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Shyvana Build Guide by peachnut

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author peachnut

Shyvana: The right way

peachnut Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my guide on Shyvana the half dragon. This is how I play her and how I build her, Enjoy .

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Greater Mark of DesolationFor marks I use Greater Marks of Desolation these will help you tear apart their tanks and deal more damage in general, I dont suggest using any other marks unless you are using an ap build in which this case is ad.

For seals I use Greater Seals of Alacrity, these will give you that little boost you need for attack speed early game, I may suggest Greater Seals of Vitality if your team doesn't really have anyone tanky for the health per level.

For glyphs I use Greater Glyphs of Focus, mainly for your "Burnout"(W) to run around the map more quickly, and for "Flame Breath"(E) for early game harassment, if you do not like theses the only ones I see as an alternative is to get Greater Glyphs of Warding for the magic resist if they are heavy ap but otherwise your best bet is to get the cooldowns.

For Quintessences
get Greater Quintessences of Fortitude, alright these are by far the most important, they grant 78 hp when you first begin your match! When they see you come into the bush with your partner they will have ideas of first blood BUT THEY ARE SADLY MISTAKEN, you will get first blood 60% of the time depending on how you use your summoner spells, your lane parners teamwork, and if they have easy stuns like Sions' "Cryptic Gaze" and Tarics' "Dazzle". All the way up to about level 8 you will be much beefier than even most tanks which is vital for harassing and sustaining in lane.

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In offence I take "Deadliness" for 2% critical bringing your 18% critical with your "Phantom Dancer" to a nice even 20%. "Cripple for the enhanced exhausts' armor/magic resist debuff, and the prolonged OH GOD WATCH OUT SINGED 0.5 SECOND DURRATION, THATS RIGHT NO ESCAPE! Finally "Alarcity" for 4% attack speed that goes nicely with your Alarcity Seals.

In defence I take "Resistance" and "Hardiness" for that bit of magic resist and armor that stacks on top of your ultimate
"Dragon's Descent"(R) passive like
Swiss On Cheddar Mmmm.

In utility "Good Hands" for the 10% reduced times spent dead, helpful late game a bit early-mid. "Perserverence" obviously for the MANA REGAN and the I guess the health regan... "Awareness" for the 5% experience gaining. "Greed" cause you know those TROLLS be hatin' your income son! "Utility Mastery" because I WANTED TO GET TO MY OTHER DAMN MASTERIES, am I right? "Quickness" for the 3% movement speed, combined with your skills you will be able to catch speedy gonzales. "Blink of an eye" lala la lala lets push the turret "whats that? OH NO! my flash is on cooldown for 10 more seconds" you have no means of escape and are violently EATEN instantly 5v1. "Oh if only I listened to Peachnuts' guide and gotten "Blink of an eye" in my masteries!"

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Skill Sequence

I get Burnout first so I can quickly race bottom or top and take the bushes to gain the element of surprise. Also when getting into the first fight Burnout does damage to 25 damage per second to both targets for a maximun of 9 seconds which if you do the math is 225, not including your basic attacks and the speed you gain to chase then as they run as if you were a moving "Jack in The Box". Next i get Twin Bite and Flame breath last hitting minions and harassment. Max Twin bite first for the heavy damage and easy minion farming, next Burnout for the movement speed and more damage around you which will shread their "SQUISHIES" in the team fights. Last max Flame Breath because it would be stupid not to. Oh and for those with "Down Syndrome" get Dragon's Descent SIX(6) ELEVEN(11) SIXTEEN(16)

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Summoner Spells

One of the most chosen summoner spells in league. There are a few things you can do with this and your Dragon's Descent. So lets say everyone is middle and they are pushing your turret, as soon as they approach it and hit or try to kill one of your teamates you flash behind them and ultimate towards your turret knocking them all into it and setting up your team for a good old fashion "Orgy" once this is done you can spam your skills and walk away nice and full. The other way I use this is to get in range for weak enemies, they are at about 100-500 health(depending on level and items) you get to where you can't be seen by your target flash into their sight just for a second and Dragon's Descent into perferably a position where they have a harder time to escape WEQ and DEAD.

There are a few ways to use this but not really too many, its just picking wisely and activating at the right time. Early game be sure to use it after their flash is used up or if you can get the kill for first blood. In team fights be aware of who is doing the damage if they have a Tryndamere and its close to late game in a team fight dont let him tear up your team so damn hard or you will rage more than tryndamere. Also if they have a supress such as Malzahar or Warwick. Early-mid game durring laning phase if somehow you get low and are hugging your turret and dive put it on the first one to be hit by the tower, if you can do it when they are closest to the tower, then activate your Burnout and lower him faster with Twin Bite and Flame breath, about 80% of the time I get away with a nice kill.

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These are my starting items, with the boot you will be able to keep your distance, harass, and dodge skillshots like Ashes' Volley, and Olafs' Undertow. The Health Potions will keep you nice and full on health long enough to farm up some good minons and get some kills aswell.

Phage,I get this item very early because Shyvana has no "Crowd Controll" it gives the slow on hit 1/4 of the time by 30%, gives 18 attack damage, and 225 Health which will make you suprisingly tanky with the "Greater Quintessences of Fortitude"

[*] OR
If the opposing team has a pretty good amount of "Crowd Control" you need to get Mercury's Treads for the tenacity so that they have a harder time chasing you and then running from you, they can't stop you so easily. The only case i would get Ninja Tabi is if they were an ALL attack damage team but still likely no cause of "Crowd Controll" If they do not have much "Crowd Control" at all you will want to get Berserker's Greaves for the attack speed, this will help you a lot early game and late game keep your attack speed up. I guess you could other boots like Boots of swiftness but you are already so fast with your Burnout(W) there really doesnt seem to be a need for the bit more of speed. Im not explaining reasons why not to get the others so dont go all TROLL and go "Waaaa why cant i get Ionian boots of lucidity?!" >:(

Recurve bow is next this will bring you attack speed up sharply and make you much more of a threat in fights. Your Twin Bite will be going up much more often because of your passive which is another reason we max the skill early game.

Frozen mallet, after you finish this item you start to become a VERY large threat because you will be able to slow on hit every attack by 40% ensuring many kills for you and your team, after getting this i watch the map for any weak foes to hunt down with my Flash/Dragon's Descent trick. It will also boost you attack SLIGHTLY(+2) and raise your health 475 making you much more tanky than most champions at this point in the game.

Stark's Fervor, once you get this, the lifesteal will let you solo Dragon gaining global gold for your entire team which will benefit your team. In team fights it also gives of an "Aura" granting 20% attack speed and 20% lifesteal along with a little health regan, this will mostly help all of your attack damage champions on your team but it will also lower the other teams armor by by 20, this makes their tanks less durrable and everyone else more like a tender Yordle and I know what im having.

Now combined with your attack speed Seals, Stark's attack speed, and this monsters attack speed and damage you will be dishing out some punishment but wait wait lets recap! We have allGreater Mark of DesolationMarks of Desolation, our Stark's Fervor, and now this Black Cleaver, thats 14.94^15 armor pen from Marks, -20 armor aura from Starks, and -45 with all the stacks of The Black Cleaver, making our total 80 armor penetration! lets say there is an african(black) boxer names Mark Starks in the featherweight division, he would take the heavyweight belt undefeated, nuff said.

The reason i get this is for EVERYTHING about it, the attack speed brings me usually around 1.9 which will bring your Twin Bite up very fast, keep your lifesteal up, and get your Cleaver stacks fast. OK NOW! The movement speed will keep you fast enough to walk backwards next to speedy gonzales while on shrooms while wearing flip flops in a 100m hurdle race and still break the record with time to spare, hows that sound?

*catchy showtune comes on* Are those champions with Thornmail keeping you down? "uh huh" do you hate dying from pesky tetanus because you didn't get your shots? "yeah sometimes" and never getting the right kind of hugs you wanted? "ALL THE TIME!" well I have a solution for you kiddo! !BLOODTHIRSTER! get it now only 3000 gold! Most of the time I don't usually reach this point but once I do havoc is unleashed. The lifesteal with all of your attack speed will keep your Health up durring team fights, after team fights just hitting minions to restore health while pushing, and enough to solo baron. All the attack damage you recieve is rediculous it just make your Twin Bite much stronger and your Bunrout that much more powerful. Lets just say this item gives you enough power to destroy a small latin country

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Pros / Cons


Very fast all game
Q nearly a nuke
E good harass
Pretty easy to farm with
Great in team fights with R burst damage
Hard to counter

No CC if you don't count R
Beat up on by ranged
Hard to always place R in a good spot
Destroyed against tons of CC
cannot eat icecream much like brand
Can have kills stole A LOT
Many trolls

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Alternative items

...Coming Soon...