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Janna Build Guide by Cazziel

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By Cazziel | Updated on May 1, 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm Cazziel, and this is my Janna Support guide. Janna is my one of my favorite champions, and she's super fun and useful, and very easy to learn which makes her a great support for beginners. I wrote this in S8 but I'll keep it updated as much as possible! Please let me know if you spot any mistakes.

Without further ado, I present to you, my Janna support guide. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide.

Useful words

(Use the link above for any abbreviations you don't understand)
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Pros / Cons


+ Ranged Champion
+ Good Knock-up with Howling Gale
+ Strong shield
+ Amazing slow with Zephyr
+ Good disengage and healing with Monsoon

Janna has a great and useful kit with contribute with both with both damage, healing and shielding. She's very easy to learn, and always a safe pick for me

- Squishy
- High cooldowns early game
- Q is a tricky skillshot
- Bad against tanks/CC heavy champions
- High use of mana

Janna is a very squishy champion, especially early game so she's an easy target for assasins. Her cooldowns are long, and she uses a lot of mana earlygame especially. Make sure to always have an eye on the minimap and WARD WARD WARD.
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  • Increased damage and shielding - useful rune throughout the entire game in my opinion.
  • Shortly after casting your Ultimate, gain a burst of movement speed - this will be very useful for escaping and avoiding bad fights. Can be replaced with Manaflow Band
  • Gain 1.5% extra MS. Gain extra AP or AD (Adaptive) based on your bonus MS. This synergizes perfectly with Janna's passive!
  • Great for early game trades especially, can be substituted with Waterwalking if you want that extra ms

Second tree
  • This is a perfect rune for Janna because of her CC-heavy kit
  • Even bigger shields!
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Summoner Spells

Flash: Very important - use it to dodge hard CC/escape from an angry mob chasing you

Ignite: For the kill secure ;)

Exhaust: Great for locking down a target/escaping/making sure the enemy Zed (or whoever their carry is) wont explode the entire team.

Heal: An extra heal can, in some situations, be very useful, expecially against high damaga champions like Brand and Lux
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  • Tailwind: Janna passively gains 8% bonus movement speed and grants the same amount to nearby allied champions moving towards her.
    Janna's basic attacks and Zephyr deal bonus on-hit magic damage equal to 25% / 35% of her bonus movement speed.
  • Howling Gale (Q): Janna summons a whirlwind at her current location which charges up over 3 seconds. Its range, speed, damage, and knockup duration increase for each second it is left charging.
    At the end of the duration, or upon reactivation, the whirlwind launches itself for 1.5 seconds in the target direction, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through and knocks them up for 0.5 βˆ’ 1.25 (based on seconds charged) seconds.
  • Zephyr (W): While Zephyr is not on cooldown, Janna is aided by an air elemental who ghosts her and grants her bonus movement speed.
    PASSIVE: While Zephyr is not on cooldown, Janna gains movement Speed and can move through units.
    ACTIVE: Janna commands her air elemental to attack the target enemy, dealing them magic damage and slows them for 2 seconds
  • Eye of the Storm (E): Janna shields the target allied champion or herself for 5 seconds, decaying over the duration after 0.75 seconds.
    While the shield holds, her target gains bonus attack damage.
    Eye of the Storm can be used on turrets, causing Janna to be credited for any kills it earns while the shield holds.
  • Monsoon (R): Janna surrounds herself in a magical storm, throwing enemies back. After the storm has settled, soothing winds heal nearby allies while the ability is active.
    As she summons forth the might of the wind to knock surrounding enemies back she also restores health to nearby allies each second for 3 seconds, or while the ability is active.

Here's a video by C9 Hai that explains Janna:
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In laning Janna is a reliable support. Make sure you always harrass the enemy adc when he tries to farm, to deny him as much cs as possible and use your shield to block most incoming damage from trades. When your jungler shows up, make sure you always have Zephyr up so you can slow the enemy! If its a clutch situation, your Q is also a great tool to get rid of unwanted enemies. If it's truly necessary, Monsoon is also great for knocking back enemies and escaping, and it synergizes well with Yasuo 's Last Breath

Also, if your adc dies and your tower is getting pushed in, remember that Eye Of The Storm can be used for towers!

Once you have your Shard of True Ice fully stacked, make sure to buy a Oracle Lens so you can remove enemy wards.
Also, make sure to have atleast one Control Ward in your inventory all the time, until you get full build - trust me, these are important.

If you are sure your adc can farm 1v2, then try to go with your jungler and get some free kills or objectives. This will benefit your team a lot.

Warding is important! Here's the best places to put wards in laning phase:
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In teamfights Janna should stay in the backline, preferably close to the adc, and use her Q Howling Gale to CC enemy champions, focusing the high damage carries. She should shield either the assasin or the ADC of the team (usually the squishiest).

If you see kill-potential, the best combo you can do is Zephyr -> Howling Gale -> Ignite to ensure maximum damage.

In the beginning of a fight, or to chase down the last survivor, use Twin Shadows to get a nice slow onto the enemy/enemies, as it can slow up to 2 people for up to 5 seconds! Also, if you have Mikael's Crucible make sure to keep an extra eye out for CC spells, so you're sure to cleanse your teammates!
Some spells this item counters includes: Rammus E, Morgana Q, Zoe E (Removing the "Drowsy" effect prevents the target from falling asleep), Ashe ultimate, and Twisted Fate W.
Note this item doesn’t work well against champions who are suppressed by abilities like Malzahar Ultimate, Skarner Ultimate or Warwick Ultimate - here it's better for your teammates to have QSS (Quicksilver Sash).

If you have exhaust, focus the assasins and the enemy adc and exhaust them to reduce their damage and maybe even secure a kill for your team!

If you die in a teamfight, you can still help by using if its up, also remember keep an extra eye on the map, incase any dangers show up.
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Janna is an extremely fun champion to play, and has a lot of utility. She can be played by almost anyone, and I recommend her to anyone who wants to try out supporting. Warning! It's hard not to get addicted!

Also please upvote if you liked the guide, and feel free to recommend it to your friends.
I'll be making a more in-depth guide soon, and if I made any mistakes, then please bare with me, this is my second guide ever.

Hope you have fun and gain elo with Janna support !

- Cazziel
League of Legends Build Guide Author Cazziel
Cazziel Janna Guide
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