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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by Ira Nibanabane

AP Carry SivHD's AP Ezreal (for the rest of us)

AP Carry SivHD's AP Ezreal (for the rest of us)

Updated on January 12, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ira Nibanabane Build Guide By Ira Nibanabane 31,546 Views 0 Comments
31,546 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ira Nibanabane Ezreal Build Guide By Ira Nibanabane Updated on January 12, 2015
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AP Ezreal with Clairvoyance?!

That's right, AP Ezreal WITH Clairvoyance.

But Clairvoyance isn't a worthwhile spell!
Wrong. SO WRONG!

Why? Several reasons.
1) Dragon
2) Stealing the enemy jungler's buffs
3) The little ***** recalling on the other side of the map
4) Trinkets can't see that little ***** recalling on the other side of the map
5) Baron
6) Killing the enemy team while they attempt to Baron
7) Low CD Vision

This guide is still in progress (I dunno how to format worth a **** and make it pretty).
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As per Siv's explanation, AP Ezreal is a bit hard to last hit with so the AD runes supplement this part of the laning phase. Coupled with mana regen allows you to go ham a little more often than normal and makes your Q an effective tool for safely farming if you go that route.

I use scaling runes to maximize end game output...also I don't have a lot of IP to dump into runes so I tend to go with what gives the most bang for my buck. In this case however, scaling AP runes are what he uses himself. I procured the rune and mastery pages from his summoner profile via LoLKing.
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For those unfamiliar, they always ask, "Why did you get Rylai's first?"

Because I'm not SivHD, that's why. Rylai's gives a nice boost to your damage output, some light CC as well as the security of extra HP. Until I'm confident enough in myself, to jump to Mejai's for the first item, I'm going Rylai's materials every time.

Next get boots, because the idea is not to get caught. While being able to move into position to E-W burst your opponent.

Now, Mejai's is next as a standard(the idea is not to deviate from the mother build as much as possible), but if you're not doing all that well, go into a Needlessly Large Rod instead (blasting wand if you're really hurting for cash) and get a Deathcap for the next item. As the previous item, safety for those of us who need it.

Last get what ever you're missing from the above damage items and upgrade your boots. They are your bread and butter items and combined, they make you a threat that(for some reason) the opposing team doesn't tend to see coming.

From here it's a spiral to greatness. Pick up Zhonya's and watch your ult go from being a wet sponge to using a magic eraser, one swipe and the floor is clean...mostly. Now sell your Doran's Ring, finishing with a Lich Bane(you should be level 18 by now) and suddenly your Q just went from being an irritating poke to a quick shot Nidalee spear at near max range damage.
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Skill Sequence

Mystic Shot is going to be your safe farming, last hitting wonderspell of irritating poke and retreat, but you will be leveling this as late as possible because you frankly aren't using it for anything else. So keep the mana cost down and use it to farm and poke without much worry of going OOM using it (because Doran's Ring).

Essence Flux is also getting leveled later, not because it does **** for damage, but because the anti-gank utility of Arcane Shift will be exponentially better for you.

Arcane Shift is getting leveled up fast and as soon as possible(save for when you can level your ult) This coupled with Essence Flux will be the base tactic for nuking the opposition into the ground, but early game would have you using this only if you need to move to safety. Arcane Shift is best to use between minion waves if possible to do a quick and rather large burst of damage to your opponent before the minions act as a defense against you being able to hit with it.
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Ranked Play

Not much to show for now, but here's the last few results. I've been fortunate that people let me play it pretty often today. (I'm aware that I suck at jungling)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ira Nibanabane
Ira Nibanabane Ezreal Guide
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SivHD's AP Ezreal (for the rest of us)

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