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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smitty224

Shen the Flippin Ninja [Tank Build]

Smitty224 Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my third league of legends build. This time I decided to yet again bring you another tank build. I love to tank because I love being a team player, also because it is so rare to find a tank that understand what it means to be a tank.

So this guide is obviously about Shen. Shen is by far one of the best 4 tanks in the game which in my opinion are Alistar, Rammus, Shen and Amumu. This guide utilizes health, armor and magic resistance in a nice balance for the perfect tanking combination.

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.


(for any abbreviations you don't understand)

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Pros / Cons

-AoE Taunt ()
-Great at saving teammates with and
-Self Shield ()
-Doesn't use mana
-Okay escape skill ()

-Low damage
-Doesn't get a lot of kills
-Only 1 damage skill

***Please note: None of the first 3 items on the cons list should matter. You are a tank, you don't need a lot of those.***

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Skill Sequence

Q > E > W > Q > E > R > E > W > E > W > R > E > W > W > Q > R > Q > Q

This is a good sequence because it will utilize your tank skills over your damage skill.

Q -

W -

E -

R -

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Suggested Runes

Greater Mark of Insight
This is a good rune for Shen's Vorpal Blade, it will help increase the damage.

Greater Seal of Defense Greater Seal of Defense
This is a good seal to get on all tanks because its exactly what all tanks need which is armor. This specific rune provides you with some helpful armor per level.
Greater Glyph of Shielding
Another crucial tanking rune, this one will prove you with some nice magic resistance per level.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
Probably the most popular quint in the game for tanks this rune provides you some good health..

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Optional Runes

Greater Mark of Fortitude
This is a good rune for those who like health, but as for the other in this list it is not something I would fully suggest.

Greater Seal of Evasion
This is a good rune for those who like dodge, none of my items are built into dodging so I do not suggest this mainly, but if you prefer it then go for it.
Greater Glyph of Warding
Not a bad glyph to take with you, it will replace the shielding glyph with another magic resistance set. The only difference is that this one isn't per level.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is a good spell for Shen to use because it will help him get to a team mate in a lane that needs help and will help him get back to his own lane for farming.

Almost a must on Shen, Ghost will help you with escaping in the event you need to and it will also help you chase an enemy for activating to taunt them back.

While I do not recommend taking this over ghost or teleport, it is a good spell for slowing down enemies and shutting down the enemy teams highest damage dealer in short team fights.

Flash can be a good spell for positioning for or in the vent you need to escape.

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Core Items

Randuin's Omen
This is a overall good tanking item. Provides armor, health and health regeneration.

Force of Nature
I love this item on every tank it has amazing health regeneration boosts, magic resistance and not to mention it provides movement speed.

Sunfire Cape
Provides 45 armor with 450 health, helpful for tanking. Its passive helps a lot in farming. It is a good item to rush if your having trouble farming.

Banshee's Veil
I really like this item because it has a good amount of health while adding to your magic resistance. It has a good passive also by blocking a negative spell every 45 seconds.

Mercury's Treads
This are a big pick for most characters. Adds to your magic resistance and movement speed. With its new tenacity feature it is almost a must.

****Read Doran's Shield****

Doran's Shield
This is not a necessary core item late game so I suggest selling it and picking up another viable item in the chapter below.

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Other Viable Items

Guardian Angel
Never my first choice, but if your taking a lot of deaths then go ahead and pick up this item. If your gonna take it, replace or with the item.

Warmog's Armor
Again, not my first choice, but if you want a lot of health then pick up this item. If your going to get it I highly suggest replacing with it.

Aegis of the Legion
Not a bad pick up for early in the game, it can help protect you and your teammates. If your gonna get this item make sure to replace with it.

Elixir of Fortitude
Don't not be afraid to pick these up along the way, they can be very useful to adding to your health early game. I do not suggest getting them late game.

If you need more room for these items I suggest selling Doran's Shield, its not all the important late game and won't make much of a difference.

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Vorpal Blade will heal you and your allies as long as you are attacking that target, hit the main focused enemies in team fights with this spell to help heal up.

Shadow Dash is a taunt, meaning it will force an enemy to attack you, this is great when they are pushing a turret.

Feint is your damage absorption, use it when initiating a team fight or even when escaping.

Make sure to watch the allied health bars on the side of your screen, this is crucial for helping you know when to use Stand United.

If you are with a pre-made team in a skype call, tell your team to call for Stand United if they need help.

Do not engage an enemy 1v1 if you expect to pick up the kill. Shen is definitely not there to do damage I suggest having an ally with you all the time to help with the damage.

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Laning Phase

Shen is not a solo laner and he never will be, if you have a jungler on your team make sure you lane with somebody and never take either of the solo lanes. I suggest laning with some sort of range dps champion such as or because you will not do a lot of damage nor can you harass. A ranged dps champion can harass the enemy for you and get last hits on them as well.

Farming is very crucial to Shen and he is not very good at it. Make sure you last hit every possible minion you can to get the gold. Gold and items are very important to Shen and without them you will not be a tank.

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Teamfights will happen a lot in every match and it is very crucial that you are prepared for them as a tank. Your main focus in teamfights it keeping the damage off of your team. and will help you with this. If you are far from a teamfight use on the ally taking most of the damage and when you teleport in activate on as many of your enemies as you can pass through. When you are being targeted activate to take some of the damage off of you. Another thing that seems to be often overlooked in teamfights is Shens , use this on the enemy being focused the most to help heal your team mates.

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Closing Words

I want to thank everybody for reading my guide and I hope it will help you in the future towards being a better Shen and being a better tank.

Please give me some constructive criticism in the comments as well as your recommendations for my build. I put a lot of time into this and I would greatly appreciate it.