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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimbo223

Shen, The Everlasting Ninja

Jimbo223 Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Given that Shen is a tank, at first sight, he looks very frail and squishy. But with the right build, you should NEVER die. I will tell you how to do this in this guide.

Here are a few quick tips:

    Do NOT go out farming alone, you will be vulnerable to ganks, and you cannot take on damage from more than 4 enemy champs.
    Don't get greedy for kills, focus on keeping your carries in the fight, the majority of your money should come from assists.
    When low on health use
this should help you and your laning partner regain some portion of your health, depending on your level.
Time your right, this can help you tank enemy skill shots that would normally loose you critical health.

If u play this guide right, you will be the savior of your team mates, and of course causing the enemy to cry at your feet. *evil laugh*

    Your champ runs on ENERGY no mana YAYYYYYY
    Hes a ninja.
    Awesome taunt spell
    Awesome Health regen 'q' spell
    Awesome Shield spell
    and how can I forget, the Awesome ulti that saves millions of lives
Dude, thats 4 awesomes.

    High cost for spells, especially the taunt
    frail early game
    slow movement speed early game. (this changes drastically)

Vote up please!!

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Summoner Spells

They arent gettin nowhere bro, nuh-uh. combined with your taunting and this spell, there is more than enough time for your team mates to chase down and kill that enemy shrieking for help... MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA

MAP HACKKKKK This compliments with your ulti, you can go save some one with Stand United get back to your lane in a matter of seconds.

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Last hits, ample damage, it comes every 8 seconds, so use it at will.

Great for healing, harassing, and destroying.
Best way to utilize this is to use it on the cannon enemy minions, and ki strike and standard attack it, it will give you health, or if your team mate hits it, it will heal them.

again, time it right and u can tank enemy abilities that will normally hurt your health.
also, you should use this when running into team fights.

Great initating, ganking, chasing, and running away skill. Use it wisely because it uses up a lot of energy.

Just be loved by everyone, best ulti ever.

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Lets cut to the chase, youre probably here for the Shen GOD build, so here i present it to you:

Your end build for a balanced enemy team should look a little something like this:

Start off the game with a this should give you enough health and regen to survive the beginning of the game. However, if you want movement speed, you can start of with but I wouldn't recommend this route.

On your first return after a bit of laning, grab your and kick off your . Start with then then your cloth armour.

After your randuin's omen, get your This should complete your core build. Up to here, you have some of everything a tank should have. Health, armour, Magic resist, and also tenacity.

After this you can choose what to get next.

Heavy Dps team:
Get your champs with high crits such as tryndamere will kill themselves.

AP, Magic team:
Get a or you can get another GA will give you both armour and magic resist, and the passive is loveable. But the force of nature will give you more MR and health regen, aswell as the speed boost, make your choice depending on the team.

Get a yes, some people may think that this is too expensive, and not worth getting, but trust me. Warmog's armour goes great with the tank, over flows you with HP, the health bars will get so narrow chances are the enemy is not going to be bothered to kill you.

Get the next two items in the order you please, but if they have ap nukes, that just seem to bite away at your health, get your GA first.

Your team is owning:
Get some ap items, your spells will do much more. your shield will be the best thing you every knew, and your will be epic aswell.

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Items to avoid

BOOOO HOOOOO. This you will never need, Its expensive, you dont need the damage, and the passive you can just use your exhaust spell. Definately a big no no for shen

Snowball item, This item is almost useless late game, and you wont finish your stacks in early game, -end of debate-

Debatable, good mr, good passive, everything. just the mana part is disturbing, your champ runs on energy and you cant increase the energy pool, unless you're trying to stay invisible from twisted fate's see everybody spell, I wouldn't get it.

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Skill Sequence

When going into team fights,
Shadow Dash
Vorpal Blade
your team mates should finish what ever is left of the enemy champ.

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Team Work

M.A.P A.W.A.R.E.N.E.S.S:
This is #1 priority for a Shen, every ping, every team fight you should know the situation.
When people ping frantically, or even once, check the area out, have your finger on Stand United just in case and come to the rescue when every you need to. You always have your Teleport to get back into lane in a matter of seconds.
When checking areas out, just click on the minimap, and all you need to do is hit the spacebar to return the camera to your good looking champ.

When saving other champs:

    Tell you team mate to run towards you
    Run straight at the enemy, and aim your
Shadow Dash so you taunt most, if not all of the enemy champs
Activate Feint
Run the opposite way from your team mate, if you have your full build, you should still walk away with more than 3/4 of your health left

Dont be afraid.
your'e the tank you should be the first to die, theoretically. so go in there taunt and shield and save some ***.

Taunt enemies that try and hurt your tower:
The next time they attack you, they will start taking damage from the tower and eventually back off. Same goes with minions, if they are swarming around the tower taunt them to stop their damage output on the tower.

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I would recommend trying at least one game with this champ, hes fun to play and he looks awesome!!

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