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Sona Build Guide by PartyPhil

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PartyPhil

Sick Beatz

PartyPhil Last updated on August 18, 2016
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 6

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 6

Threats to Sona with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zilean Avoid Zilean's time bombs and heal your adc, with a well timed shield, if they are caught. Target him with your Q and don't get caught.
Lulu Lulu doesn't have a ton of health so use your Q to harass her. Don't go for a two v two when her and her adc + you and your adc are both at full health wait till she is low from your Q then go in. This can work much better if your adc is a range champion like Ashe, Jhin, or Jinx who can pick off a low lulu from a far.
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How to play Sona Da best way: Sona 4 life

Introduction: One trick Soney

This is a build (Work in progress) for support Sona that will help you gain poke in lane and give your adc easier kills with less stress if they are range or squishy. This build focuses on ability power while reducing cooldown times and gaining mana regen.

Skills - The skill sequence consists of focusing leveling up Sona’s Q then her W (Aria of Perseverance), and finally her E (Song of Celerity). Sona's Hymn of Valor(Q) prioritizes targeting enemy champions which is good for individual damage but because it gives a damage boost to allied champions small amounts of damage and because it gives a damage boost to the allied champions in your aura you can do a good damage once your ability power is high then you can really help in team fights and starting bot lane fights r damage boost.

Runes - The runes focus on ability power and cool down times so that your abilities will be back up and powerful multiple times during team fights. Getting a clutch kill while retreating with your Q or healing low health team mate during a turret dive can make a huge difference.


- Cooldown times are almost nothing
- Q does a fair amount of damage
- sustainable mana early game
- Works with a lot of Adcs
- Great for team fighting


- A little squishy in the early game when leveling Q
- Not primarily effective against stuns and hooks
- Your Adc still needs to be good
- Dispite this being a more AP build you are still a support and won't get many kills
*My most recent games using this build

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The runes focus on ability power and cool down reduction making Sona’s Q a larger threat in lane when fighting with your adc. Cool down reduction and mana regen are also very important for late game team fights. Being able to use all of your abilites as Sona during a team fight is very important. Having your ult back up for every late game team fight (W/ full build cool down is less than 60 sec/s) is very useful.

~ 3x Cooldown Reduction
6x Ability Power

~ 5x Scaling Ability Power
~ 4x Cooldown Reduction

~ 5x Ability Power
~ 3x Mana Regeneration - Running out of mana can be common in the early game if you
and your adc are being bullied and it sucks to run out of
mana when your adc has a chance for a kill.

~ 1x Cooldown Reduction
~ 2x Ability Power

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Sorcery - This build is an AP Sona so the extra ability power gained from sorcery is a good advantage.
Expose Weakness - The chance you will ever be 1 v anything with support Sona is very slim. At the least you will be fighting with your adc early game and late game you will be fighting in large and very important team fights.
Once you land your Q or auto the extra damage (especially in team fights) can be very helpful and give your team an edge.


Wanderer - even though you have a movement speed ability that is most useful in combat when trying to chase down or escape an enemy. Wanderer helps you in reaches teammates in another lane or in a difficult situation while saving your
E for allied champions.

Runic Affinity - In this Sona build you won’t be using many potions or elixirs cause you take
heal (aside from the ential ones bought because you level Q first). Sona
also won’t be doing major fighting unless there are allied champions nearby
so the extra 2% given by assassin wouldn’t be too much help. Neutral
monster buffs are always helpful and a 15% increase is the biggest advantage.

Meditation - It is important to have mana as Sona especially early game. Running out early and while your adc is in trouble is not a good situation.

Bandit - As a support CSing really not a thing so getting extra gold from your adc’s
“amazing” cs is a nice bonus. You may be getting a lot of assists and a decent mount of kills for a support, but during fights Aria of Perseverance should cover healing and the rest of your items runes and masteries should help cover mana regen even during the early game

Intelligence - The full build passes the cooldown reduction cap but mid game when you
don’t have everything the higher cap is great and the bonus cooldown
reduction doesn’t hurt

Final - If you want to play a little more traditional you can get Windspeaker’s Blessing to help boost your W. If you are playing more offensively and want to contribute more to team fights then get Thunderlord’s Decree.


Unyielding - The magic resist and bonus Armour given by unyielding can help during the laning phase because Sona can take a lot of damage in bursts before she can heal.

Explorer - The extra speed granted by this mastery can help with warding dragon and baron quickly, getting to a team fight, or trying to save some one

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Starting Items

Spelltheif's edge - Gives you a little bit of starting AP and helps you stay in lane without running out of mana in the early game. it regular gold bonus and passive are helpful because you won't be csing as Sona

Health potion - Especially if you do not bring heal as a spell a health potion is important item to start with just in case you burn your mana at the start.

Vision Ward - It is key to ward as the support and because it grants permanent vision on the map until destroyed it's an important item for everyone to have.

Warding Totem - it's not like it costs money or anything. Also try to ward surrounding bushes during team fights so that your Q’s can hit low enemy champions running away.

First Back

Boots of Speed - Sona is squishy so being caught without your E and adc is devastating. It's good to be able to run away and build a greater pair of boots as a core item.

Sapphire Sapphire Crystal - Helps provide extra mana early game because if you are going very aggressive you will drain it fast and builds into Sheen

Faerie Charm - Helps with mana regen which is important early game and helps build Frostfang and Chalice of Harmony

Core Items

Frostfang - It helps build Ap and mana regen early being one of the first core items you should get. It also grants a little bit of gold which is helpful cause you are not csing and the gold passive is useful because you won'r be targeting minions. It also helps build Eye of the Watchers.

Chalice of Harmony - It adds 50% to your base mana regen and using its passive increases base health regen because your mana regen is so high. Builds into Athene's Unholy Grail.

Sheen - As I have said before mana and cooldown reduction are very important with this build and that is what sheen provides. Also hitting autos during team fights or on drag after using your Q and between your abilities is good a practice and enhanced by Sheen's passive.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Cooldown reduction is over half way to the cap if you also have Sheen. movement speed is boosted which helping with moving around the map to catch up to your teammates or ward quickly. Your summoner spells are always important and the 10% cooldown reduction can save you from a bad fight.

Important - build first

Eye of the Watchers - You should be able to finish eye of the watchers quite quickly during any game. It gives ability Power and works on mana regen. Her passive also helps with warding and taking steps towards buying more items.

Athene's Unholy Grail - Gives you mana regen, ability power, and cooldown reduction. The faster your mana regenerates the more helpful you will be ging from fight to fight. The ability power and cooldown reduction help with Sona's Q (as of patch 6.16 once you are level 16 and have maxed cooldown reduction your q will have around a 2.67 second cool down). As a support with a self/surrounding heal the pre-mitigation damage charges passive works well with her.

Lich Bane - The Lich Bane has a mana bonus, but repeats the focus on ability power and cooldown reduction. The movement speed and basic attacking to use the passive are also helpful as I have explained before.

Example final build

Lich Bane - *See Above

Banner of Command - An all around great item includes 2 out of the 3 stats we are focusing and has to great passives. Magic resist given by Aura goes well with Sona's shield and using Promote to sheild a cannon minion can help with getting tower late game.

Eye of the Watchers - *See Above

Athene's Unholy Grail - *See Above

Iceborn Gauntlet - The armor fromm the Iceborn Gauntlet will help protect Sona and the other stats just enforce everything you have already build. The passive also adds to those auto during team/dragon fights I mentioned.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - *See Above

Situational items

Arcane Sweeper - Use when laning against a range adc who is doing damage to you and your adc, but you either drain your mana to fast or you can't get close enough for a Q.

Spirit Visage - Use when you are laning against a champion who is tanky and doing a large amount and you want to protect yourself. It helps you gain poke and maximize your healing while still focusing on leveling up your Q.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Use if you are fairly confident that your lane is going well but want to play offensively and build armor. It's passive can also save you from turrent dives by more tanky champions.

Frozen Heart - Build if you are being harassed by a melee/fighter champion and drained of your mana. Paired with a mana regen item like Chalice of Harmony you'll have mana-gement and the passive will prevent more devastating attacks from the adc.

Mikeal's Crucible - If you need to play a a more defensive and traditional support get the Crucible. It's passive pairs nicely with your W and it's active can save your adc from a tough spot (especially if parried with your ulti). The chalice also build into this crucible.

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Skill Sequence


Hymn of Valor (Q) - Sona’s Q can be very powerful and is very helpful in many situations. It allows you to get a little bit of poke, keep enemy champions away, and get a clutch kill at the end of a team fight.

Aria of Perseverance (W) - Sona’s W is what makes her a great support champion is the second most important ability to level up. It is most important during team fights and not earliest game especially if you are playing a more AP Sona.

Song of Celerity (E) - Sona’s E is useful but not the most important. With this build Sona’s movement speed is pretty good and E will mostly be used to help your allies escape as long as you can get one off, the healing and shield become more important.

Crescendo (R) - Sona’s R is a great ult for team fights and when used correctly and stop and entire team and turn around a team fight. It is also a good way to start a fight (RQ) and should be leveled up when given a chance.

Power Cord - A useful passive to be most effective try and hit Q as a third spell on enemy champs to do the extra damage during fights.


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Flash - Flash is a very important spell for Sona to have. Sona can flash into battles and provide healing or flash out of a battle where she can’t defend herself.

Heal - If your adc does not take heal it is probably a good idea to take flash and heal. Heal is good early game because it will heal a large amount of you and your adc/nearby allies missing health especially when you don't have your W. Heal won't be as effective late game but it can save a teammate during a turret dive or one who is being poisoned. Just don't be impulsive when using heal do use it because you can use it because you have to.

Exhaust - Exhaust works well throughout the entire game the slow can greatly help when trying to get a kill from a retreating team. When in large team fight the most important thing is being able to correctly cast the spell on the right person.

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Blitzcrank - Blitzcrank's grab can be devastating for Sona, it can pull you under turret or to an his short range adc. He has alot of health and especially during early game your Q won;t be too effective against him. This means that if you are separated from your adc you will probably die.

Nautilus - Nautilus' anchor will pull you two together which means your adc may still be in range. The bigger problem is that nautilus can do a lot of damage plus he could be the support pulling you in like Blitz but he could also be the jungle that is ganking.

Thresh - Thresh's hook is another one of these problem abilities that will isolate you from your adc. While thresh is easier to go against than the other two because his hook is telegraphed and pretty linear, but despite this he is still pretty annoying he.