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Skarner Build Guide by blackdwarf

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blackdwarf

Skarner, crystal jungler

blackdwarf Last updated on December 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, and welcome by my Skarner build. I really like this character, because there are so many ways to play with him. In this guide I will focus on AP while starting as a jungler. Maybe I will make some alternatives guides, because I have the feeling that I can make some really cool stuff with him.

Please comment.

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Reserved for updates in the future.

08-12-2011: fixed some minor mistakes in the guide. also changed a item after a good suggestion in the comments.

11-9-2011: changed a rune that works a bit better in the build.

12-11-2011: updated the masteries. planning to update the build again.

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Pros / Cons

-Great jungler after he got blue.
-Is a good chaser
-Has good ganks
-Is a Scorpion
-Has really nice damage

-Is a bit mana hungry
-Bad against CC
-Not high surivability
-Really short range

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Runes & masteries

For the runes i use the following:

I use the marks because his main damage will be done with his abilities, so i want the magic penatration for that.
The seals i use to make the jungling easier. Getting blue is a bit tricky(without a leash), but after that it is really easy.
The glyphs is have to buff my AP. That will be his main stat in my build.
I changed the Quins, because the AP boost is just more usefull. and because you will not have some AP in early game, so having these give you just some more damage with your abilities.

Well, you see the masteries above this page. Just the useal for a jungler, but i did want Ardor because it really works well on Skarner.

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Jeee, ITEMS!!! The main reason you are here for. Lets have a look:

+ 5 of
The standard for junglers. not special here.

ofcourse you take this item as a jungler, but you won't make a Wriggle's Lantern. this item gives you some AD, which is usefull early game and also some armor. if it is possible you take Madred's Bloodrazor as one of your last item in game. let say after you got =Nashor's Tooth.

I get this one because i will use my abilities to do damage and almost all of them deal magical damage, so this is really usefull.

Aaah, the famous sheen. I want this item for everything it does. The AP to boost my abilities, the mana so i can spam my abilites and the proc to do more damamge with my basic attack.

This one is really a must for Skarner. it gives health, which is really usefull, a good boost to you AP and i slows people who you hit with your spells, which really works great with Crystal Slash that also can slow people.

This is really usefull, because it buffs your AS. That also means that you have lower cooldowns because of your energize.

More AP, more mana and still the proc but then better, what more do you want.

This item is just made for Skarner, good buff to AS and AP. If you for some reason don't want this item, you always can take Malady.

Well this is my core build, with these you can't go wrong, but skarner has lot of other items he can use.

Take this one if you want more AP.(duh!) It works good with all you abilities and Lich Bame if you have that one.

I suggest you take this items only late game. it gives everything that is usefull for Skarner and even a extra slow, but I find it a bit expensive.

If you want to go more hybrid, this is really your item. This is the perfect item for a hybrid Skarner, but i suggest that you already have some AS on him.

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Summoner Spells

If you are going to jungle, take and with you.
If you are not going to jungle, replace Smite with Ignite or Exhaust. If you are really scared for hard CC, then i suggest Cleanse, becauese with his Crystalline Exoskeleton he is good in fleeing.

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It takes some skill to work with these skillfull skills. :P

Basic attacks lower the cooldowns of Skarner's abilities by 1 second against champions and 0.5 seconds against non-champions.

This is a really usefull passive. Because of this you won't need to stack CDR. how more AS you have, how lower your cooldowns are.

Crystal Slash
Skarner lashes out with his claws, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and charging himself with Crystal Energy for several seconds if a unit is struck. If he casts Crystal Slash again while empowered by Crystal Energy, he deals bonus Magic Damage and slows all targets hit.

This is his spam abilitie. It has a low cooldown and low mana cost. The first hit works with AD, but when he is empowered with Crystal Energy, he will add magic damage which gets buffed by your AP. the cool thing is, when he uses this abilitie with Crystal Energy, he will do the extra damage, but the Crystal Energy will be refreshed. So, after the first hit you only will do buffed hits.

Crystalline Exoskeleton
Skarner gains a shield and while the shield persists his movement speed and attack speed are both increased.

This is a great abilitie. Use it to chase, to flee, to reduce your CD's with Energize and to do more damage overall.

Skarner summons a blast of crystalline energy which deals damage to enemies struck and marks them. Any further damage dealt to marked targets by Skarner will allow him to consume the mark to heal himself.

this is your main damage abilitie. You also can use it to farm. The heal is not that much, but i can be usefull.

Skarner suppresses an enemy champion and deals magic damage to it. During this time, Skarner can move freely and will drag his helpless victim around with him. When the effect ends, Skarner's target will be dealt additional damage.

this is abilitie is so fun to use. choose a enemies, i suggest a squishy, grab him, and pull him to your teammates. you still can use your Crystal Slash while you have someone.

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early game:

Ask someone to leash blue for you. once you get that one go to wolves, wraiths and golems. look if someone needs help, if not, teleport back and buy a Long Sword. now go to red and take the buff. look again for possible ganks. now just roam the jungle and help your teammates if they need it.

mid game and end game:
now you can go out of the jungle, stick with your teammates and try to get kills. if nothing is happening, go farm minions then. if possible take blue. in teamfights always go for the squishy. start with Crystalline Exoskeleton to get in it. then, choose your victim and keep spaming Crystal Slash and Fracture. use your Impale on fleeing champs, or on squishy to get them in the centre of your team. know that [[Crystal Slash does a slow, so use it wisely.

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and with said, this guide is done. i gave you my view on how to play Skarner as a AP jungler.
please comment and vote.

good luck and have fun on League of Legends.