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Shyvana Build Guide by Patchey

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Patchey

Shyvana. Dont nerf her PLEASE.

Patchey Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Hello ladies and gentleman and ladymen, welcome to my guide for shyvana, the new shiny champion of the league,When you departure for my guide please dont leave any personal belongings behind and enjoy your stay.

Please notice this is my first build, so be kind, and be incredibly critcising towards me, im going to need it >.<.

In my build im going to include all the basic's a new player is going to need when first trying out shyvana, it should also help with overall gameplay, ill also try to include some personal indepth details for the more experienced players, though my figure's may be incorrect as it is still early stages for shyvana, the Fire breathing *****.

When making this guide i aim for a tanky build, whilst putting across a huge amount of damage, an overall balanced tanky overpowered champions, yay.

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When you buy runes for a champion, any champion, its always hard to choose, as you dont know whether you want some nice solid damage, or some nice penetration or some solid health, normally i think its down to a persons personal opinion and their play style, if you play really defensive i would think you would go for defensive runes, just an example =/.

Anyway whilst Playing shyvana, experimenting and deciding what i wanted i thought to myself what scales the nicest with Shyvana, and that turns out to be attack speed and attack damage, this still may not be completely true as its early stages, yet i still find it to believe it my self, so ive made the Marks for AD, the seal and glyphs for Attack speed and finally the quintessence's i chose will give you some solid Armor and magic pen so nobody sucks in your Q + W and E + R damage :).


you want 9Greater Marks of might
This gives you some nice solid Attack damage, scaling per level, 22.68 AD

Followed by 9Greater seal of alacrity
This gives you some solid attack speed, great for Shyvana's passive and great for the items in the list.

You can then have 9 Greater glyphs of alacrity
for even more Attack speed, or you can go for some solid health to improve early game stages.

Greater quintessence of desolation
You then want 2 Greater quintessence's of desolation
for some solid armor penetration, its always nice to have some armor pen if someone decides to stack that nasty hard armor.

and Finally i felt some magic penetration from a Greater quintessence of insight would come quite handy as shyvana's flame breath and ultimate both deal magic damage, and you want to deal as much as possible with her ultimate

Normally Runes are down to personal opinion, but i felt these were quite solid for the shyvana build.

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When building the masteries i decided the best options would be to optimize damage whilst keeping a little bit of sustain on the side, obviously going for the excaust mastery since thats very helpful with its resistance reduction, which completely supports what this whole build is based on, What i realised with shyvana is that ad ranged, seem to pow her down like shes nothing, but shes a dragon this cant happen!, so i thought what would be best for this... dodge... i felt the best attribute of shyvana is that she has loads of movement speed, and attack speed, giving her nimbleness was great for chasing or fleeing purposing, for example, on a lane if chasing someone the minions will be pewpewing you as youll most likely damage them with burnout, if this is happening youll dodge with ninja tabi, if you dodge you get that extra 10% movement speed which will hopefully secure your kill. You could possibly go into utility for cooldown reduction or maybe even the flash improvement but i felt that shyvana gets enough cooldown reduction on her abilties and even duration increased through her passive, so this was not nessesary. but with the offensive and defensive mastery build i gain attack speed, attack crit, for her q and w then i also get magic pen aswell for her e and ultimate, this overall increases the bonuses of all shyvana's abilities, then i went for defense as the primary aim of this build is to hit high damage whilst keeping sustain and lane durability, also possible tank/offtank for the team.

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You want to first Buy Basic boots + Some health potions to begin with, this gives you some nice early sustain and lane durability

you can either turn these boots into ninja tabi ( my favourite ) or mercary treads, normally its down to whether the team is AD, AP or CC dependent, i found ninja tabi is the most viable thanks to the armor and dodge for laning vs AD and the minions attacks


Now you have your boots you want to move on to which i thought was the best beginning item for farming/and early kills and that is to get yourself the bloodthirster, you will want to buy the vampiric scepter first as it gives you some life steal whilsts farming, but once you have enough buy your BF sword followed by the bloodthirster, ( MAKE SURE to keep it stacked up for maximum lifesteal/damage)

+ =

Now you have yourself some nice sustain, i personally follow this up by Wit's end, it gives some nice attack speed, some magic resist alongside the armor you got from the boots and ofcourse it makes your passive and your bloodthirster more viable, When building wits end i get the magic resist to begin with so i take less damage whilst farming, then follow it up by the item itself.

+ =

Now this next option is all down to the player and the team setup, you can either go for your trinity force, which gives you phage, sheen and zeal, which is a nice amount of damage/speed and on hit effect, or you can go for your warmogs armor and atmas impaler to begin with, youll get more damage from the trinity force but less survivability, depending on which you prefer at the time is what you choose, unless ofcourse the game lasts to the point you can afford all of it.

+ OR

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Skill Sequence

What did i do with my skill sequence?????, I went straight for what my build is based on, the AD scaled abilties which is Twin biteand Burnout now its not only because its AD that i choose to pick them as priority.

I firstly prioritise burnout out of all things becomes of the amazing bonuses you get from it, firstly you get a nice easy way to farm creeps with no cost at all, its almost identical as mundo's ability, except it doesnt cost health :)), not only that its an amazing ability for fleeing and chasing, as not only will it be dealing damage to your enemy it will also increase your movement speed.

Secondly i went for twin bite, this is where your main damage comes from, as the cooldown is reduced everytime you hit, the more you hit the more often you use twin bite, Twin bite does alot of damage, especially when maxed out as it takes 100% of the attack damage you have for the 2nd hit it does.

I pick up the ultimate everytime its up for obvious reasons, the stronger your ulti the better.

Now your probably wondering, why get flame breath at level 3 if it scales with AP and your build isnt based on that, well for one without that shyvana is almost ONLY melee range, so its nice to do some ranged damage, but that's not the main reason, if you look at the ability, the passive takes 15% of the enemy's armor away if you hit them, this is a great way to increase your damage dealt early game, as your improving your Attack damage with an AP ability =P.

If your here for a simple Look rather than a big speech heres the list with a quick description:

I prioritise this second most of the time because i find burnout is more nessesary to farm, but its a great ability, especially with sheen and bloodthirster as you get more stolen life from it, and with sheen it does a hell of alot of damage

I prioritise this ability the most for the simple reason of farming, because you can constantly reuse the ability without cost, and it deals alot of damage, many reasons why shyvana is great for jungle.

I choose to get flame breath once at level 3-4 then max it out later end game, the reason for this is because not only does shyvana lack ranged damage, it also reduces the targets armor.

I ofcourse upgrade this whenever the chance is available, it's a great ability since it has range, it can be used for getaways does a truckload of damage and you cant really go wrong with it, it increased the damage and makes all your abilities do AOE damage, making you a fierce target in a team fight.

The passive shyvana gets i personally think is really really good, the reason for this is because of what it says, it enhances your ability, allows you to use burnout and twin bite more, makes flame breath deal more damage and also determines the fury you gain, this passive is one of the main reasons she scales so well with attack speed because it allows her to do more with her abilities.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are always tough to choose, but i was quite happy with what i picked as it all supports my build, Ill explain the reasons for not choosing certain spells, i wont be including useless spells for shyvana which have 0 benefits to my build.

Ghost? Yah good, but not really needed for shyvana with her increased movement speed from Burnout and nimbleness

Ignite? a good ability for shyvana as it does some nice true damage and reduces their healing, i know its pretty because its red like everything else about shyvana, but i decided otherwise

I shoudnt even of included this on the list, In my opinion, completely pointless for shyvana

This isnt a jungle guide, this guide is aimed towards laning, top/bottom,
if you want a jungle guide, ask me i may develop one, or just seek elsewhere.

Flash of course an amazing ability, for fleeing, chasing, tower diving, baron and dragon stealing and all kind of mischievous stuff, Great spell.

Altough the heals nice, its a waste of time since you waste a summoner spell spot and you also miss out on another important spell, you get enough life steal from bloodthirster as it is.

Decent ability for getaways as shyvana is quite vulnerable to CC you can consider this summoner spell, but unlike champions like twitch you cannot slow, or attack from afar and abilities like flash and excaust will do that job for you.

I wont include the others as what i covered i believe to be the best options for shyvana, i wont be including the dominion spells as this is not a dominion guide, but if you do wish me to do a dominion guide for shyvana, remember to comment ill attempt to develop one.

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Pros / Cons

She has Alot of mobility.
Great at farming creeps
good at chasing and fleeing
does a stupid amount of damage
her abilities cost nothing except her ultimate
shes a dragon, simple as that.

Quite squishy early game
has little ranged abilities
her ultimate doesnt last very long
if you mess the ultimate up, game over
shes ugly with her first skin
something about demacia.. i think
shes also only half a dragon..
the other half we are yet to discover

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When it comes to farming, shyvana is a king.. or a queen at it.
She can dive in really fast with burnout, completely destroying the farm and quickly get out, you also need to consider that burnout is spammable as it does not cost anything, also.. the more you attack the minions, the longer your burnout will last Overall amazing at farming as the more you kill them the... more you kill them again through burnout, confusing >.< think it through, also with my build you can run into creep farms without worrying that you might lose half your health from constant 10's dealt out from the minions, you will easily regain it with bloodthirster, and you wont lose much with the vast amount of armor/magic resistance and health youll have at maxed out items.

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Team Work

When it comes to teamwork, shyvana has not got alot of Crowd control, but the great thing is, is when you enter dragon descent you hit alot of damage when you dive in, this also pushes back your enemy team, great if someone is going to kill your teammate so, you can consider it as a crowd control, also once in dragon form you can do alot of area of effect damage using burnout, twin bite and flame breath, as they will all deal damage on an area of effect basis whilst in dragon form, and with this build, not only will you destroy the enemy team with your AOE damage, you will have around 3.5k health depending if you manage to cap your warmogs or not, and also have a huge amount of lifesteal, GG from then on.

Guide Top


Thanks for reading my guide to Shyvana I know it may seem a little rushed at parts, but i tried my best to deliver this in the time i had to make it and also the fact it only came out last night in the EU, considering im in the EU server.

If you have any criticism or any compliments you want to give me *blush* just post them down on the bottom, make sure to vote and thanks again for reading.

I understand that alot of writing was put down and it seems quite messy, if somewhere on the guide is unappealing to you, please let me know and ill change it to your preference.