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Shyvana Build Guide by runeblade48

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author runeblade48

Shyvana On Hit Queen

runeblade48 Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide here so please try it out and let me know what you think. I have been playing since she released and she has become my favorite melee fighter. I thought I would put up my build as I never see anyone play her exactly like I do and I think it works well. I think she has really great damage and tank potential.

Another great thing about this build is it is pretty cheap. and are the only items that are over 2k if you build my core and my 2 most used optional items. That makes it about a 14k build. This is no way unreasonable to build in an average game.

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Pros / Cons

Fast champion with
Great farmer with and
Built in Flash with
Built in Tankiness with

No built in CC
Very Item dependent for damage
Can be shut down early game in lane by skilled ranged carries

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Summoner Spells

Ok so some people want to know why I choose and . I might have to update this after the summoner changes but let me give my reasoning now. Now is used to secure kills particularly early game when you don't have . You have the speed to to keep up with people but you might not have the time to kill them before they reach there tower which is why I choose this spell. It also helps in team fights to shut down one of their carries early or trick someone into fighting you solo. You can bait someone when you have lower health then them into engaging and when they start losing the fight and want to run you can exhaust to chase or use it to turn the tables in a close fight.

is for safety reasons as well as chasing. Since I like to build my damage items first I like an extra way out particularly for early game. Maybe I used to chase and after the kill their jungle or mid lane comes to gank me when I am low and I can use this to escape. Maybe I am chasing someone who has a built in wall jump move and . If my ulti is up I can follow them with and

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Pretty self explanatory here. Run and quints to get the most attacks you can. Since we are building on hit the faster you attack the better and the more it resets your Q. Dodge is gone so I am using armor runes now. glyphs is for added tankiness. It usually has me ending up with around 175 MR outside of dragon form with this build. Really great for not many defensive items.

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Masteries, Ok all this has changed recently so I am going to have to do some experimenting here but this is what I am thinking so far. I really wanted the attack speed boost in the offense tree and so also took the 10% armor pen for 1 point more. I also took the CDR and magic pen as my on hits are magic dmg. I took the flat armor and mr buff in the Def tree and the regen to help just a bit in laning phase.

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Core Items

These are my core items. give you about 130 mr with one level in . This is really great early game and the proc from Wit's End is great. is where most of your damage is going to come from in this build. It just shreds through everyone especially with your Q. is to ensure that no one escapes with their life. With in combination with this item you should be able to keep up with anyone.

Once around level 15 try to keep this item with you at all times. Extra AS = awesomeness.

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Optional Items

This is almost always my 5th to 6th item. It adds lots of attack speed, another on hit effect, and MR shred. All around great on this champ.

Now I end up buying this item a lot. When I do it is usually built after or sometimes after if the AD carry is fed. This is basically for all those games that have a crit happy AD carry.

If I can afford more damage then I will also get this item. More attack speed, more damage, and on hit armor shred. Again its just so much synergy.

Blasphemy, it's not an on hit item and doesn't go with the build's theme! Yes I know, and as of yet I haven't actually built it as the situation hasn't called for it yet but let me explain my thinking here. The core build is not so expensive and if your game is lasting a long time this could be a good 5th-6th item. Up until now most of our damage comes from on hit magic damage. If your team is lacking in AD and the enemy team isn't building any armor why not make them pay for it? They already probably noticed you are doing magic dmg and are trying to counter you with MR items. Lets make them pay for that. This will boost your AD up to 245 which should up your crit to 612 before armor. With the green potion you are looking at about 1/3 chance for crit. Assuming you are sacrificing an AS item you are still getting around 1.75 AS so you should crit every 1.5 seconds on average. Not bad if you need to diversify your damage.

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Team Work in lane

This build is meant to be played in side lane. I prefer siding with a partner but taking the solo 1v1 lane up top can be done too. I just don't think she is good soloing 2v1 if they don't have a jungler and you do. Try to avoid this situation as its much tougher. As far as farm goes try to split it with your partner early. It is best if you are with someone with range or a stun. Don't only use to last hit and just attack minions. It is also perfectly fine to use it to just run in and get a couple of last hits on low minions and run out without taking too much damage. Not advised if they have a stun though.

Try to control your bush. Its ok if you are not getting as much farm early because shy can farm like a boss once is level 5. This also allows your lane partner to roam for ganks if they want. Basically Shy is very good in the bush since you can w and rush out. This also allows your lane partner to farm a little more safely. Sure you lose a little bit of farm but what you can do is run out and to last hit and run back in. This will usually intimidate the other lane as well especially if they are a bit squishy. Use the Bush to try to zone them. Be aware of their summoner skills. If they don't have exhaust or flash up and don't have a stun if they push past mid you and your lane partner should be able to kill them.

Take advantage of her tankiness when pushing towers. Don't be afraid to run in and the tower. Depending on who is under the tower you can even do that when they have people defending. Just make sure NOT to use as you will take aggro.

Also feel free to leave your lane to help with dragon as you can do this pretty easily. You can support your jungler as well because you can get around pretty fast with

BTW this build can solo baron even though you have no lifesteal or spellvamp (if you have the thornmail). It is not necessarily recommended but it can be done. If you do decide to do this fight near the back wall and don't use your ulti. Save that to jump the wall if they figure you out and try to gank you.

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Why not AD Shyvana?

Now I see a lot of people play AD Shyvana. They just love that double crit chance and that AOE crit. Lots of builds out there like to take advantage of this. I don't build this for 2 reasons.

1. It doesn't fit her kit as well. There are just other champions that are superior in this respect. This is why people complain about her not having any CC. When they build her this way they either don't build or it slows down the damage build. The on hit build solves this problem by having a frozen mallet mid game.

2. AD builds are easier to counter. Champions naturally have more armor than MR and Armor items give more Armor than MR items give MR. Also HP items help more against AD builds while it does nothing when it comes to procs. Not to mention that with an AD build is the bane of your existence. I can't imagine how bad it would be if a couple people of the enemy team have this and you Q while in dragon form and double crit all of them. Also despite some people's belief, 1 life steal item will not counter .

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This is going to be your bread and butter when it comes to fighting starting around mid game. Level this second. The best thing about this skill is that it adds double on hit effects. That means double procs for all your items which is awesome. You also reduce its cool down every time you hit so you should be able to use it every 3 seconds. (10 on hits every 3 seconds) In dragon form this skill does double on hit to everyone around.

This is your farming skill, initiating skill, and your escape skill. Level this bad boy first. The farming potential of this skill is great. It helps last hit once you get a few levels. The speed allows you to get in and out without being harassed much. Mixed with using to reset your attack timer you should be able to farm a lot.

This skill gets a lot of complaints as people think it is useless. Don't think that way. Now I will say early game it is used basically to last hit minions close to death. Late game it shines. It has a base of 260 but the big bonus is its on hit proc which ends up being about 40 dmg a hit for 4 seconds. (with your q and attack speed of 2.0 you get 10 hits in 3 seconds and 12 in 4) This is going to allow about 480 damage on hit + the extra you get for armor shred + the base damage. Not too shabby now right? I typically use it after I get my first hit off from frozen mallet as I get the most damage that way.

Ah your ability to turn into a dragon. Isn't it fun? I love this skill for many reasons. First the passive tankiness is great. It only gets better in dragon form. Now I usually only use this move in certain situations. I use it to chase . Nothing is worse for an enemy who flashes than someone who can practically flash right behind them. Use this to fly over walls after your enemy. This works equally well when you are being ganked at low health. It is hard for people to catch you if you use and . This is also a great skill to use in team fights. Activate first followed by . This is kind of like and will burn the people you jump over.

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Final thoughts.

I hope everyone tries this build out a few times and enjoys it as much as I do. I find on hit build is superior to AD as it is much harder to counter. (It takes more items to get similar MR as opposed to Armor and then can't redirect like thornmail) Also I would like to mention one last thing. Get lizard buff as it is on hit as well. Works awesome on her. I might be back to update more as I get comments and suggestions on this guide. I don't think the cheat sheet adds in the Armor and MR from her ulti so you might want to add 25 to both of those in there.