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Skarner Build Guide by Ebra

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ebra

Skar Skar SKARNER - Jungle guide S5 (Patch 5.10)

Ebra Last updated on June 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 4

Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Skarner with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Katarina Since she is really squishy you can Simply drag her out of her ult into your team and win the fight.
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Hi my name is Ebra. Im currently a Gold Elo player on EUW. I play League since about 2-3 years now. I am a Jungle main and try to carry myself up to Platinum in this season.
My main junglers currently are Skarner, Nautilus and Jarvan IV.
Have fun with my guide!

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Skarner is a pretty viable Champion in my opionion, since he has many uses and can lead your team to vistory. Specially in Low Elo you can carry really good with this champion, since many people don't know how they should play against him.
But be aware that it takes much practise to get good with any champ, so just practise and get better.

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Pros and Cons:


+ Great impact on team fights
+ Good Escape with Crystalline Exoskeleton and Fracture
+ Good Chase with Crystalline Exoskeleton and Fracture
+ Fast Jungle clears
+ Good amount of CC Crystallizing Sting
+ Strong in Mid and late game
+ Is a good carry
+ Great duellist


- Pre Level 6 ganks can be hard to pull off
- Very mana hungry till you get Catalyst the Protector
- Can be countered with Quicksilver Sash
- Squishy in early game

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This i one of the core items since you stack much Health durring the game. It gives you really good clear speed and does a ton of damage in team fights. Also it gives you a great Health boost the more health you are going to buy.

I really love this item. It gives you the mana you need, a great amount of armor and CDR. You also get a attackspeedslow which is really good.

I only get this when Im ahead and feel like we need the slow and dmg of it. It is a really good item since Skarner is a perfect user of Sheen.

My favorite item on Skarner. What I love is the great healing effects for your early game and the even better speedbuff for your whole team. You can just run towards someone with Righteous Glory and Crystalline Exoskeleton and drag them with Impale into your team. I call this the Skarner kill delievery service.

Not much to say. You get a nice amount of Health and MR and on top of that a nice Spellshield to protect yourself from some dmg since you are going to tank much in Teamfights.

A really good Armor item which also gives you a good portion of health. Very effective when chasing specially since you can chain your slows with Righteous Glory and Fracture.

Just get them since you need the tenacity when you run like a psycho into the enemy team.

I just get this when I feel like I need more health. It gives you a nice bonus of health and also helps by stacking your Ranger's Trailblazer - Cinderhulk

A really great item when you want to deal lots of damage. Skarner overall profits much from this item like the Sheen procs, Phage movementspeed and Zeal attackspeed. It also turns Skarner into a great splitpusher.

I get it when we have a squishy team and our Support doesn't get it.

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I have the Attackspeed reds and Quints for boosting my Crystal Slash since the cooldown lowers for every normal hit by 0,5 sec. For Quints you can also get Health or Movespeed but I prefer the early faster clear speed. I have flat armor seals and flat MR Glyphs.

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From my experience with this champion, this is the best masterie set for him. It let you sustain in the jungle for a really long time. I tried other masteries but were not as good as this one.

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Here is a "short" explanation of Skarners Skills and some tipps:

Passive: Your passive is Crystallizing Sting which is one of the abilitys that make skarner viable. It also helps you well in the jungle. Try to time the stun in the jungle with the creeps attacks so you cancel them right before they attack to avoid a lot of damage early on.

Q-Spell: Your Q-Spell Crystal Slash is your main damage spell. You will most likely spam this button till the end of the game. Thats also why you need some mana items in early game if you want to give your blue to the midlaner (which I highly recommend).

W-Spell: Your W-Spell Crystalline Exoskeleton is your shield and speedbuff. You will need this in almost every situation. When jungling use it a bit earlier than you arrive at the camp since it lasts 6 seconds and you will get it a bit earlier back. When ganking dont use it when the enemy is in attack range or for blocking some damage, because you really need this to follow up and give your laner the opportunity to kill the enemy.

E-Spell: Your E-Spell Fracture is one of the skills you also really rely on. Be sure you are close enough to hit your E, it will make the gank much easier, because you can apply your stacks faster and let your Laner follow up.

R-Spell: Your R-Spell Impale is the Spell which makes Skarner so fun to play. You suppress an enemy for 1,75 seconds and drag him to your team. Be sure to always gank whenever its ready and dont be afraid to use it, most of the time the enemys will waste some spells to escape. Also be aware that your ult will use the stacks of [[
Crystallizing Sting]], so you won't be able to use your passive after you ulted for 6 seconds.

For more tipps read the ganking and Mid-/Lategame chapter.

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Skill Sequence:

You want to go always with:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

It gives you the most damage for jungling. Maxing your W or E doesnt make sense in my opinion since you mainly need your W for the movespeed and your E for slow.

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Jungling Route:

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Jungle Route explanation:

When Jungling you wanna start at Golems on Blue side then go to the Crimson Razorbreak so you can take advantage of the red buff smite, since Smite is up again when you start red. After that you just simply go to wolfes and Blue. When you feel confident you can gank now. If not you can just simply take Gromp/Crab and go back to get your items.
At Red side start you can deside wheter you start golems or Gromp. I prefer taking Gromp because of his buff. Be sure to also use your second Smite for the Red buff to be able to continue jungling/ganking.
You also want to grab the Crimsonj Razorbacks True vision buff from time to time, which results in your team have better map control and you can gank more easy. Also dont forget to always ward dragon since many people tend to take drake early on.
Every time you go back also get 1 or 2 wards so you can have the better vision control. Specially in low Elo many, many people forget to ward and keep diying becuase of that.
So just help them by getting them and cheap ward.
Its important for you to take advantage of ALL of your Smite Buffs.
Never let your team take Gromp since specially later on you really need the Gromp Buff which makes you in Teamfights much strong. Take it whenever you can.
In early game its also important to take the Crimson Razorbreaks Buff since it grants true vision and is extremly useful for ganking and gaining map control.
Also dont forget that it might be good to have the true vision buff when heading to Baron Nashor or Dragon . However be careful to have 2 stacks on your Smite when you do this.
When you often get counterjungled or the enemys got the the first tower of mid you might consinder Smite Wolves. The "ward orb" is really useful and can also give your team a good advantage to catch someone offguard.

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Ganking (Early game):

So when you are playing Skarner there are two phases of ganking:
The pre level 6 ganking and the post level 6 ganking. I myself can gank equally wether I have ult or not. However the ult almost gives you a garantee that the enemy laner uses his Flash or he dies.

When ganking pre Level 6 you should:
- always hit your Fracture since it gives you a highly better chance to get something out of the gank and it applies a stack of Crystallizing Sting.
- Don't try to hit your Fracture on long range since it's very easy to dodge it.
- Use your Crystalline Exoskeleton to catch up to the enemy together with the red buff you can easily apply your 3 stacks of Crystallizing Sting and maybe even kill the oponnent.

When ganking post Level 6 you should:
- If your laner you want to gank has a lot of cc abilitys you don't want to use your passive stun Crystallizing Sting. Its more useful to apply more damage to the enemy, since you laner can also cc them, so always try to get 3 stacks on the enemy and then ult.
- If your laner you want to gank has no cc abilitys or not much cc ( long cc cooldowns) you should use both of your "stuns" since you want your laner to be able to follow up.
- Always tell your team to write when the enemy uses summoner spells since it will help your ganking a lot. Also keep in mind when ganking and the enemy has no summoner spells you shoudl consider dealing more damage with your ult rather than bot your stuns.
- try to gank whenever your Impale is up
- When ganking botlane grab the enemy Adc into your botlane for an easy kill
- be careful when you ult to not dodge your teammates skillshot which should hit the enemy
(this happened to me a lot)
- if the enemys get Quicksilver Sash try to stun them with your passive to let them think you ulted them. Some people fall for this and give you the oportunity for a nice kill.

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Mid game/ Late game:

Your Job as Skarner in the mid/late game is simply to charge the enemy carrys offguard with Righteous Glory and drag them into your team for them to kill the enemy. If this succeed you shoudl try to get some objetives like Dragon or push lanes. You can also jsut force a fight since now you are more likely to win the fight and push/take drake afterwards.
While you are in a Teamfight you should wait for a good oportunity to use your ult, for example when katarina/Malzahar/Warwick ults you can use your ult to interupt them. After you used your ult just try to defend your carrys by stunning and slowing the enemy frontline or by zoning the enemy Adc/Mid laner.

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In the end I can only say that Skarner is currently my favrite champion and I have a lot of fun playing him. His kit specially his ultimate is really fun to use and overall leads to nice experience. I hope you all enjoyed my guide on how to play Skarner and wish you all good luck on the Fields of Justice.