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Singed Build Guide by LIGHTKNIGHT6

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LIGHTKNIGHT6

Singed - Take a deep breath...

LIGHTKNIGHT6 Last updated on December 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there, I'm LIGHTKNIGHT6 and this is my first guide. I would appreciate any feedback you can provide, as well as requests for corrections / different builds.'ll probably ask me, why Singed?
Well, to be honest, I feel he is one of the champions in need of another guide (no offense to the other Singed guide writers meant at all), plus I am rather experienced with him. If nothing else, a man's got to start from somewhere, no?

Please sit back, and enjoy this guide to a toxic massacre.

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Pros / Cons


+ Very fun to play
+ Extremely underestimated at early levels
+ Natural tankiness combined with awesome passive
+ Biggest AoE slow in game
+ OP ulti. Seriously.

- Poison Trail needs some getting used to
- Loses a lot of his power if his enemies stay out of his Poison Trail early game
- Can have a bit of a problem against ranged harassers early on
- Gameplay gets kind of repetitive
- It can be boring to win every time

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Empowered Bulwark: This passive is so awesome. It is what Singed owes his natural tankiness to. Basically, 25% of your mana is converted into health, giving you a nice headstart and an even better follow-up in the game.

Poison Trail: Your bread-and-butter skill, your grossly green, tauntingly toxic, delighfully dangerous bread-and-butter skill. Use it to farm by running around your minions with it activated and autoattacking for the last hits, use it when being chased to get a good chunk of health off your enemies, use it to jungle, use it to taunt your opponents, use it whenever you want. The mana cost is low, and after a while ingame you'll find that your mana regen is high enough that you don't even need to turn it off. At early game or when out of mana, you can turn this on and off to conserve mana while getting the same effects.
Obviously, we max this skill first.

Mega Adhesive: This is the largest AoE slow in the game, reaching up to a stunning 75% slow. The only slow better that this one is Nasus's Wither, but that targets a single person, plus it can be easily dispelled with a Cleanse or a Quicksilver Sash. Yours affects the ground, nobody can dispel it!
I take a point in this at level 4, since it's not so effective early game, and max it last. However, it can make a difference, and if you feel you're experienced with it you can max it second, after Poison Trail.

Fling: Singed's first troll skill. Use it to fling people into your turrets for early kills, as they will most likely be allured by your apparent low hp. Use it to fling squishies into your team or enemies away from teammates with low hp. This skill can be as good as it can be disastrous, depending on how you use it. Be careful not to fling enemies towards low-healthed allies, and, for God's sake, DON'T fling that Amumu in the middle of your team.
I take an early point in Fling, since it can give you some early kills, and max it second, for its pure nuking potential. (Did I mention that it scales with 100% of your AP? This means that all of your ability power is converted into pure damage for this baby)

Insanity Potion: Singed's second troll skill. This is one of the best steroid abilities in-game, making you practically unkillable for the next 25 seconds. When you're being chased and you have little to no hp, it's good for you. Activate your Poison Trail and your ulti, and when they reach you and try to kill you, Fling them backwards and let them have the full effect of your poison, and any turrets or allies that may be around.
Like most ulti's, max this when you can.

Note: This ability will dramatically increase your movement speed, and since we're running Boots of Swiftness, you don't want to discourage them too much from running after you, so you can pretend to misclick or stop to kill a minion, because you want them to chase you.

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Runes / Masteries / Summoner Spells

Not much to say here, I run standard AP / Offtank runes with movement speed quints, since MS works awesome with Singed.

My Masteries are a standard 9-21-0 with a focus on AP, but keep in mind that the S3 defense tree is just too good, one could even go 0-30-0 and work with it.

As for the Summoner Spells, I run Ghost and Exhaust to give more utility to my Singed. Both work like a charm with Fling and can get you out of sticky situations.

-I don't recommend Flash since you won't need to be escaping from fights, save to make the enemies chase you. If you Flash over a wall, they will just abandon the chase.

- Heal is viable but not such a good choice in S3, since it has been nerfed and is now more useful on supports.

- Barrier can only help against burst champs, you could replace Exhaust with it if you think you will play against and Akali or a similar enemy.

- Teleport: I...don't know. Theoretically, it's good, but personally I have never found a good use for it.

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The first thing that may have struck you when reading this guide is "What the hell? This nutcase is starting with a Sapphire Crystal. Believe me, it works. This additional 200 Mana means 50 more HP, thanks to Empowered Bulwark, making you more tanky than most champions from the beggining, yet still able to spam your poison as needed. I also buy two Health Potions for the sustain.

We want to rush Tear of the Goddess ASAP, because of the major update it has had in the Season 3 patch. Now, his passive isn't activated on every spell cast, but every time you lose mana too. This means that you can have your Poison Trail open, and continusly fill this baby up, making this item invaluable on Singed.
Note: When recalling or browsing the shop, even when roaming if you have enough mana, leave your Poison Trail open, it will fill your Tear of the Goddess much faster at no extra cost.

After you buy Tear of the Goddess, you can either buy your Boots of Speed or go for a Blasting Wand. I am more in favor of the latter, since we are running 3x Quintessence of Movement Speed, and, while movement speed works really good with Singed, it's not imperative right now.

Once you have built your Archangel's Staff, focus on your Boots of Swiftness. After this I usually buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the extra tankiness and AP, plus the slow applied to Poison Trail is just too much.

After this, I like to improvise. Just bear in mind that Rabadon's Deathcap gives very good results, and since you are tanky enough you don't really need more defensive items right now. Also Frozen Heart works well, since it gives armor and mana, which means even more health for you. Generally, I'll build an Abyssal Mask against an AP heavy team, and a Frozen Heart against an AD-oriented one.

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So, you've read my guide, you've strapped on your bulwark and poison starts to leak from your bottle...
You step in the Fields of Justice...
Now what?

In the early game, play defensively. Don't overextend, it is a very rare case when you actually stand past the middle of the lane. Poison Trail around minions and last-hit them to get the gold. Don't worry about losing a few minions or getting a bit harassed. Later on you will be able to farm like crazy with your tankiness and AP, so you are well off staying below your turret for now. Also, the early game is a great opportunity to get a few kills. If you are getting harassed, don't worry, take the punishment (bearing in mind that if your health is too low and your enemy has a good enough burst, they can kill you before you can react). When they dive for the kill (and most times they will), let them get hit by the turret once or twice while running around with your Poison Trail, Ghost and/or Exhaust if there are more than one enemies, and finally Fling that fleeing Jax right back into your turret. Boom, first blood.

So, you're past level 6, you have your ulti and a respectable amount of health and possibly AP too. It's time to thrive. At this time, you are at your best. When ganked, let them hit you for a while (while still bearing in mind the biggest mistake a novice Singed can do is to let himself be hit by Noxian Guillotine before activating his ulti), then go for your turret. If they dive, Fling, Exhaust and Insanity Potion will net you an easy double kill. Remember that your ulti is much more than it seems. Once you activate it, you're pretty much unkillable for the next 25 secs. I can't stress this enough though, while your ulti makes you godlike against DPS enemies thanks to both the extra resistances and the regens, it might still not be enough against a fed burster if your health is low enough.
At this point, you should start leaving your Poison Trail open for longer periods, so that you can fill Tear of the Goddess much faster.

And the late game comes at last. Sweaty-faced but still welcoming the challenge, you let your poison flow more mercilessly than ever. This is when the first big teamfights break out. Your goal is to charge into the bulk of their team, letting them focus you. You can take the punishment, which is more than can be said for your carry, almighty but weak of durability. Your primary targets should be the enmemy squishies, once you Fling that Lux into your team, there's not much she can do. For the love of God though, don't make the mistake of flinging that cute looking Amumu, because he'll give his team an instant penta. When a fight starts, let your Poison Trail flow, and don't cut it out until you are either victorious or dead. Your Mega Adhesive is also very potent, don't hesitate to use it to let your allies escape or get a few kills.

That's about it, the way Singed rolls, followed by a trail of massacre. Remember, you probably are the most durable champion on your team, you want to initiate, you want to tank, you want to get to the brink of death if that means your teammates are safe. And when you have almost died, you definitely want to activate Insanity Potion and laugh at them getting ripped by your allies.

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Singed is a very fun champion, and well worth the mere 1350 ip he costs. He's definitely worth a try, both for novice and experienced players.

Special thanks to jhoijhoi for the Template that insired me (and parts of which i just copied and pasted). It can be found here.