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Shyvana Build Guide by Umbral_Knight

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Umbral_Knight

Shyvana - The True Jungle Dragon

Umbral_Knight Last updated on August 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Except for Smite the Summoner spell you choose is really up to you. I prefer Teleport for the split pushing potential and quick top to bot transition. Other options include:

Flash: Great engage tool. Flash into enemy team and Ult back to yours to split them up or Flash and Ult dive to Enemy Carries in the back.

Ghost: Makes you EVEN faster than the build already makes you. The enemy will swear your teleporting.

Exhaust: Reduces DMG from target, Reduces MS and removes Armor and MR. So basically everything you could want.

Cleanse: Great against heavy CC teams and removes slows.


Ignite: I would only take this against regen heavy champs like Voli, Mundo, Aatrox, and the like. Reduces incoming healing while dealing damage.

Heal: I would rather have another for this Champ but could save in a pinch.

Barrier: Can help or do nothing up to how you use it.

Clairvoyance: Before the timers were added I used this to gain sight of the enemy camps and take unguarded ones because of my low tier. The new timers make it a bit more difficult but could be used to gain a better idea of enemy jungler patterns. The Farsight Orb DOES NOT make this obsolete as this has a MUCH better range. I doubt anyone over Gold would find it useful though.


Clarity: Do I need to say why?

Revive: If you are gonna die that much then stop playing. I am still waiting for them to make a character that can utilize this in a way to make it something a pro would take. I doubt it will ever happen though.

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I get a LOT of flack for this part. Apparently people think Shyvana needs to build pure tank to be effective or something. Anyway.

Let's Start with the basic Core Items.

Lets talk boots. I chose Mobility Boots because of how much MS you get to move across the map and get to lanes that need help. Other options are good but honestly I choose MS over most others.

Sabre's is a great item on Shyvana. Not only does it work REALLY well with her kit but it also helps deal with those REALLY heavy tanks. The reduction in damage can save your *** against burst champs. I just thought of this as I am writing this so I do not know if its true and I have googled it and found nothing but if you stack the Exhaust Damage Reduc with Sabre's it reduces their damage to you by 60%. Though I doubt it works like that its probably closer to 30-40%. Still that is a saving grace from several Burst mages.

Wit's End. I love this item. AS boost to help reduce Q's CD, magic on hit damage, MR, and then a MR steal effect making it all work so well together. With Shyvana's E doing 2.5% health damage per hit as magic damage this makes you do A LOT of damage very quickly. Not too mention Sunfire passive and W per second damage. The item synergizes well with almost ALL of Shy's kit.

Sunfire Cape. The dmg per second really helps A LOT with damage output. Randuin's used to hold this spot before the recent Devourer changes. Thanks to the increased damage output from sated means you are more Ult in and nuke wave than Ult and hold.

Now onto the secondary Items.

The Black Cleaver. This Item is great and helps with the whole build. Not only does it add AD to the W AD scaling but it gives Health, Armor Pen, and CDR! It is great for a Fighter as it reduces a target's Armor while Wit's Reduces their MR for your ENTIRE team. Meaning these are great to help MELT enemy teams. (HINT HINT ADC's get LW and APC's Get Void Staff! They all stack! Multiplicatively but still!)

BOTRK! Oh I love this item. Probably too much. But its so great! It has a MS steal and Health steal ability. Basic Life Steal, AS, AD, and a %current Health damage buff! My only problem is they made it physical damage from its first introduction as magic damage. If they kept the magic damage it would fit SO well in this build. Still a great item on Shyvana. And with sated a HUGE buff to damage output.

Ruby Sightstone: Higher Tiers keeping your jungle warded is WAY more important than some additional damage. I would lose Black Cleaver and take the Sightstone. If you want to play safe I would think of it was a core item.

Now to the Optionals!

Thornmail: This item is...honestly not my favorite. It offers A TON of armor and a decent dmg boost but only to AD champs. The magic dmg it reflects back is AWESOME though sionce it just adds more damage output. But honestly not a first pick for me.

IE: Basically damage steroid. I would not get it as its mainly for pure AD builds.

Bloodthirster: Damage, more Life Steal, and Shield to help tankiness. Get if you are being reduced to nothing by the frontline of the enemy team to help out.

Ravenous Hydra: AOE DAMAGE! Awesome for doing more damage of wider areas. It procs twice with Q in human form. Dragon form has an exception cause Riot says it is too OP when it proced on every enemy hit with Dragon Q. Basically think Nuke wave. Also Life Steal! This item will increase clear speeds DRASTICALLY. But otherwise Damage and Lifesteal.


Triforce: AD, AP, MS, AS, CSC, Health! Oh and Mana. GREAT ITEM! But only needed if you want some extra burst damage. Your role is fighter! Honestly this is basically situational cause of how HARD it is to get. Your better off getting the standard build then selling something and grabbing this then trying for it from the get go. While each of the items it builds from ARE useful they don't help enough to warrant rushing this. Now if your OWNING and have gold to spare then by all means grab this and watch the enemy CRY!

Maw of Malmortus (MoM): Its AD and MR. Use for Higher AD and MR. BOOM! But seriously only get this against HEAVY AP teams with A LOT of burst. The shield and AD boost while low I have found do A LOT.

Frozen Heart: Don't like Randuin's or Sunfire cause of reasons? This is good replacement! Honestly this is not a first choice. The mana is wasted on you and the Passive has a max range. But it gives 30 more armor and also provide 20% CDR. Which on Shy means more MS boosts and Double Strikes. Get if you keep dieing because of CD's I guess.

Spirit Visage: Against HEAVY AP teams this is a good item. The increase to all sources of healing can toss your Lifesteal over the top and the CDR Health and MR are great. And with Adaptive the MR could be made into More Armor as well. But I still would only get it against Heavier AP teams.

Radnuin's Omen: Great against AS focused ADC's like Varus and Kalista. But honestly your role is more frontline fighter. Other champs do full tank better so unless there is a big need to make them shoot slower I would avoid.


Other items are good! There are no wrong answers! (Most of the time) Shy is a great champ because basically you can build her in A LOT of ways. Add some more tank if you think she is still too squishy. Want more damage? Remove a tank item! I had one match where I built 5 Lifesteal items on her and practically 5v1 in Dragon form thanks to AoE Life steal proc (Gotta love that Q!). So experiment and try things! Obviously no one has any answers here since she has no real guides for season 5! So try out builds!

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Learn Order

Use Order
Use R for Engage or in the event of emergencies Disengage.


Learn Order
Your Ult is your tool to better living. DOUBLE YOUR PASSIVE! AoE abilties! SCORCHED EARTH W! Take it at EVERY oppurtunity!

Your W is your main damage tool. With magic damage per second it stacks well with Wit's and Sabre's with Devourer. Also MS BOOST! GOTTA GO FAST!

Q is your secondary damage tool. With its CD reduc with AA's it can be used A LOT with the amount of AS in the build. Also DOUBLE PROC Wit's and Black Cleaver in ONE HIT!

E is a BIG damage tool but guess what?! You only need one level to get the damages! So after one level it is not that big of a deal to ignore it until later levels!

Use Order

ALWAYS LEAD WITH E! E is a BIG damage proc. If you use Q before E your losing Damages.

W is used to catch or run so I usually try and hit with E first activate W to get to them FAST and then hit them with Q which then does 5% Max health damage, plus two AA attacks, Two procs of Wit's and Black Cleaver and then keep hitting and burning.

R is a ace in the hole. Either use it as an engage tool or a disengage tool. If you run in and your team runs away. Dragon form the hell out of there.

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So a COMPLETE overhaul to masteries. The changes to Defensive Masteries has made me adjust to them more than the Offense.

We lose the MS boost from the utility page but gain some INSANE defensive boosts.

We go 10/20/0.

In Offense the extra AS, and AD from the second column down to Martial Mastery gives a nice AD boost. Expose weakness is awesome for ganks and helps get lanes kills. and finally the Butcher for some extra early camp clearing.

Defense! For camp clear Tough Skin and Bladed Armor. Slow reduc, Regen and HEALTH! Depending on enemy team comp either going Armor and Crit DMG reduc or MR and AoE Reduc. I usually use Armor since it helps more with Camps.
Adaptive Armor! OMG is this useful. If you build more of something than another in MR or Armor it gives more to the weaker stat! Making you THAT MUCH MORE TANKY! It allows for much more versatile build paths. So rushing Sunfire against an MR team is NOT that bad a plan since you will be giving some MR boost with it. It gives a good versatility that is too good to pass up.

Used to give about 5% I believe. Now gives 10%! So much more Armor and MR. CRAZY not to use this. OH AND IT WORKS WITH ADAPTIVE!

The loss to MS is regrettable. But if I was gonna pull out of either Offense or Defense to get it back I would go Offense. As replacement I would pull Brute Force and Martial Mastery. 3 in the MS boost and the last one would go into Feast for some more early clearing sustain.

In higher tiers this might be a wise choice as it allows for more escape and stick.

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I have full AS runes here. The early boost to clear times and better devourer proc is just really good.

Other options?

Honestly I would only go Hybrid Pen as a real other option. Most other wont help nearly that much as some extra Pen or that AS boost.


Health per level. Why? Late game this helps A LOT. I have been SAVED repeatedly by that extra 150-200 health!

Other options?

Flat health against True damage champs like Vayne.

Armor runes for better sustain in early game.


Scaling MR. I changed this out from Flat because the extra MR it provides in mid game out does the flat and that is where you REALLY need the MR.d

Other Options?

Flat MR. Better for early mid ganks.



Other options?

ARE YOU KIDDING WHY WOULD YOU EVEN... You know what "FINE". Here are some "OTHER" options.

Hybrid Pen can help with tough tanky teams.

Health for well Health.

AS can help clear even faster.

Otherwise I would not take much other options. There could be a little room for exceptions but more AD is not gonna help all that much unless your gonna be in a lane more than usual, so maybe lane bully on enemy team in every lane? Honestly I would stick with AS, MS, Tankiness, and Pen Runes. And focus on early game effect more than late as you get the most out of runes in the early game.

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I pretty much start with Krugs. The heavy hands is GREAT because you get it faster than other champs with your double AA Q which you get after killing them! It makes early jungling easier. So start Krugs.

I usually go Krugs-Bramble-River Bug(bot)-Gromp

At this point I take an assessment. How low is my health?
->=50% go get River Bug(top) for some heal from machette.
->75% Gank mid or top if viable. Dont try anything if your team have their lanes pushes too far up. If they do grab Bug(top) and maybe Sentinel and wolves if your health is still good.

I can not stress this enough as Jungler your job is to get Jungle objectives. If you can get drag but lose a tower. DO IT. The boosts stack fast and if you control it all game DOUBLE. One of the best is the Building DMG boost at second Drag kill.

Laners should be aiming for towers and inhibs. If they can't get them without you then they fail its not you its them! If you can help and don't have Dragon or Baron available to you then DO IT! Don't be a **** about it. But prioritize the jungle objective. NOTHING sucks worse then grabbing an Inhib with the whole team while the enemy stole Dragon or Baron since those buffs can cancel out an inhib.

I would say it goes like this for priorities

DRAG > Baron > Inhib > Tower > Enemy Champs > Red > Blue > Razorbacks > Gromp > Wolves > Krugs

Dragon can win games if you control it. Its powerful. If your enemy cant get one that is just more you have over them.

Baron can turn a game thanks to its pushing power (Cannon minions taking a tower down outside its range!).

Inhibs are great pressure for that lane.

Towers give global gold and reduce enemy vision.

Enemy champs give more gold than camps and reduce pressure on map.

Red gives DoT.

Blue gives CDR.

Birds give true sight against wards. Before ganking its a good idea to get this.

Gromp gives magic damage to those who hit you. Which stacks well with this build.

Wolves gives that little sight drone. Useful against counter junglers.

Krugs give heavy hands early but later levels that becomes less and less important HOWEVER! The tower damage boost is useful for those STUBBORN towers.

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Things to know!

There are several BIG weaknesses to this build. The lack of wards from not having Sightstone means you ARE vulnerable to counter Jungling as they take your camps. In higher tiers I would suggest getting a Sightstone instead of the other secondaries.

You can't solo Baron. If you pick up TriForce then you can but only late game and it will be close. Some other junglers I know can solo Baron pretty early depending on build so watch for that. WW is well known for this.

Mobility is your ENEMY. Ahri, Lee Sin, Katarina. Any champ with a lot of mobility in their kit can and oftentimes WILL outplay you.

Early levels you are going to have issues against several standard junglers.
Udyr, WW, Xin, Lee, and Sejuani are all very difficult to handle early to mid. But mid to late I have almost NO issues with almost anyone in straight up fights.

Keep these things in mind as you start the game.

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Ok so see anything you like? Think this is a load of **** that needs burned? THEN COMMENT! I am up for any comments and honestly would love some feedback. Try out my build and see how it works for you and see you on the Fields of Justice Summoners!