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Shyvana Build Guide by BarberaK8

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BarberaK8

Shyvana - I will dance in their ashes! [Jungle]

BarberaK8 Last updated on March 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I play Shyvana as a jungler. She does have a very weak gank (because she has no slows or stuns) but she has speed, damage and damage over time. I have been playing her for a while just normally and decided to pick up jungling. This build gives her heaps of health, attack speed and damage. If you play her right you'll clean up.

Please vote, leave comments and suggestions could I could really use the feedback. Cheers. =]

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Items and Jungle Procedure

As a jungler, I open with Boots of Speed and some Health Potion's. From here I start and Red. A leash is needed here. From here I move to the Phantoms, Wolves, Blue and then a go back to base. Here I have enough for Cloth Armor and/or Long Sword plus some extra Health Potion's. I then proceed to go back through my jungle, ganking at levels 4, 6, etc etc. Whenever you team needs it. I prefer to cover mid and top because they are solo and need the extra help.

I then get my Madred's Razors into my Wriggle's Lantern followed by Mercury's Treads, Recurve Bow, Wit's End. I get these because Shyvana really does rely on attack speed. It really does set an advantage, plus covers your magic resistance and some attack damage/armor.

Following these items I start on my Frozen Mallet, this becoming before the Sunfire Cape because of the awesome health, slowing ability and damage. It really makes you more tanky and you really sustain. Buy another Giant's Belt and turn that into your Sunfire Cape. Because of your Burnout and if you have red buff, it really helps when you are chasing and have some area of affects going. Plus the 35 magic damage per second is really something to invest in. Again, this item makes you more tanky, with some extra armor and really is essential.

Last but not least, Madred's Bloodrazor. This gives yoy an advantage late game, because by this time everyone has heaps of health, the enemy team has unkillable tanks and you really need something to kill them. Obviously you can swap it out for something you would rather later game, your choice, but this is what I go with.

This is a game I had on the 25/03/2012 in a PVP..

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Pro's and Con's


  • Fast base speed
  • Great in the jungle
  • Turns into a dragon which drags your enemies
  • Fire power
  • Tanky

  • No crowd control. (Stuns, slows etc)
  • Weak gank because of the above
  • It really sucks when you are slowed
  • Focused on middle game because once you are gone a lot of damage is too.

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Team fights

When you are joining into a team fight and you use your dragon, try and stay on one side of the fight, this way you can direct your Q and your E. Which means you are not in the middle of the fight, you can do the damage required and storm in with your dragon fire and burn everyone!
Just keep an eye out for ult's such as Nunu's, because his R can be interrupted by yours. =]