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Sion Build Guide by Asouh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Asouh

Sion: The unkillable undead

Asouh Last updated on December 31, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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At first I want to say that this is my first guide and that my English is not as well as it could be, so I'm sorry if you don't understand something. This guide is about a Tank Sion who is going to be in the top line. We're going to take adventage of Sion's E Enrage skill's pasive. If someone doesn't know about this skill it increments our life in 1/1'5/2/2,5/3 hp when we kill a creep or neutral monster and the double when we kill a big creep or neutral monster or a champion. So we're going to buy a lot of items which increments our life even more because with a Warmog's Armor and an Atma's Impaler is awesome.

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I don't have even bought runes in my account so I have choosen the runes which I think are the best for incremeting in a balanced way the armour, the magic resistance, the damage and the health regeneration. If you think they're not right, please tell me.

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The masteries are designed for a Tank with a bit of AD. I think there's nothing more to say. Like the runes if there is something wrong, please tell me, I'm not an expert in masteries.

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We'll start with the typical Tank items ( Doran's Shield and a Health Potion). Then we'll buy the Avarice Blade for gaining more money and the Boots of Speed to have some movility. I have put the Rejuvenation Bead because that's a good way to have more sustain and I usually start directly with the Warmog's Armor, but you can choose another item. For example, I have just played a game with this build and I let the Warmog's Armor for later and bought some armour because I was in the lane aganist an AD Lee Sin. That's how this game ended:

Just to say that in the stats that appears at the top of the guide, which are calculated by the page, there haven't be considered the health regeneration which gives the Warmog's Armor and the 20% bonus of the Spirit Visage. I have calculated it and we're going to regenerate about 28 health points per second.
There isn't been also considerer Atma's Impaler's attack bonus. It would be about 237 AD points (302 AD points when Enrage is activated).
This stats have been calculated if we wouldn't have any health point gained with the Enrage skill's passive.

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Skill Sequence

We'll upgrade as faster as we can the E skill ( Enrage) to stack a lot of health which will be very usefull at the late of the game. Remember, Sion is better at the late than at the beggining. Our second more potiented skill would be the W ( Death's Caress) because it gives us a shield to last a bit more aganist our enemies and, if it isn't destroyed, it would also make some damage to all the enemies we have around. However we'll upgrade the Q ( Cryptic Gaze) at the second level for having a way to escape. I thought it isn't necesary to explain but we'll upgrade our ulti ( Cannibalism) when it's possible, of course.

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I have choosen Ignite and Flash. Flash would give us a way to escape because Sion haven't any other ways than the Q ( Cryptic Gaze) and, if they gank you, it won't be enough. Ignite is the spell which could be changed but I like it because it gives you damage enough for guarantee you kill your opponent but you could take another defensive spell like Barrier or Ghost.

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We have said a lot of times that Sion's best asset is the health he gains making the last hit so it's very important to farm a lot. I usually use two strategies:
If my opponent is ranged I let him to push because i have a very good last hit under tower and, if we're in the middle of the line, he would make me come back to base. Then you have only to wait your jungler's gank.
In the other hand, if my opponent is a melee champion, I'm gonna be the one who pushes. Usually, you'll have more damage than your opponent if you have your E ( Enrage) skill activated so, when you wait for making the last hit to a creep, hit your opponent and wear down him.

In the two strategies we'll have to remember that our ulti ( Cannibalism) healths us a lot so, when we're level six, it would be very difficult for them to make us going back to base.

One last thing, if our jungler doesn't need it and we have our line very pushed we could kill the golems for gaining more health and money.

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Team Work

Your work is very easy, attack their ADC with you're Q ( Cryptic Gaze), activate the W (Death's Carees]]) and blow up it as fast us you can and use your ulti ( Cannibalism) for giving all your allies some health. Of course, try to protect your ADC.

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Pros / Cons


You're nearly unkillable.
It's very difficult that they destroy your shield ( Death's Caress) with so much armour and magic resistance.
The enemies would have very difficult to escape with the Frozen Mallet and your Q ( Cryptic Gaze).


You have not much mana.
You're ulti ( Cannibalism) is not very powerfull because you have not many attack speed but you make some damage after all.

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Most important points:

Farm 24/7.
Use the Q ( Cryptic Gaze) aganist their ADC.
Stack a lot of life.
And GL HF.

Let's revive this undead champion in the League of Legends.