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Miss Fortune Build Guide by chronus000

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chronus000

Shock and Awe - AD Carry MF

chronus000 Last updated on December 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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One Short Chapter

Disclaimer: This is a guide, not the Bible (or other holy books). You don't always have to follow it to the letter.

Miss Fortune is a ranged carry that is all about dealing damage. And while other ranged AD carries will specialize on single target damage ( Vayne, Caitlyn), she excels on both single target and AoE. Another good thing about MF is that she gets a pretty solid laning phase, thanks to her nuking and zoning capabilities. This allows her to get her damage items quite safely as long as she is not countered hard. Her kit lets her handle other game aspects pretty decently: Strut for mobility, Double Up for poking and kill-securing (KSing), Make it Rain for crowd control and zoning, Impure Shots for duels and pushing, and Bullet Time for teamfights and occasional farming.

With S3 changes on The Bloodthirster mechanics (now at +70 damage with only 30 stacks to fill), I almost always rush it on her nowadays. The amount of AD it provides is awesome for attacks and abilities. The lifesteal, together with her Impure Shots steroid, allows her to win duels flawlessly mid game and also sustains her for long skirmishes.

Two of her abilities have great AD scaling and, while lacking utility, offers heavy physical damage. For maximizing this strength, I use Build 1 which provides MF with a lot of AD without losing much on auto-attack and survivability department, much like common AD Bruiser builds. The CDR and MS allows her to be a deterrent whenever a fight breaks out while the early armor penetration will make sure her abilities and attacks will hurt as much as possible.

Build 2 focuses on being a glass-cannon and staying true to MF's nature which is dealing mass damage. This time, I rush big AD items and forgo survivability to deal maximum hurt. This runs the risk of being shut down hard, so you'll have to play like the game rests entirely on your champion.

Her only weakness would be squishiness and the lack of escape, forcing you to either play full offensive or play safe. The range of her abilities are also not that outstanding so you'll not be as safe as other ADRs. However, keeping her alive is not that much work. Everything will be fine just as long as you use your Make it Rain optimally, have your Strut active as much as possible and keep your distance.

The lack of utility and escapes may make people scared of trying her out but, really, she can bring a lot of physical kick to the game. Overall, Miss Fortune is easy to learn, fun to play and rewarding to master.