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Singed Build Guide by Roalith

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roalith

Singed - Because I Can

Roalith Last updated on August 29, 2011
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This is an imported copy of my "Roalith's Singed Guide" that I posted last year on Leaguecraft. It reigned in as #1 for a period of time, is currently #1 with the current patch, and is #4 of all time. I did neglect updating the guide as I was bored with Singed for a very long time and had an obsession with some other champs, and I feel it could have been much more successful!

Hi my name is Roalith, and I play League of Legends a lot. I mostly solo queue and I have 1200+ wins combined normal/ranked. I feel singed is one of the absolute strongest champions in the game when played properly. You will sometimes feel like a god playing as Singed, and many people consider him to be OP.

Singed does not require a good start to be functional, but he does require farming and/or a good start to be what I feel his job is. I think Singed makes a great initiator, amazing offtank, and can work out as your main tank.

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Pros / Cons


-Decent damage for a tank
-Huge annoyance to the enemy team, sometimes able to cause rages and surrenders just for being a good Singed player
-High ability to stay alive and escape, even if focused extremely hard(Must be able to counterbuild)
-Very fast, it is extremely rare to find someone able to chase you down and kill you if you have map awareness and pay attention to what is going on around you
-Huge map mobility with ultimate, boots, ghost, teleport, runes, and masteries

-Can be shut down with coordinated cc, but this can be a blessing as they blow everything to take you down(the tank), which in turn lets your team have an easier time
-Can have a rough early game if shut down by ranged champs or certain annoying combinations
-Often find yourself pushing your lane hard similar to Mord or Heimy due to how easy you can farm with Singed

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- I really like to run magic pen reds because even though you're not the ap carry you still want to have enough damage to be an annoyance and a threat!

- Ok, so yellows. I have tried flat mana regen, health/level, flat armor, dodge, and some others. I have always ended up coming back to these ones because with a combination of these runes, your masteries, and careful management of your ability usage you can very easily go the entire laning phase without basing if needed. Also, who enjoys having your jungler come to gank for you and you not have enough mana for a Mega Adhesive+ Fling?

- So when I first started maining Singed last year, I swore by 6 MR/level + 3 flat MR runes. I was set in this mindset that the 3 flats helped give you an edge at the earliest levels while the 6 scaling kept you competitive afterwards. I have since realized through experience that having all 9 runes scale combined with your 6 defensive masteries is amazing for both laning and to help afterwards.

- I really just see no other option for Singed. I use these on several of my champions and the addiction started last year when I was spending too much real cash on this game and had 50k+ IP stacking up. I grabbed 3 of these and wow they are amazing and well worth the IP investment! I will no longer even consider any other rune here for Singed.

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9/6/15 - BUT ROA, W T F? No 21 defense or 21 utility???? What are you thinking? You must realize what flexibility there is with masteries+runes+items. You need just a few things for Singed off of the mastery page.

1 - You need magic penetration in offense. Sure, you're not the ap carry but you have to have some way to do damage without wasting item slots! Along the way you're also getting a little extra ap/level and some cooldown reduction for your ultimate!

2 - You need to be a little hardier until you get some items built. This is your 6 in defense. Do I want improved clarity? Do I want improved flash? Do I want CDR in utility for my poison trail ROFL? Sure, a little extra cdr is fine for your ult, fling, and adhesive, and sure summoner cooldowns are nice for ghost/teleport, but honestly I would rather focus on improving my game where it is always the weakest for Singed. The first few levels. Extra Magic Resist and Armor in defensive is perfect to help with this.

3 - You need just a little help with regen, faster leveling(singed can farm extremely well, exploit this!), and movement speed! I cannot stress this enough, you NEED movement speed in Utility because it has such synergy with everything else in this build.

Sure, you could do 9/0/21, 9/21/0, 0/21/9, 0/9/21, another mixture, whatever. I've tried them all and this is the one I always go back to.

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Skill Sequence

Ok so you have to sometimes be able to judge for yourself what is best for the individual game you are in.

That being said, most games you will be starting with fling, then prioritizing poison with 1 point in adhesive at level 4. Priority tends to be R>Q>R>E.

Now, if you are laning with someone that you can really help ensure gets fed and the lane oppositiion is squishy enough to burst down, feel free to prioritize your adhesive for the additional slow!

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Summoner Spells

- This is absolutely required for Singed. Why play one of the game's most mobile champions and then...............Not exploit his strength in mobility....???

- I always take this on Summoner's Rift, and have been known to even use it on Twisted Treeline several times LOL. You can easily save an ally, stop a push, push a lane, gank someone, or escape with this. I feel no reason to take anything else on Summoner's Rift and I have found many many uses for this on Twisted Treeline as well.

- Flash is nice on almost any champion. Flash-flinging is very fun but I feel that Ghost and Teleport are just more useful for our games. I would like to point out that flashing over a wall with poison on to finish someone is comical though!

- I've seen this used on Singed players before. Yes it can work well with your poison, and might get you an extra kill here and there but I find Teleport and Ghost just too useful.

- Ok so heal is for noobs blah blah blah! Sometimes though, it does have a place on your team. mostly I am talking about Twisted Treeline. I have tried this spell out a few times on this map and it is very useful for getting first blood if the enemy team tries one of the popular level 1 team fights. It can also outright cause a surrender if the enemy team has to deal with chasing you down, losing one or two people, and then having you heal and escape. It gives them a confidence barrier where they believe that no matter what they try they will never kill you. My best ghost+heal game on Twisted Treeline I believe was 18/1/20+. Singed is already godly on the map, heal is just brutal.

Anything else could be useful in certain situations but nothing worth mentioning in my opinion.

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As with any guide, you should never follow a set in stone item build that says "HEY YOU! USE THIS EVERY GAME AND YOU WILL WIN!" A good player does not use the same cookie cutter build every match. A good player has a core foundation to build off of and then picks items based on what that individual game calls for. A good player is even willing to change the core build if said player is feeding hardcore and needs to counterbuild extremely early.

My only core on any match at all is what is shown at the top. Here is how my game usually pans out.

- I grab these and 3 Health Potion or Health Potion+ Sight Ward. If you expect to be laning against an aggressive stealther and you are with a healer you could also pick up a Vision Ward to lay down if your jungler comes for a gank.

- As soon as possible after you have amassed 650+ gold, you will want to return to base for these. You have no reason for Ninja Tabi(they have to catch you to hit you silly!), and you can get Tenacity from another item besides your boots. Movement speed is king this early and throughout the game!

- This item needs to be rushed next. Even considering that they lowered the time it takes to max out, you want it as early as possible after your movement speed. Start with Catalyst first! If you have to base before having enough for Catalyst then grab the pieces starting with Ruby Crystal.

- Third and final core item. Magic Resist is going to be needed in 99% of every game you tank in and this item gives the most possible for 1 item slot. The hp regen is just great for our Singed, and the movement speed just means more control for you, and more frustration for the enemy team. This item has amazing synergy with out runes, masteries, items, summoner spells, and skills!

Situational Items / Counterbuilding

- I like to take this if either the enemy team has several AD champs or if I know I am going to be the main initiator on all team fights. Popping your ult + Ghost, rushing in, laying down Mega Adhesive, activating this item, and flinging someone out can very often decide the outcome of a team fight. The slow this item offers is awesome, the armor is great, the hp regen goes nicely with your other regen sources, and the cooldown reduction helps a little! Not to mention the attack speed reduction that this item offers!

- Our Singed is a true Mad Chemist and he requires a crazy playstyle. Certain times you will be in a match where you have trouble initiating due to CC or magic burst. This item will counter this, and there have been many occasions where enemy teams have seen me go for Banshee's Veil and Guardian Angel and just outright surrender in frustration. This item combined with Force of Nature will make you unstoppable again a team that is most magic damage!

- This is what I go for if after Rnaduin's and other options are exhausted I know I'm still having trouble with Physical damage. Also I like to play a lot of Twisted Treeline games and if you notice the enemy team is autoattack heavy I tend to rush this, sometimes even before Force of Nature. Other times I feel this could work out for you better than Randuin's would be if one particular ad autoattacker gets heavily fed earlier and needs to be dealt with. Otherwise, I feel Randuin's Omen is a much better item!

- Some teams will make it a point to focus you, or maybe you need a good item balanced to counter both physical and magical damage. Enter Guardian Angel! Medium armor, decent magic resist, and a free revive once every few minutes. Prepare to see a few surrenders out of enemy frustration when they see this item completed.

- Ok so I know a lot, and I mean a lot, of Singed players swear by this item and sure it's nice, helps you farm, gives you some health and some armor, etc. One reason I tend to stay away from this item is because you want people to chase you and stay in your poison trail, and having a sunfire will encourage them to leave you alone. You do not want left alone!

- If I am having issues with champions that are too fast to kite(rare) or if I just need the slow to keep a heavily mobile enemy team suppressed, then I will grab this. Otherwise I almost always skip this item, in order to focus on better defenses/resists. There are situations where you will have to have it in order to protect your carry from an extremely mobile team, but in most situations the slow is overrated.

- If you do plan to get this it is best to get it early(maybe directly after Force of Nature) to make sure you get it farmed early. I do not build this very often but if the team has a healthy mixture of damage types and I just need more health sometimes I do pick it up!

- The tenacity item of choice for our Singed! Mana regen, even more health regen to go with your other sources, and 25 Tenacity!

- This is your Tenacity item if you like to be more offensive and don't mind losing out on the extra regen. I tend to think that if the enemy team is really beefy I prefer the regen+tenacity and if they are squishy sometimes grab this one for faster kills/assists.

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Team Work

Your job is to be as annoying as possible for the enemy. A good portion of League of Legends gameplay is trying to penetrate the state of mind of the enemy player. Shake their confidence, make them feel helpless, cause them to feel anger, cause them to have issues among themselves, and throw off their expected game! In other words, the most important thing in league of legends is psychology.

Now, I don't mean troll them, lash out at them, trash talk them. I mean subtle things like baiting them while being low only to kill them, juke them nonstop until your team arrives, type things like "Almost!" and "Maybe next time" and things like that with a cheerful tone when they fail. This polite behavior will drive most players crazy, some will even forfeit a team fight just to try to burst you down once before the game ends(that becomes their goal). You want the enemy team to start second-guessing and doubting their abilities, you want them to feel as if they just simply cannot win!

Now, in a team environment you will ideally initiate. This involves using your ult, your ghost, your mega adhesive, your randuin's(if applicable), and your fling to get one of their carries/squishies out of their comfort zone and into the grasp of your team. After this you will use your poison and abilities as they come off of cooldown to protect your carries, put up poison barriers to make people hesitate/try to change direction, and ensure a good clean team fight that goes in your favor.

Here is a mentality that often can cost a Singed player the game:

"I have so much movement speed and that person is low, MUST CHASE!" - Congrats you damn ******, you chased that low champ that had already backed out of the fight and was no longer an immediate threat, left your carry vulnerable, and caused the other 4 people on your team to all die.

"BUT....BUT....I'm so fast, and I ulted back to full health, I can still do this." - Ok I will concede that point, if you're in the above situation chances are you can do it. Albeit VERY SLOWLY. Not only will your team feel betrayed, but now they have to watch you slowly chip away at a structure and get even more upset with you because your tristana or ww could have taken 3 structures in that same amount of time had you only thought of your team instead of just your own greed!

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Tips and Tricks

A good way to kite if you're low is to right click the direction you want to go, then click fling and hover your mouse over the person chasing you while your poison is up. Pick an opportune time to click on him, which will cause you to instantly change directions, fling him, and leave him disoriented for a second or two. This works especially well as you both enter a bush/jungle area and you change directions as soon as he approaches the bush!

Fling and walls - Ok so not sure how many people knew this, but fling CAN throw people over narrow walls but is very hard to pull off. The only way to really try to get this to work is to run away low, hug as close to a small wall as you can, and fling the enemy champion as they close in to finish you. If lucky, they will land on the opposite side of the wall and you can chuckle about pulling off one of the hardest things to do!

Make sure to practice exploiting bushes to your advantage each game that you play. Popping in and outh of bushes, hiding in bushes, running into a bush and then back out the direction your chaser just came from are all good strategies that should be mastered. For example, you are low and being chased by someone. When they come in to finish you, instantly drop MA inside the bush, fling them over you, and take off the way they just came from, leaving them to choke on your toxins.