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Shyvana Build Guide by ShaharKarisi

Top Shyvana Top Lane Guide, And How To Dominate Low-Mid Elo

Top Shyvana Top Lane Guide, And How To Dominate Low-Mid Elo

Updated on May 29, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShaharKarisi Build Guide By ShaharKarisi 46 2 71,565 Views 1 Comments
46 2 71,565 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ShaharKarisi Shyvana Build Guide By ShaharKarisi Updated on May 29, 2020
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Runes: Main Tree

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
+ Very strong level 6 spike
+ Split pushing queen
+ Can't go oom
+ Very strong frontline with R
+ High burst damage
Shyvana isn't considered a meta top laner currently, but I believe her kill potential and kit can compete with the meta top laners. Her role as a top laner is similar to Aatrox or Sett, being a strong frontliner with an engage ultimate. Shyvana doesn't do much pre-6 besides short trades with her Flame Breath>AA> Twin Bite>AA combo to burst enemies. After gaining Dragon's Descent you can go for strong all-ins and smash most enemies if you farmed correctly.
- No mobility pre-6
- No substantial CC
- Weak passive
- Can't fight ranged champions
- Low sustain early on
- Weak to ganks pre-6
Picking Shyvana into top can cause your teammates to flame you in champ select, but with a little bit of training you can prove them wrong. Shyvana's clear weakness is her lack of CC (Not including Dragon's Descent's knockback) and her lack of mobility without Dragon's Descent. Her game pre-6 is somewhat weak, but really gank prone. Try to play towards the top side of the lane to avoid her weaknesses.

FLASH: As Shyvana is an immobile champion without Dragon's Descent, taking Flash is really important. I don't think you're surprized that Shyvana takes Flash as Flash is a staple summoner spell.
IGNITE: Take Ignite against champions in the tiny threat section (Such as Sion) for the extra damage, or against champions with high sustain like Vladimir or Darius.
TELEPORT: 9/10 times you will take Teleport. Being able to return easily to lane to not miss CS or to Teleport out of lane to help taking objectives is really useful.
Note: Only Teleport out of lane after getting Dragon's Descent and completing the full early build path, without those you won't help much.

Conqueror works super well with Shyvana as her normal combo, Flame Breath > AA > Twin Bite > AA stacks Conqueror fully. The additional damage helps a ton with chewing down enemies and the slight sustain definitely won't hurt. Although the jungle Shyvana build takes Dark Harvest, I believe Conqueror is much better for this build. Instead of going for one-shots or last hits, this build is meant for tanking and bursting with a full combo, therefore Conqueror is the best keystone for Shyvana.
Triumph is pretty straight forward. The additional gold per kill and the heals after each kill lets you carry team fights and keep chewing enemies down with the Triumph and Ravenous Hunter heals.
Shyvana takes Legend: Tenacity 9/10 as her kit is countered easily with CC. Legend: Bloodline is also viable when the enemy team lacks substantial CC. Don't only consider the enemy laner when choosing, consider the team as a whole.
Last Stand is a great rune on Shyvana as most of the time she is under 60% HP. Coup de Grace is much worse on Shyvana than Last Stand Because you're looking to tank damage and burst in return instead of just flat out burst from afar.
Shyvana takes Domination as her secondary rune because the sustain from the Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter helps her a lot. Taste of Blood is a safe pick to stay healthy (Especially in lane), and Sudden Impact is a more offensive rune you take when you want to establish an early lead and dominate lane.
Ravenous Hunter is the only viable rune as Ultimate Hunter is useless, Burnout can replace Relentless Hunter for roams and Ingenious Hunter only affects Blade of the Ruined King and the occasional Mercurial Scimitar. Ravenous Hunter also provides the sustain Shyvana needs.
Shyvana's kit relays on CDR and going CDR in the runes helps a lot. As this build is meant for tanking and bursting back, taking 2 defensive stats will help you tank more (I recommend taking 1 stat for the top laner and 1 stat for the jungler as these runes will effect Shyvana the most early on).
Dragonborn (Passive): I'm gonna be honest, Dragonborn is kinda iffy. The bonus damage to Drakes only matters early on because a little later into the game you can solo Drakes anyway, and since you won't help take objectives this early, it won't matter. The bonus Armor and Magic Resist from the Drakes is also bad as some champions with better passives have higher base Armor and Magic Resist.
Twin Bite (Q): Twin Bite is possibly one of Shyvana's greatest abilities. The ability to clear wards level 1 with the animation cancel and double AA is amazing, so early on just sit in pixel bush until the minion wave reaches the inner turret. Twin Bite's cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds when you AA and it's an AA animation cancel, so bursting a marked target after landing Flame Breath is a piece of cake. This ability counts as an AA so don't use it under Jax's or Shen's block/dodge domes.
Burnout (W): Burnout makes an area where you damage enemies and grants movement speed, the duration increases when you damage enemies, up to 4 seconds. You'll use Burnout for the movement speed rather than the damage simply because the tick speed is slow and the damage is barely noticeable.
Note: Don't use Burnout to clear the wave. It's inefficient as the tick speed is low and you'll usually need it to chase someone/run away.
Flame Breath (E): Flame Breath is Shyvana's key ability to win lane. Not only does Flame Breath pass through minions and lets you clear the wave incredibly fast level 1, the mark effect (When Flame Breath collides with an enemy champion it marks them and your AA deals more damage to them) lets you trade more efficiently. In lane look for pokes with Flame Breath while clearing the wave and past-3 follow up with an AA> Twin Bite>AA combo to chunk the enemy laner.
Dragon's Descent (R): Dragon's Descent is Shyvana's strongest ability, especially as it empowers Shyvana's abilities. In lane you'll use Dragon's Descent as a gap closer or to escape risky 2v1s. Dragon's Descent is a strong engage ultimate late game and in the mid game you can use it to Teleport from behind and use Dragon's Descent to demolish the enemies. In Drake form, Twin Bite cleaves on hit instead of double AAing, Burnout's area becomes larger and Flame Breath explodes on impact.
Refillable Potion is ESSENTIAL for the early game. The heals really matter for Shyvana's early game, as she gets poked easily. Even if you start with Doran's Shield and a Health Potion, get it as your first buy.
Note: Try to stay under 60% HP for Last Stand so don't use it when you aren't low.
You'll usually start Doran's Shield against AP matchups and when you want to stay longer in lane without recalling. The health regen helps you stay healthy in lane without Refillable Potion.
You'll start Cloth Armor when the enemy team is AD or there's both an early game top laner and an early gank jungler (For example: Kled & Xin Zhao).
You'll usually rush Bramble Vest for the early resistance and grievous wounds and then build Caulfield's Warhammer> Kindlegem> Ionian Boots of Lucidity for 30% CDR early on. Sell Refillable Potion in favor of Vampiric Scepter afterwards as Refillable Potion loses it's effectiveness around this time. Alternatively you'll start Spectre's Cowl instead of Bramble Vest against full AP teams, and if you need the grievious wounds get Executioner's Calling afterwards.
While buying boots that aren't Ionian Boots of Lucidity isn't optimal ( Shyvana really needs the CDR), sometimes when going against CC heavy teams Legend: Tenacity won't be enough, so taking Mercury's Treads is a viable option.
You'll usually take Ninja Tabi for its stats and not its passive (Usually against full AD teams) but you can also take it against AA heavy matchups like Fiora and destroy lane with the combined passives of Ninja Tabi & Bramble Vest.
Death's Dance is OP for Shyvana as it's passive makes you tank for a longer time, and as all you do is tank and burst back, this is amazing. The 15% heal from all damage dealt lets you heal back more than you take with Death's Dance passive. The defensive stats, damage and CDR are a perfect combo for what Shyvana needs.
Spirit Visage is an item meant for sustain and sustain only. All the defensive stats and increased healing makes for a great combo with Death's Dance passive, and the 10% CDR doesn't hurt either.
The extra damage helps Shyvana's burst and the active helps you chase enemies.
Note: Don't take my word for it, but I think normal form Twin Bite activates Blade of the Ruined King's passive twice.
As Shyvana is pretty tanky (Especally in Drake form), the bonus damage from Sterak's Gage is pretty nice. Lifeline will trigger a lot as you are the frontliner of the team, so picking this is a no brainer.
Thornmail is a better Bramble Vest so it's really good for you. If the enemy team isn't AA reliant you're better off with one of the replacements.
I'd call Wit's End a semi-core item, as its a viable replacement for Blade of the Ruined King when going against AP heavy teams or when your mid-laner fed a burst mage like Zoe or Syndra.
On the rare, rare occasion that you're somehow on a 2000G+ lead from the enemy team's most fed player, taking Bloodthirster instead of Sterak's Gage is an option, as the extra sustain and amazing damage will help you dominate team fights easily and hyper-carry the game.
When you're against a full AP team and you started with the alternate path, Mortal Reminder is a good replacement for Thornmail. You can also take it (Like Bloodthirster but way more often) when you have a big established lead on the enemy team for the armor penetration and grievous wounds.
You'll take Guardian Angel when your team as a whole wins, and you know they won't die without you. Guardian Angel is a "get out of jail card" for when you aren't the hyper-carry, but you also can't really die.
You'll take Mercurial Scimitar for the Cleanse against CC heavy teams, usually paired with Mercury's Treads and Legend: Tenacity. You'll usually take it instead of Thornmail. Although it IS the last item in your build, buying an early Quicksilver Sash when in need is optimal.
When paired against AP heavy teams or against fed burst mages (Once again, champions such as Zoe/ Syndra), taking Maw of Malmortius will help you stay longer in the fight cause of the shield and sustain. Maw of Malmortius is a replacement for Sterak's Gage.
Adaptive Helm (Just like Wit's End) is a semi-core item, as it's a replacement for Spirit Visage when the enemy team has damage over time champions like Teemo, Singed or Twitch.
Frozen Mallet can replace Sterak's Gage when you are further behind than your team, as the CC it provides can make you helpful in fights instead of weighing your team down.
Buy elixirs only when you built every item in your set, or you can't buy anything substantial and the next team fight can define the game. Elixir of Wrath is great when you wanna output more damage and stay longer in the enemy line with the sustain it provides.
The buying circumstances for Elixir of Iron are the same as Elixir of Wrath, but you'll usually buy it when you're behind your team and you don't want to feed and cause the game to become in the enemy team's favor.
Item Set
Your early game starts in champion select. DON'T BLIND PICK Shyvana. Shyvana IS a strong champion, but when she gets countered, the game can be over for your team. Remember, there is a reason why Shyvana isn't a top laner. If you did pick into a matchup that I considered major or below, you're fine. Ask your support to play an enchanter like Sona or a high CC support like Blitzcrank to set up kills for you later on or help you stay longer in a fight. You start Flame Breath 10/10 because of it's great wave clear and pokability. Up until level 3, look for pokes with Flame Breath while clearing the wave and play towards the top side of the lane to escape ganks. Keep Burnout for running away and don't use it on the wave. After level 3 you can look for short trades (Only after landing Flame Breath) with an AA Twin Bite combo, or if you can even add another AA. After level 6 keep Dragon's Descent for safe all-ins (Only after completing the early build path), escaping ganks, or running away when low. Don't help with objectives early on as you need to win lane and farm. Doing the first Herald solo is an option, so if you're winning lane, do it.
After completing the early build path and unlocking Dragon's Descent, you're looking to roam a whole lot and gank from behind with Dragon's Descent's dash, or Teleport. Your job in the mid-game is to help secure objectives while keeping lane pressure. Optimally by now you have a plate or 2 down, so look for a whole turret destroyed. After establishing lane dominance and getting Death's Dance (Or even Spirit Visage if your CS is on point), you can look for mid-game team fights and carry them. If you have an enchanter support such as Yuumi or Sona, you can look for 2v4s with Dragon's Descent and decent healing from your support. If the game went clean by now, it's probably an FF for the enemy team, as in the late game they won't be able to defeat you.
If you dominated the early game, in the late game you will be the team hyper-carry frontline. If the early game went bad but your team still wins the game, you'll try to set up kills for your carry. Either way, your team will need you for team fights. If you are falling behind, try to take Drakes solo when your team distracts them to do something instead of feeding. Optimally, you want a cloud soul for the MS in Drake form. You don't want to die in the late game without a Guardian Angel as you are an important win-con. Even late on, you really want to keep killing minions or clearing camps to be able to constantly be on an elixir of choice ( Elixir of Wrath/ Elixir of Iron) and to be able to switch items if the enemy threat changes. After buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Death's Dance, Spirit Visage and being halfway through Blade of the Ruined King, around level 13 you can solo Baron Nashor, so if it comes to it, you can solo it. Your job is to engage the fights with Dragon's Descent and let your team set up kills for you with their CC and the support's buffs (If it is an enchanter support). You can split push easily with Twin Bite and win most 1v2s. Make sure your team provides enough pressure for the enemy team to not be able to send more than 2 players against you.
First of all, thanks for reading my guide! I hope you learned something new. I'd love to hear your feedback. To refresh your memory here's a TLDR:
1) Play safe till 3, trade after 3, and go for a fight after 6.
2) When using Teleport to roam, come from behind, and use Dragon's Descent.
3) Try to be the frontline of your team and be the one that engages.
4) Try to replace items constantly to keep up with the situation.
5) Try to take objectives as much as you can.
6) Avoid CC at all costs!
That's it (I think). Have a great day!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShaharKarisi
ShaharKarisi Shyvana Guide
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Shyvana Top Lane Guide, And How To Dominate Low-Mid Elo

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