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Build Guide by Footyballs

Singed - Poison Everywhere

By Footyballs | Updated on April 4, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


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Hello everyone and welcome to my first and most likely only build. Singed is one of my favourite champions and I find it extremely easy to win games as him. Many of the highest rated ELO players use Singed because with a decent team he can carry games quite well. I have played him in majority of my ranked games and quite a lot of my normal games.

Thanks ShadowReign757 for the awesome banner bro
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Possible Items for Final Slot

Here I have listed some options for the 6th item slot. It really depends on the team you are up against, so please take that into consideration. Any of these items can be slotted into the build earlier if you feel that you are lacking in some aspect. For example if the other team are stacking MR, grab a Void Staff before your Rylai's, if they have almost all physical DPS grab a Thornmail instead of a Force of Nature.

Abyssal Mask - Great if you need a balanced increase in magic resistance and damage. It also has an aura which is great for your team.

Void Staff - If you already have enough survivability to be conisdered an off-tank and the other team are stacking some MR this can be a great choice.

Guardian Angel - Awesome item if you feel you need more survivability. If it seems as though you are dying a little too often feel free to grab this as Singed has some great escaping abilities.

Thornmail - If you are up against a team mainly consisting of physical damage dealers grab this, it is a great item and with your already strong health pool it will just tear DPS apart.

Banshee's Veil - Another great item on Singed, HP, mana (more HP), more MR and blocks a spell every 30 seconds. Good item to have against a lot of teams.
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - My reason for choosing these runes is that they give you a slight amount of magic penetration which is quite helpful early game.\

Greater Seal of Health - These go along nicely with your Quintessences in helping out early game. A strong early game usually means a strong late game.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power - Again, helping with early game damage. These will give you a nice little boost to your Fling and Poison Trail.

Greater Quintessence of Health - Even after the nerf these runes are still very viable. The added HP early game is such a great advantage that I find these to be the only option for Singed.
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The reason I chose these masteries is that I find them to be the most suitable for Singed. The extra AP boost from the Ignite mastery is great in helping out your early game (I know I focus a lot on early game, but I find that this is where your mid game teamfights will be decided from). The increased speed and added time to Ghost is great as you can get away or catch up with someone that much easier. It goes great with your Insanity Potion and you can even catch a Rammus.

I don't find the Tenacity mastery worthwhile as you are an off-tank, not a full tank. However at character select if you see that you will be lacking in a tank, feel free to change up your masteries to better suit your team composition.

Strength of Spirit is a great mastery for Singed as the increase in HP/5 goes along extremely well with Insanity Potion to help increase your survivability.
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Summoner Spells

For my Summoner Spells I chose Ghost and Ignite as I feel they are the best for Singed.

Ignite is great for that extra bit of damage early game, also the Ignite mastery helps with increasing your AP early.

Ghost is great for getting away or chasing an enemy. Do keep in mind that you can run through minions when you have this ability activated. It always seems as though people forget this very important fact. Ghost also goes great with Insanity Potion in either ensuring a successful chase or escape.

Alternate Summoner Spells

Flash - You can take this if you are one of those Flash addicts. I know I used to be, but I just find it to be a little lackluster on Singed. Swap with Ghost.

Cleanse - This is a great replacement for Ignite if you see that the enemy team have a lot of stuns/slows/etc (only in ranked). Swap with Ignite.

Teleport - This is a viable option if no one else in your team has it. Singed is great at pushing towers thanks to Insanity Potion and Teleport will help you change lanes very quickly. Swap with Ignite.

Exhaust - It is good to have at least one of these for your team so if no one else has grabbed it feel free to take it. Swap with Ignite.

If you have taken any other Summoner Spells you will need to change your masteries accordingly.

Cleanse, take points out of the Ghost mastery and Ignite mastery so you can get 21 in Defense, putting 1 point in Cleanse mastery.
Exhaust, take the points out of the Ghost mastery Ignite mastery so you can get 21 in Defense, putting 1 point in Exhaust mastery.
Flash, take the point out of Ghost mastery and place into either Defensive Mastery or change them so you have 21 in the Defensive tree.
Teleport, take the point out of Ignite mastery and put it into the Teleport mastery.
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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is the most commonly used one for Singed as it helps to capitalize on his ability that causes the most damage Poison Trail, followed by Fling. Obviously grabbing Insanity Potion at every possible level. You should only need 1 point in Mega Adhesive until late game as the slow at rank 1 is fine.

When I am getting ready to go into a teamfight I will usually figure out which one is their most deadly carry and try to Fling them into my team. If they have a Tryndamere I will wait until he pops his Undying Rage then I will Fling him to the side, throw my Mega Adhesive on him and laugh as he has wasted his 100% crit chance period.
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Pros / Cons


- Great movement speed.
- Passive synchronizes great with making him an off-tank.
- Very fun to play.
- Can cause chaos by throwing a carry out of position.


- Requires to get into melee distance to do any damage.
- Fling can be hard to use correctly.
- Placement of Mega Adhesive can determine the outcome of teamfights.
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Regrowth Pendant This item is great for keeping you in the lane, it helps to negate harassment which should support you until you get your Catalyst.

Catalyst the Protector is a great item for the early game laning phase, it will keep you healthy while also bulking you up a fair amount due to your passive. It will be built into Rod of Ages later.

Next we get our Mercury's Treads. These are perfect in helping your survivability whether it be from ganks or in teamfights. These boots will save your life more times than any Summoner Spell. If the enemy team does lack CC (stuns, snares, slows etc) I would either get Ninja Tabi or Sorcerer's Shoes.

Rod of Ages is the next item for our build. This item goes so great on Singed. It gives us the three main stats we need: AP, Mana and HP. Due to this item having an 'over time' effect it will need to be bought quite early and right after boots is the perfect time to grab this.

We are now approaching mid-game and your item build should look like this:

Regrowth Pendant Rod of Ages Mercury's Treads

The next item that we are going to get is Force of Nature. This is a fantastic item as it increases MR by an extremely large amount, it also increases movement speed and HP/5. After you get this item; with Insanity Potion activated your HP/5 should be ridiculous.

Please note that if the enemy team is balanced with magic damage dealers and physical dps you can swap the Force of Nature and Sunfire Cape around in the build order depending on who is doing the most damage.

Sunfire Cape is the next item that we get in our build. This helps with armor, HP and gives you a nice little aura which can be helpful in teamfights and is quite good for farming the minion kills for the rest of the build.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This will give you a slow on your Poison Trail and your Fling along with some more HP and AP. Perfect for this stage of the game where you should be quite a successful off-tank.
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Thanks for reading my guide. Hopefully I will get time to update it soon, have been really busy lately.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Footyballs
Footyballs Guide
Singed - Poison Everywhere