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Shyvana Build Guide by teamplasma

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author teamplasma

Shyvana: Setting fire to the Twisted Treeline [3v3]

teamplasma Last updated on December 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to Shyvana

Before starting off, I would like to say that results will vary. My play style is different than most peoples, so I will discuss how I play her in a later chapter.

Thanks for reading this guide. Here you can learn how to use my Shyvana build on the Twisted Treeline (3v3) map. Shyvana is one of my favorite champions to play on TT (along side Yorick and Vlad) because people don't see you coming. She is tanky enough to last in fights and she has best tools for farm. With the farm that she gets she becomes a soul eating monster. She also chases down enemies like a boss! There is no stopping this awesome champion.


-Amazing farming ability
-Isn't picked that often
-Hard to kill
-Scales well into the late game
-All of her basic attacks have additional affects with her abilities
-Tanky passive
-Pretty good escapes


-Targeted often
-Hard to control
-Don't kite well
-Hard to start out well

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must have for me. It is good for chasing and it is good for escaping. It has few great pros, but the cons are apparent: Short radius, huge cooldown, only last for a blink of the eye, etc. If you are used to having Ghost instead, go ahead and take it, but I do prefer flash.
Ignite is the second spell I usually bring. It is really good security if you are fighting two people. If one out of the two people you are fighting has low heath, turn on your Burnout and chase them until you can ignite them. Since they are already low, it would be hard to get them to that point so you can take on the other person.
exaust can be taken if you don't have a team with any slows/stuns. Shyvana has an easy time chasing, but has an easier time winning if the team carries stuns/slows. Veigar is a champion that you wouldn't need to take Exhaust for if he is on your team. Same goes for Jinx and Elise.
Other options:
Ghost, Cleanse, Clairvoyance, and Barrier are also viable.
Barrier can be taken if you don't plan on getting The Frozen Mallet, as that makes your early damage taking method.
Cleanse is a good idea if you are scared of a lot of CC. Sometimes I take it because I can tell that my team will have a hard time dealing with CC.
Ghost can obviously be taken if you are a fan of it. It is much like flash to me, but it is purely opinion to whether of not you like it. I, however, don't.
Clairvoyance is for bush check, and a risky move to take, really. I take it when I want to be safe and my team has a lot of high damage dealing champions.

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In 3v3, farming is SO important for Shyvana! If you are aware of how the game flow of 3v3 is, then you know if you team doesn't start well, then its REALLY heard to make a comeback. If Shyvana doesn't get Bilgewater Cutlass + Giant's Belt early on, then good luck on doing well late game. Im not saying that getting them slowly will doom you, but it does make it harder. Additionally, getting first blood will help you build those items really quickly.

Farming is made easy for Shyvana in 3v3. Her W is good for all camps, but best for the camps of 3. Using Flame Breath on the camps at an angle is essential for quick farming. The angle should be so you can hit all of them with one shot. Granted, if you are a dragon, then that isn't an issue. Once you have marked all the creeps, go ahead and use Burnout. Using basic attacks while this ability is active will give Burnout a longer duration. You can sometimes even start a burnout, clear the camp, and run to another camp and get some damage on them before burnout ends.

I said in a really condensed for up above, but it is ESSENTIAL for you to farm well. Your goal should be to farm better than anyone else in your game while still helping your team and participating in team fights.

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Note from the author

Thanks for reading this guide. I completed the guide to the extent of what I think is necessary. PLEASE ask me any questions and comment on this. Thanks again! I hope I helped!