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Shyvana Build Guide by Metalrager

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metalrager

Shyvana Jungling Ranked

Metalrager Last updated on May 16, 2012
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Jungle/Solo Top (Top Build)


Solo Top/Jungle (Tanky build)

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Note: I'm still working on this guide but i published it just so that some people can see it already^^. I need to place some video's still, pictures and more writing^^.

Also the most important part of this guide is the jungling section!

Dear reader, first of all a quick introduction about me. I'm a player at the Nordic & East european servers and currently m at 1500 ELO. I got 60% win in ranked with Shyvana as my most played champion.

Shyvana is one of the best junglers in game and with the ability to destroy the opponent jungler with counterjungling starting at lvl 2. She has a powerful ulty that when used correctly can mean a win for your team and is great for short duration tanking. I have tested countless builds on Shyvana and this is the only one that in almost any game proves to be good.

Since i play her almost only as a jungler I don't know when i will put in the Solo Top section for Ranked but I will make it some time.

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Quints and Marks:
There's not much to say about my rune choices only that it's the most handy rune choices for Shyvana. You might consider going Attack Speed marks and Armor Penetration Quints but they prove less strong on Shyvana than Attack Damage Quints and Armor Penetration Marks.

Also you can take flat Magic Resist Glyphs but since this guide is focused on Jungle Magic Resist per level are better. If you go Solo top though and you're vs. a AP champ take flat Magic Resist. CD Reduction glyphs also work on Shyvana but they don't make that much of a difference so Magic Resist is still better in my opinion.

Health per level or Armor seals would be the best. Armor Seals for jungle are a must but for solo top Health per level are really nice on Shyvana if going vs. an AP solo top enemy.

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I prefer going the Aggresive way with Shyvana when it comes to Masteries so I love 21/9/0 for Jungling and Solo top (ofcourse with some changes). I don't like Utility on Shyvana at all so i wouldn't recommend it. 9/21/0 is viable too but it will make your jungling slower and you need that speed to counter jungle at their red at lvl 2.

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Jungling (Build 1):

Always start with Cloth armor and 5 Health Pots. When you go back for the first time pick up Boots of Speed and what you can of Wriggle's Lantern (starting with Madred's Razors). As soon as you are lvl 6 and got Wriggle's Lantern call for Dragon and kill it. If you wanna be a really good jungler WARDS ARE A MUST. Every time I go back when playing Shyvana I try to buy 2 wards which I place at the enemy's Blue and at the entrance to the enemy Red. Also the ward from Wriggle's Lantern is usually best to place at Dragon or on an entrance towards dragon so that you can kill him without getting a surprise gank.

I continue with Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on the enemy's team composition.

The best way to continue your build now is to get Wit's End because if you build Atmog's first you got too low damage for the entire mid game almost and can lose you the game.

Now don't forget about those wards I told you !!!

Giant's Belt should be the next item you pick up followed by Oracle's Elixir (VERY IMPORTANT: If you got a squishy Support champ or your bot lane isn't doing that well (not enough gold on support to provide wards, oracle's and some items) buy Oracle's Elixir for the team)

I finish Warmog's now and make Atma's Impaler since these 2 items are so great together.
After this I Take Force of Nature if required depending on the enemy team and lastly sell Wriggle's Lantern for Trinity Force.
If you don't get Force of Nature and want to go for a bit more damage now you can take Trinity Force followed by Black Cleaver or Madred's Bloodrazor which work pretty well on Shyvana.

Jungling(Build 2 I like this build the best on Shyvana at the moment):

So again you start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Pots. Once you go back for the first time pick up Boots of Speed and if you are doing very well with counter-jungling and ganking get a Doran's Blade and some Health Pots. Otherwise just buy a part of Wriggle's Lantern (starting with Madred's Razor).

Next buy again depending on the enemy team Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. And after that get a Phage. Wit's End then follows and your damage will be with these few items be pretty high and will make you able to focus down their AP and/or AD carry on your own.

Don't forget to buy wards as said earlier getting a Vision Ward for Dragon and/or Baron if your jungler can't. Since this build is less tanky i wouldn't suggest buying the Oracle's for your team but if needed still do it.

Now either buy a Chain Vest or a Negatron Cloak depending on the enemy team and finish your Frozen Mallet. Randuin's Omen is a nice investment after this and continue with either a Force of Nature or a Guardian Angel again depending on the enemy team. And finalize this build with an Atma's Impaler.


A must have item for jungling Shyvana or a great item for solo top which you take instead of The Brutalizer if you require more sustain.
If the enemy team has a CC heavy team or 2-3 AP get these boots.
If the enemy team has a weak CC team and 2-3 champions that depend for a great deal of their damage on normal hits get these boots.
An item that will make you a posing threat for early and mid game.
This item will give you the sustain you will need to tank your enemies.
A great item together with Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet boosting your attack damage by a lot (even after the recent nerf of it).
A great item vs. AP heroes and the health regen and movement speed are always welcome.
Trinity Force is a great item on Shyvana boosting your damage by a good sum.
Aegis is a great item if you're up against a well balanced enemy team and when your support isn't able to get it quickly (since it's a great early game item)
Permanent slow is always welcome and the stats it gives are just great on Shyvana.
A great defensive item against AD champs which will give you the sustain you will need against them for the rest of the game. Also since Shyvana is a champ who usually tries to dive in first of all, once she get's focused the enemies will get the debuff from hitting you providing your team a weaker enemy.

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Skill Sequence

The sequence in which you should be using you skills in a fight (after lvl 6):

Burnout and immediatelly use Dragon's Descent. This is so that you can leave a trail of fire on the space you covered with your ulty. Next use Flame Breath on as many enemies as you can and use Twin Bite. You should focus the enemy AD carry if possible and use Exhaust on him right away as you go in with Dragon's Descent.

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Summoner Spells

Since Shyvana has no natural CC and she has compared to other champions weak ganks before lvl 6 it's your best option to always take Exhaust to be able to do succesfull ganks. Smite is also A MUST in EVERY GAME since it can ensure Dragon and Baron kills which are really important.
Flash might be taken but i don't recommend it. It's not needed on Shyvana and will only make her weaker since one of her strengths is to dive in the enemy team, exhaust their AD carry RIGHT AWAY and focus him disabling him from doing almost anything.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked Shyvana is a very solid pick but it depends on the champions chosen mainly by your team. Since Shyvana has no natural CC it is best to pick her when all the other lanes have some form of CC (stuns ofcourse being the best). For example a good team composition with Shyvana is Vayne, Alistar bot, Veigar mid and Renekton top. Also Warwick is perhaps the only champion that can't get killed at lvl 2 if he start with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Pots but you can ofcourse still steal his Red buff.

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Pros / Cons


- Very good and fast jungling
- One of the best counter-junglers
- Fast Movement
- Can reset normal attack with Q thus destroying wards that are placed if close to it
- Abilities don't cost anything


- Weak ganks without exhaust and if no CC'er in lane
- No natural CC
- Ulty CD can be seen by enemies

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So this is the most important part of the whole guide so read this carefully!


1:40 "Wraiths"
1:55 "Red Buff" (Use SMITE)

Now if they have a jungler which start at Blue do the following:

"enemy Red Buff" (you hide in the bushes next to their Red and wait for their jungler to come and attack Red. Once their Red is low enough Smite it!
"Kill Enemy Jungler" (Now immediatelly after taking their Red try to kill their jungler and use Exhaust on him if needed. This works 90% of the times but DON'T try this on a Warwick with Cloth Armor and 5 Health pots)
If though you see he went for a gank just steal his red.

Now weather you killed the enemy jungler or not try to go and steal some more of his jungle
"Enemy Golems" (kill only the big one) and
"Enemy Wraiths" (kill only the big one and two small ones)

If this isn't possible:

1) Recall if low health and get some items.
2) Go to your own jungle
3) Gank mid or top lane (but this might be hard since 80% of the times you use Exhaust on the enemy jungler if you try to kill him)

Now until you reach lvl 6 just keep ganking, jungling, counter-jungling and whatever you can do. Once you reach lvl 6 you will have better ganks and you can go for a Dragon kill.

Keeping track of timers:

If your enemy started at their Blue buff you can say that he killed it at approximatelly 2:10-2:20 which means that it will respawn at about 7:10-7:20. You tell your ally mid to start going to their blue at precisely 7:00 and you will both hide in the bush next to blue. Now wait for their jungler (and perhaps their mid if he comes for blue) and kill them. If though you see that their jungler went for a gank just steal it. Same now goes for ~12:30, ~17:40 and so on (the extra 10 sec's is for the time in which you had to kill it) But ofcourse there might be changes to the times so just add 5 minutes for Red and Blue buff. The same you do at Blue can also be done at Red and you can call for your Top and/or Mid ally to come to your aid there.

Dragon and Baron:

You should tell your entire team to come to Dragon once you hit lvl 6 and have Wriggle's Lantern. You can do it with 2 ppl when you are lvl 6 but so that they don't just gank you killing you and taking dragon you must go as an organized team. Now as soon as you kill dragon add 6 minutes to the time Dragon died and you'll have the respawn time.

Baron you will do according to your own team composition and if you kill the other team acing them etc. If you got a Kog'maw, Udyr, Vayne or Varus (to name a few which do health% damage) you can pretty quickly take down Baron so doing it pretty early won't hurt.

ALWAYS use SMITE on Dragon and Baron to kill them with it!!! This is one of the most important parts in Ranked games.

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Counters (when to (not) pick Shyvana)


One of Shyvana's strengths as said before is her super counter-jungle ability. But what if your opponent is a strong early ganker? Or you can't counter him effectively?

Warwick: If you face a jungler Warwick it will be a tough one. If he starts with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Pots you won't be able to take him down but you can still steal his Red since Warwick starts at Blue. Also he will have stronger ganks than you no matter what when he hits lvl 6.

Maokai: If you face a jungler Maokai it is one of the worst you can have for the reason that he is a VERY STRONG early ganker with a stun knockback and a pretty good early damage with Saplings. He usually will gank at lvl 2 and you may steal his entire jungle but he will destroy your lanes. I don't recommend taking Shyvana as a jungler ever against Maokai.

Nocturne: Nocturne is one of the easiest to counter as Shyvana and you can totally destroy his jungle making him very weak. Usually you will be able to kill Nocturne at his Red and then steal his jungle. Then gank him at every blue spawn and he won't do anything. His ganks are pretty strong though once he hits lvl 6 but if you played your counter-jungling well you should keep your lanes in fine shape.

Dr. Mundo: Mundo is a champ which you can actually counter pretty well. He is easily kill-able at lvl 2 and after that you can steal his entire jungle. His ganks are like yours sort of but due to the slow he can keep up full time his ganks are abit more powerful but all in all Shyvana is a great pick against him.