen- not by the hair on my shenny shen shen!

roroer Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! this is my first build for one of my favorite champions- Shen. he is an amazing tank and can use his ultimate to help a teammate in distress. This is my first guide I've made so if u see something wrong leave a comment so you can help me help others. Enjoy :)

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The Story

Once upon a time, there was a Shen being a.....Shen. He was tanking eveything in lane until big bad yi comes along and says "I'm going kill all your carries! Hahaha!"

"Not by the hair on my shenny shen shen!" said shen. he ulted his friendly vayne and shadow dashed him far far away under baron.


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This seems quite standard for a tank. Except that I took 9/21/0 instead of the old 0/21/9. I did this because Shen can cause the enemies to get harassed a lot with his Vorpal Blade. the 9 in offense makes them do a little more damage early game. also for the little bit of extra ability power for his w and r. the 21 in defense is for his main role as being a tank (that's a no brainer).

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Greater Mark of Ability Power- 3 out of your 4 abilities scale off of ability power. this allows your Stand United to get extra health and your Feint also. This extra ability also allows Vorpal Blade to do extra damage.A small but slightly helpful bonus.
Greater Seal of Armor- A rune basic for most tanks. It provides armor which makes dps's like Master Yi and Ashe deal slightly less damage. this little damage reduction can make you get away with a slice amount of health or end up dieing, over and over again
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist- Another type of rune basic for tanks. AP casters like Karthus and Annie will have more trouble killing you.
Greater Quintessence of Health- A rune to give a slight bit more durability. This rune is also another basic rune for tanks.

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Items- Basic Build

mercury treads- These boots i think are the best pair of boots for a champion who isn't an AP caster. The magic resist reduces a lot of damage from most abilities, and the cc reduction helps out very much. It may help you get away from a deadly gank from the enemy jungler in early game. In late game it helps for when you use Shadow Dash on enemies with on hit slows.

aegis of the legion-this item is crucial on shen. it gives a buff to surrounding allies. this buff makes surrounding allies get more damage, Magic resist, and armor. it also gives u everything you need on shen. MR, armor, and health.

zhonya's hourglass- This item seems odd. But think about it- armor, AP, and a stasis for 2 seconds. this armor is for.... well, you know, and AP for the boosts on your abilities. The stasis on this item is quite amazing on shen. Here's how I use it- i would use Shadow Dash in and have them focus me. turn invulnerable so the enemies try to kill me and get denied while my team comes in and kills them

sunfire cape- this gives more durability and does damage to all in team fights. the extra help and armor combine together for anti-AD goodness. the damage will end up doing A TON by the end of a team fight to everyone on their team. it also makes chasing much easier at low energy. the sunfire cape might get a kill for you when you can't catch up with your Shadow Dash.

force of nature- this item gives great durability against all AP casters. the health regen. makes it so you don't have to leave a team fight right away. you can just stand behind the team and heal until your at a safe amount of health then rush back in.

warmog's armor-This is an all around great item for tanks. The health makes you stay in a fight and be more of a meat shield. Since the rest of your items give you good defensive stats, you don't need more armor/mr. The health regen from your force of nature also stacks well with the health regen on warmog's. so overall this is a great item for shen.

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sight ward
This item is crucial to win. It can make a gank by their Warwick become completely useless. It makes it possible to take their dragon/baron by using Vorpal Blade to kill it then using Shadow Dash over the wall to escape. simple as that. This one item is cheap, so whenever u can buy them! they can only help, not harm! Besides, your the tank, you should be the one buying most of the wards. Just get these after you have bought an item if you have left over gold.

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Items- Alternatives

Ninja Tabi- These boots are good for teams with little cc or more ad damage than ap.The melee attack reduction is also very helpful. It makes an AD carry hit like a feather to you. These boots are also cheap, so just evaluate the enemy team and pick these up over merc treads.

abyssal scepter- this item can be used instead of Zhonya's Hourglass if they are more AP heavy than you thought. It is also a nice item so that your team can deal more AP damage because of the aura it gives reducing MR of the enemy team.

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Skill Sequence

vorpal blade- this i get 1 point in a t level 1 for great harassing, durability for both you and your lane partner (heal), and last hitting minions. since shen has energy and not mana he can spam this move as much as he wants.

feint- this is a very small shield and is his least helpful skill IMO. 1 point at level three is fine to reduce a hit from a turret hit.

shadow dash- this is the move that makes shen tanky. it is a taunt that, at level five, taunts for about 2 seconds. this short duration can make a squishy come strait into your team and make them insta-die. don't forget to use this to go through a wall if u need a clean getaway.

stand united- this is his ultimate and which makes shen, shen. shen's ultimate usually known for saving a teammate's butt and taunting the chaser away making a big gap. it can also be used in 2 other ways- to get out of a fight and into safety, and getting to a distant team fight too far to walk to.

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Summoner Spells

exhaust- this is very good for early game lane fights and an easy way to almost completely disable an enemy. the debuffs on this spell make any champion almost usless and can't help their team. heres a trick I do with it- i run in with Shadow Dash and let them chase me towards the team for the whole duration. then use exhaust when my taunt runs out.this maximizes the time they are away from where they were and makes it very hard to get out of your grasps!

ghost- this is very helpful for running and chasing. combined with Exhaust almost no one can run away. the only way they might possibly escape is by using Flash over a wall or using Teleport across the map to safety.

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Other Viable Summoner Spells

flash- this can be used with shadow dash for an extra far lunge to catch up or run away. I don't recommend it because usually shadow dash does the trick.

Teleport- this move, in my opinion, is cruicial to have at least one of on any team. this can be an anti gank system and save turrets. I don't reccomend it because your Stand United can help you jump around the map easily because it is global. But if you must, take it over Ghost if no one else takes teleport.

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Tips & Tricks

1-when a teammate is low, use your Stand United to teleport to them at about half health. wait only because they will get more determined to kill this unit, but you come in and use Shadow Dash once you arrive and taunt the following enemies. if this unit is a ranged dps carry, u can tank them while your teammate is at a safe distance away to finish them off. but if they aren't, just prioritize them escaping. You may die in the process, but better you than them :)

2- in laning stages, use Vorpal Blade to harass enemies down and hit them with Ki Strike to deal a decent amount of damage (don't expect big percentages to get destroyed, you are a tank). you can also use Vorpal Blade on an enemy minion and let your lane partner heal for more sustainability. the small heal at level one still can help alot even though it is at a very small amount of regen. One last use for vorpal blade is to last hit minions. this adds a little range to kill minions for money so u don't run in the middle of the minions and get hurt too much.

3- a really helpful trick is to (if your talking with this person) have the teammate who you are about to use Stand United to is tell them to go into a bush, then use your ultimate. this way, you have the element of surprise! and you can taunt them while your teammate helps you. then before they even know what hit them they'll be dead.

4-Your ultimate can be disabled (the teleport atleast) with any cc besides a slow, so let the enemies hit with their cc then use your ultimate if your trying to escape. Not doing this has gotten me killed plenty of times as Shen so keep track of their abilities. Ex: Ahri is about to use Charm when your in no condition to fight back. Let her use it then use your ultimate to a far away champion outside the fight.

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Well, this seems to be all I can tell you for now. and please dont be a troll and downvote this for no reason. If you have any feedback you can tell me, please do so i can fix it. help me help others! that's all I have to say except for my thanks for jhoijhoi for his guide on making a guide. Thanks for reading!