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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Skarner Build Guide by CptTeemoOnDuty

Jungle Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard

Jungle Skarner, The Crystal Vanguard

Updated on June 23, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CptTeemoOnDuty Build Guide By CptTeemoOnDuty 9 2 79,155 Views 7 Comments
9 2 79,155 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CptTeemoOnDuty Skarner Build Guide By CptTeemoOnDuty Updated on June 23, 2019
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Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro
Relentless Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Table of contents [Work in progress]


Pros & Cons


Playstyles & Abilities


Tips & Tricks






I saw there weren't many Skarner guides on this platform, considering I've played him ever since how he was initially I figured I might as well try and give some tips to new players and perhaps spark some more interest into him (and avoid people feeling useless when playing him).

I used to play Skarner very different in his previous states but with the current changes skarner is mostly viable as a tankier jungle. You might want to try some damage builds for fun but he might end up being too squishy to be able to be useful in fights.

Some of the art in this guide isn't mine (I edited some of it). Be sure to check out the original owners.

  • Great CC, his ult can win teamfights if used well.
  • Can become quite tanky and a problem for the enemy team.
  • Decent clear with his AoE damage.
  • His crystals let you 1v1 effectivly and control your mana.

  • Difficult to recover when behind
  • Useless against some team comps (If they don't allow you to go in)
  • Close ranged, not a lot of mobility other than movement speed either.


These runes were made considering Skarner's different benefits, as I've stated many times I'd like players to experiment and choose their own playstyle and preference. There might even be players out there who love playing Skarner with Phase Rush. Skarner scales well of Movement speed (MS), Tenacity, Health (HP) and Cooldown Reduction (CDR)
  • MS: Extra movement speed allows him to get to his targets faster and chase them down (Ability to catch out targets).
  • Tenacity: Avoid stuns or slows when you want to go in to catch someone out, getting locked down gets you killed.
  • HP: His shield scales on health so health items will help with durability, don't forget Armor and Magic Resist without them you'll die either way.
  • CDR: His combo (Flash + Ult) is the best way to catch people out, so with some runes that let u reduce Summoner spells CDR you will be able to execute it more often, aside from the summoner spells, having ability CDR let's you CC more often and shield yourself more often.



I like going Predator on skarner due to its engage potential, the added movement speed and also damage to be able to catch someone with ult, then proceed to drag them into your team.

Cheap shot

Both Taste of Blood and Cheap Shot work, I prefer going Cheap Shot for the added damage right after stunning a target.

Ghost poro

Good to provide vision in the enemy jungle, also grants a bit of stats when placed into the enemy jungle, can be swapped out for Zombie Ward.

Relentless hunter

Most of these options are good,I prefer this one to get extra movement speed, other than that you can choose to go for the extra ultimate cooldown ( Ultimate Hunter) or also for the Predator cooldown with Ingenious Hunter.


I chose these two for their added movement speed bonuses, which are very good for champions like skarner to move around the jungle and also to engage on enemies.


9% Attack speed
Adaptive damage
15-90 HP
Picking these was quite tricky, I think the attack speed is useful but can be swapped out considering personal preferences. Same goes for the rest. I think you can opt for going armor and magic resist too as two last slots, and then choose adaptive damage in the first slot.

What to do with skarner

  • Ganking, very obvious but ganking with skarner isn't all that easy early on, Predator makes it a tad easier but you will have to run to the enemy, hope he isn't faster or doesnt have a leap or dash and then catch him with your stun.
  • Don't act too quick, Don't use your Fracture too early, it travels really slow and if it touches any other enemy (also minions) it becomes even slower, try and get as close as you can before using it, also don't use your ult too quick, especially against champions who can possibly deny it, try and bait out any means that could do so.
  • Upgrade your shield, your shield gives you movement speed, but it only does when the shield is active. When it breaks you'll lose your movement speed. Level it second and sometimes it's even worth putting some points in it earlier, it grants good sustain plus helps you gank.
  • Be smart, It's sad I even have to mention this but, don't just run into 5 people when nobody from your team is around, even if they are if you know you keep dying when you do so, stop doing it... And don't ult the enemy tank just because he is closer, it most likely helps the enemy team more than it does your team.


Note: Of course initially using Fracture to stun is a good option, but if you are later in the game your combo is usually used to drag an enemy out their team and kill it alone, if you are able to autoattack (no other enemies or you are ahead and don't need to use ult yet), proceed to attack without ult till it's needed.


  • Allows you to clear your jungle pretty fast and lose less mana during the clear.
  • Faster navigation through the jungle.
  • Actually really good to fight the enemy jungler early on, against certain junglers you will out damage them and be able to chase them down easily.
  • A negative point to it might be the visibility, I'm almost certain enemies can see when one of them has been captures, revealing your possible location.

Crystal slash

  • Used to love the old one with permanent slows, but the new version isn't that bad. Allows you to deal mixed damage to enemies and it's cooldown is reduced by auto's.
  • Mostly a useful damage ability against enemy champions, stay on top of them and while auto attacking use this to do a bit more damage.
  • Good for jungle clearing with it's AoE damage.

Crystalline Exoskeleton

  • I max this second as it's very good peel and gives your extra movement speed while the shield isn't broken.
  • Just a good shield to help you clear the jungle and trade with enemies.
  • The extra movement speed grants you a better combo and easier ganking.


  • Good CC move, stuns the target for a short time after initially slowing them. It might be hard to hit at first due to it's unique speed.
  • Try to avoid big minion waves with it when ganking, it becomes slower and slower when hitting minions so you'll most likely miss the target.
  • If you are able to get close, get as close as you can before using it to ensure the hit, the slow might help after to get closer to the target to stun.


  • The main reason to play skarner, his ultimate allows you to catch out anyone from the enemy team and drag them in your team for a quick finish.
  • This ability could also save one of your carries as it makes the target unable to do anything during its period, they are able to be damaged by your allies. It can even stop a Darius ult mid air.
  • Using flash with this ability might help you catch someone by surprise (One of the enemy carries) and allow you to win the fight.
  • If you are alone you could use this to pull someone under your tower and allow you to get a quick kill from it, the stun duration is quite long and it let's you set up your next stun with Fracture.

Some items might be obvious to someone like skarner, but others might not be, I'll give some context to a few items that work well on skarner.
  • Dead Man's Plate: Boosts his movement speed and then allows him to do extra damage on his first hit, good to catch people, which is what his kit is all about.
  • Zeke's Convergence: A support item?, this item allows skarner to link up to someone, but aside from that also will give him an extra area slow when he uses his ult, plus extra damage to whoever he links to.
  • Turbo Chemtank: Combined with predator, skarner becomes so fast enemies won't be able to target you with skillshots if you are decent at juking, also provides a slow on his destination.
  • Adaptive Helm: Really good magic resist item, helps a lot against poking mages and will reduce the incoming damage quite a bit, can be changed with Spirit Visage, depends on what type of mages you are dealing with.

Avoid cc

  • Most of his kit relies on dodging enemies stopping you in your tracks, avoid it at all cost.
  • It is mostly to be able to get close and use Fracture or his ultimate.

Fast clear

  • His area damage allows for a quite fast and unexpected clear, try to transition between clearing and ganking.
  • Don't forget to capture nearby crystals as they make it easier to clear.

[Work in progress]

[Work in progress]

Skarner is a good champion to get picks on the enemy team. It can be very good or very bad considering on your experience, the current meta, the team composition or possible enemies. I recommend playing him quite a bit in normal games, get used to his playstyle and once you feel confident give it a go in ranked. He is not the easiest champion to pick up.


  • Nothing yet.
  • Under construction

Changes to the guide:


  • Made guide, quite empty for now


  • Slowly adding things, runes updated and added ability details.


  • Added some information
  • Domination runes explained
  • Updated runes and items


  • Tips added
  • Preseason Update (runes)
League of Legends Build Guide Author CptTeemoOnDuty
CptTeemoOnDuty Skarner Guide
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