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Sivir Build Guide by CaioOP1985

ADC Sivir, Nightmare of the Desert

ADC Sivir, Nightmare of the Desert

Updated on August 20, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaioOP1985 Build Guide By CaioOP1985 8,437 Views 2 Comments
8,437 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CaioOP1985 Sivir Build Guide By CaioOP1985 Updated on August 20, 2017
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So, this is my first attempt at making a guide here, so any thoughts and critics you may have, feel free to do so. I guess I should show you guys I know my **** when it comes to Sivir, but I'm not bronze as of 08/19/2017, so if you want to judge the guide solely on that, feel free to do so. This guide is aimed at beginners who want to play Sivir but have no idea where to start. Sivir is my main ADC and I absolutely love her ever since I first played her. She is an amazing champion and when played right, can be a fearsome monster.

I'm still making this guide (and learning how to make it, so I'll be posting each and every update here as I put them.

UPDATED (08/19/2017): Posted a proper "Pros/Cons" and "Masteries" section for the guide and also did the "Some advice before you begin" section.

UPDATED (08/20/2017): Finished the Runes section of the guide.
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Some advice before you begin

If you are a complete beginner in League of Legends or is taking your first steps in playing the champion this guide was made for, please read this part before diving ahead.

One thing I noticed about online games in general, not just LoL, is that sometimes it can be quite hard for someone to get invested into playing when they start. Before I fully started playing, I gave up numerous times because I had no idea about lanes, which champions are better suited for each, how runes and talents worked, what AP and AD were and many other things. That wasn't the problem, however, but how toxic some people can be when playing and how that took away my liking for this game.

You'll find these people a lot and if that takes away your desire to play LoL, don't do it. It's an amazing game and thankfully, most of the people I encountered on the Brazilian server were amazing to play with. At first I lost a lot and played dreadfully (I once tried going with Ashe on Top lane, just to give you some idea) and being called names and treated like **** made me give up on this game, even MOBAs in general.

What to do when that happens? Well my dear readers, just remember this little thing:


Yeah, that's right, LoL is just a game. It doesn't show your worth. It doesn't define how good you are as a person. Oh, you lost a game? That's fine, everyone does it. You keep feeding Master Yi or (God bless you soul) Katarina? Every single player did that before you. You keep missing skilshots? I did it, the troll swearing at you did it and even his mother did it.

When you lose a game, give some honor to anyone you think deserved it (never to that troll), learn what you did wrong and try to improve on that. Go play against bots to learn about positioning, combos and whatever you want. Keep playing and ignore the trolls, even mute them if they are that annoying. Report the people not for playing bad, but for being this kind of people who call others "trash" and whatnot. And never be that piece of ****, ever!

If someone doesn't know what he or she is doing, offer advice if you can. You were once clueless about things too. Be polite with your team and offer help to them however you can. If you are losing, keep you cool and try to lift the spirits of your team. You'll see how much that can affect the game.

And, obviously, win with dignity. Don't be a douche and make the other team feel like trash. When you lose, don't be salty at them for winning the game as well. The main reason you should be playing this great game is to have fun, not demean others.

If everyone did these basic things, the community would be a lot better. So just give it a try. You'll like it, I promise you.
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Pros / Cons


+ Decent range
+ Has a Spell Shield that blocks even some Ultimates
+ Boomerang Blade deals a ton of damage
+ Easy to farm
+ Easy to use
+ She is beautiful, even more with Warrior Princess Skin

- Squishy
- Item dependant
- While easy to learn, it's hard to master
- Doesn't have an escape like Arcane Shift
- Missing Boomerang Blade hurts you considerably
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I'll be exlaining the reasoning for each and every single pick I made and why the others weren't picked.
I think it's kinda obvious, but the way this build is made means most of your damage comes from basic attacks so picking Fury to increase your attacking speed is a lot better than Sorcery.

I'm going with the principle that Sivir is a team player and choosing masteries that would suit that, so Expose Weakness fits that better. Feast could be a good alternative if you want a bit extra sustain and Fresh Blood is a decent pick for the beginning of the fight, but I still prefer to help my team.

While Natural Talent is great for the early game, Vampirism holds its own for the entire game. By the late game you'll be dealing around 900-1000 with each basic attack, meaning you heal 18 points of health with each basic attack, just by using Vampirism alone, not counting what you will heal with abilities.

Trust me when I say it: killing enemies with Sivir is fairly easy once you properly learn how to use her. With three different enemies killed, you get the same benefit as Double Edged Sword without the drawback for longer than 3 seconds, like Battle Trance

Once again, we got this one because the bulk of your damage will be done by your basic attacks, so Piercing Thoughts won't provide the same advantage that its alternative would.

This one is actually more of a matter of taste than anything, as all three of them are amazing. I picked this one because it creates a synergy with some of the items of the build, like Statikk Shiv and can heal a lot when it works. Fervor of Battle can add up to 64 extra damage with each basic attack, so it's also a good option. Deathfire Touch is also good but it deals damage over 4 seconds, wich isn't what Sivir is good for.

This is a good pick to farm at the beggining of the game and gather gold a little bit faster, so you can get that 100% critical faster. Wanderer is also a decent option, so if you prefer this one, don't feel afraid to use it.

This option gives you greater sustain, as not just the basic potions heal more, they give you some mana as well. You'll probably not go into the jungle face monsters and would most likely get their effects by killing enemies with them, so Runic Affinity isn't so good. And since you'll be around you Suport most of the early and mid game, better not pick Assassin .

By the mid and late game, you'll be doing tons of damage, so getting enemies below 40% health is quite easy. Since your Spell Shield gives you mana back, Meditation isn't as good of an option, but is a fairly decent one.

And finally, our last pick. Since you are the person that is supposed to carry the game, getting this one gives you some sustain to stay longer in the fight. Bandit is better suited for suports and Greenfather's Gift is more suited for jungle.
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  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: You must pick here between these and greater quintessence of attack power, but I prefer the boost to speed since the marks already provide a significant boost to damage later in the game.
  • Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage: Why these and not the normal Greater Mark of Attack Damage you might ask? Simply put, after level 7 they provide roughly the same bonus. With SAD, you get 21 bonus at level 18, while with AD you get 8,5. For the early game, AD is better, but for mid and late, the SAD becomes better.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Since the items are focused on getting 100% critical chance, I thought it was better to get some defense with the runes and, just like with the marks, I picked the ones that will provide me a greater advantage in the long run.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Armor: Same reasoning as the marks and glyphs, for most of the game you'll get a greater bonus than the common runes would provide.

NOTE: you don't need to agree with me, as this is my personal opinion on which runes you should pick. If you want to get a stronger early game, then go ahead and pick the not-scaling versions of the runes or entirely different ones.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaioOP1985
CaioOP1985 Sivir Guide
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Sivir, Nightmare of the Desert

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