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Sivir Build Guide by Twi1ightSparkle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Twi1ightSparkle

Sivir, The Botlane Terror

Twi1ightSparkle Last updated on August 30, 2012
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Hello there!

My Summoner name is Kuchiki Toko and I present to you my AD Carry Sivir guide!
You may wonder why am I writing this for a champion that already has a great, extremely detailed Meridianprime's Sivir guide.
Well, here's the answer: my manual has a different approach — a Video-guide approach, the primary idea of which is to teach you, the reader, how to use different AD Carry techniques, such as Orb-Walking and Kiting, how to use Sivir's skills to a full potential, and how to become a better AD carry in general.
Enjoy you read, summoners, and remember: practice is everything!

About me

I consider myself an average soloqueue player with a silver Elo badge (which is pretty bad, I know). I love playing AD carries, especially Sivir and Kog'Maw.

Here are my Sivir ranked stats:

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My choice

Other viable choices


That's a tricky one. In orger to understand the usage of this little beauty, you have to watch this Chaox's video:
P.S. Don't look at the comment section of this video — those guys don't know what they're talking about. If you have 78.5 AD, your autoattacks will deal 79 in reality, that's how it works.

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My choice


This setup capitalises on defensive stats provided by 9 points in Defense, which makes you more durable (helps you resist harass). 21 in Offense is a given for any AD carry.

Other viable choices

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Everyone takes it, why wouldn't you? On a serious note, Flash helps you reposition yourself during teamfights, escape ganks and sticky situations. Since Sivir has no dash ability (like Arcane Shift, Valkyrie, or Rocket Jump), Flash is her only escape ability apart from her On The Hunt, which has a long animation and woun't save you from hard-CC abilities like Unstoppable Force, Solar Flare, Gravity Field, or Curse of the Sad Mummy.

Ignite: Great spell that helps you counter Heal, Imbue, Divine Blessing, Wish while adding a bit more damage. Lifesteal is being reduced by 50% as well.

Heal: It was nerfed, but it's still a good alternative to Ignite. With the help of Heal you'll be able to heal-bait your opponents into diving you/engaging on you, be able to surive through Requiem, Trueshot Barrage, or Mega Inferno Bomb, but your Spell Shield is a better defense against those.

Cleanse: This spell works similar to Quicksilver Sash, but doesn't remove suppressions ( Infinite Duress, Impale, Nether Grasp). Both QSS and Cleanse can't help you out with neither knock-ups, nor knock-backs. Great summoner spell against Leona, Taric, Malphite ( Ground Slam), and other champions with hard and/or strong soft-CC.

My choice

spaaaaaaaace spaaaaaaaace


Try to predict next spell that will hit you and time your Spell Shield, Cleanse, Flash, and Quicksilver Sash accordingly.
Check out this Cpt Jack's video:
As soon as he notices Malphite, he Spell Shields his Unstoppable Force, then Flashes out of Morgana's Soul Shackles, afterwards he QSS's Urgot's Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse, Cleansing Leona's Solar Flare at the end. PLAYGUUU~

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Now here comes the fun part! Sivir has 4 usable abilities: poke-nuke skill-shot Boomerang Blade, rather unique autoattack enchancer on a low cooldown Ricochet, pocket Banshee's Veil Spell Shield, and AoE AtkSpeed+MoveSpeed aura ultimate On The Hunt. Her passive is Fleet of Footbrief MoveSpeed buff's given to you after you autoattack an enemy champion.

Fleet Of Foot
Sivir's passive is what, among some other things, makes her laning phase so strong despite her ultra-low attack range (the one and only AD carry who has less is Urgot). How does her laning work, you'll ask? Like this: as soon as you see the enemy approaching your creep wave for a last-hit, you attack him. This gives you 50 flat MoveSpeed for 2 seconds, which helps you land another autoattack or escape the retaliation. This passive also helps you Orb-walk and Kite even without Redbuff. It also synergises with your ultimate, granting you TONS OF SPEED as long as you attack.
Boomerang Blade
This skill-shot is a great nuke that helps Sivir to burst her lane opponents from 50% health to 0% if used correctly. It's really tricky, since the Boomerang flies to its maximum range and then goes back, damaging enemies two times. Damage on Boomerang's way back can be easily dodged if it hit the enemy not on its maxrange. However, 2 instant ticks of damage blend into one glorious BOOM (432 (+1.98 per bonus attack damage) at level 9) if you threw it from afar and hit the target. You have to remeber, however, that the more enemies (creeps, minions, and champions alike) it'll hit, the less damage will each target recieve. This happens due to 20% damage reduction after each subsequent enemy hit. Minimum damage equals to 40% (at level 1 your [[Boomerang Blade will have 24 minimum damage, whereas its maximum is 60).
I'm maxing this first because of its ridiculous early-game damage ( Ricochet doesn't bring much to the table when your CritChance is 0%).
Are you familiar with Nasus's Siphoning Strike, Garen's Decisive Strike, or Mordekaiser's Mace of Spades? All these abilities have one similarity: they reset your autoattack (AA) timer making your champion's next AA enchanced with something. It means that they have to be used right after your AA animation took off in order to dish out the most damage in the least possible time-frame.
Ricochet is the only AA reset ability apart from Vayne's Tumble on a ranged champion ( Double Up doesn't count, sorry Miss Fortune).
But that's only one side of Ricochet. The other side is that your Ricochet-charged AA will not only deal 20-80 bonus damage, but also will bounce to another enemy, up to 5. With every bounce the damage from your enchanced AA will decrease by 20% down to a 33% cap. That means that 5th enemy hit by Ricochet will be dealt 26 (+0.33 of total attack damage), down from 80 (+1.0 of total attack damage) at level 13 (when your Ricochet should be level 5).
Ricochet-charged AA procs on-hit effects such as Sheen only on first enemy hit ( Trinity Force is shown as a recommended item simply because of that), but it can also crit, that's why it's maxed second — you woun't have any CritChance before your Zeal Or Cloak of Agility. If you'll be lucky enough to crit both with AA and follow up with critical Ricochet, you'll understand why AA resetting abilities are so strong on AD carries.

Spell Shield
Spell Shield is what makes laning against Blitzcrank, Taric, Leona, Nunu a breeze and helps you survive through the hardest-hitting spells or the nastiest CCs as long as if you can time it right. If you succeed in blocking a spell, you'll be rewarded with replenished mana.
This ability has three main uses:
  • Blocking CC: if you'll get CC'd in a teamfight, you're pretty much dead, simple as that. Shielding spells like Unstoppable Force, Infinite Duress, or Charm will save you from being instakilled by your enemies who will prioritize you over any other champion in your team except for AP carry. Blocking enemy support CC in lane is a lot easier than doing the same in teamfights, because a) you're not being distracted as much and b) 90% of CC from your enemy is easily shieldable, except for Infuse and Terrify. Before the game you have to understand which spells at botlane are easily blockable and which are not; which are top-priority and which ones not.
  • Evading damage: Requiem, Stranglethorns, Chum the Waters are examples of spells which should be shielded whenever possible due to their extremely high damage. Blocking abilities like Piercing Arrow or Phosphorus Bomb will help you to survive your enemies' poke in lane.
  • Regaining mana: Baiting your lane opponents into using spells like Ice Blast, Piltover Peacemaker, Rocket Grab, stepping on Bushwhack and Yordle Snap Trap will help you with your mana problems and annoy your enemies. Shielding at tribush or at river will help your jungler gank your lane unnoticed.