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Teemo Build Guide by Talon Gerrard

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Talon Gerrard

Slow and Painful Death-Guide to Play Mid-Lane Teemo

Talon Gerrard Last updated on February 17, 2014
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This is a build called Slow and Painful Death. The main point of this build is to slow your opponents down and deal large amounts of damage to them in a short period of time. This guide will help you learn about the importance of speed and power and how to apply it in a match. The notes will give you explanations on why you should choose certain things and in what order. Please keep in mind that this build may not work for you because everyone has different strategies and playing styles. This build guide was made after research in which how different items, masteries, runes, summoner spells, and ability upgrade orders would react with each other. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to comment or send me a private message and I will gladly reply.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells are always important when playing in the match. Choosing the right ones can change the tides in a fight or help you in a tight spot. Now for this guide, you will notice I have chosen Heal and Ghost. Both are great for getting away in a tight situation. However, there are other suitable combinations that you could use. Heal and Ignite, Ghost and Ignite, Heal and Revive, Heal and Exhaust, Ghost and Exhaust, Ignite and Exhaust, Heal and Flash, Exhaust and Flash, Flash and Ghost, Ghost and Revive, Ignite and Revive, Flash and Ignite, Exhaust and Ignite, you get the idea. The main thing is either boosting your speed, impairing there's, dealing high damage to them, or making sure you keep a good amount of health. If you go with Exhaust in the combination, it will work with the item build considering that you build Liandry's Torment. Ignite will work with Teemo's poison as they both do damage over time. Flash will work with Teemo's Move Quick (W) since that ability works upon how much movement speed Teemo has. Heal is just good when you get in a fight since Teemo is a squishy champion. Once he is able to deal good amounts of damage to an opponent, you can use heal to give you an upper hand and a likely victory. However, it's up to you on what you pick. You're the one playing, not me.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Doran's Ring

The notes pretty much gives a good explanation on the build and it's order. However, this chapter will put everything into a little more detail if you do not quite understand completely or just want more information. Now, one thing that is important to start Teemo with is a early lead with his ability power (especially if you are fighting in the mid lane). At the beginning of the game, you pretty much always want to buy Doran's Ring if you are playing with Teemo no matter what lane you are in. However, buying Doran's Ring will give you a big starting boost with Teemo's ap. I will explain strategies in a later chapter, but for now I will tell you since Doran's Ring gives Teemo that early ap lead, he will be able to push lanes more effectively.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Sorcerer's Shoes

Building Teemo's movement speed is important. So is being able to effectively deal damage with Teemo's basic attacks with Toxic Shot trained. This is where the Sorcerer's Shoes come into play. You will want to build this item after you get Doran's Ring as soon as you can. The earlier the better. With the extra ability power from Doran's Ring and the magic penetration from Sorcerer's Shoes, you will be able to deal more damage on hit with Teemo's Blinding Dart and basic with Toxic Shot trained, and do more dps with Toxic Shot's passive.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Nashor's Tooth

Nashor's Tooth is one of the most important items Teemo could possibly have mid game. What is also important is the order you build it in. To start building Nashor's Tooth, I always buy the daggers first. Gaining the extra attack speed will help you kill more minions faster and be more a little more likely to get the final hit so you get the gold from it. Then after getting enough gold, the best thing to do is to buy Stinger. This will allow you an even higher chance at getting final hit, plus you get a some cooldown reduction. Then I would get the Amplifying Tome then the Fiendish Codex for the ap. Once you get Nashor's Tooth though, you are pretty much set to get quick gold from minions and even kill steals in some cases when in a group fight since you have the faster attack speed and extra dph, giving you even MORE gold and has a good cooldown reduction.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Liandry's Torment

Out of this build itself, Liandry's Torment is overall the core item. It gives you a good amount of ap and extra maximum health. It's first passive, Eyes of Pain, works with the Sorcerer's Shoes and its second passive, which works with the Sorcerer's Shoes, Exhaust (considering that it is one of you summoner spells), Twin Shadows, and in two ways with Teemo's Noxious Trap. The second passive states that dealing damage deals 6% of the target's current health as magic damage over time for three seconds and that if the target's movement is impaired (slowed), the target will take double damage from this effect. With Teemo's Noxious Trap, he doesn't even need to be there for this ability to take effect, but will also work with is Toxic Shot since it also deals damage over time and deals extra damage over time from the Toxic Shot's passive. Imagine doing a ton of damage just from the initial basic attack from the Toxic Shot and Liandry's Torment, doing extra damage from Toxic Shot's damage over time and Liandry's damage over time, then doing even more damage with Liandry's damage over time since you are still dealing damage with Toxic Shot is still dealing damage that you initiated.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Twin Shadows

Twin Shadows is a good item for the extra ap, movement speed, and magic resistance that it gives you. However, what is most important about it is its Active Passive, Hunt, which sends out two ghosts out to find the two nearest enemy champions and slow them down on contact. This works with Liandry's Torment because of it's second passive (read Chapter 6: Items and Recipe Build Order-Liandry's Torment). Using this is good for finding out if there are enemy champions nearby, finding out who they are, and determining if you need to run away or chase them (they're slowed so it can work either way). Twin Shadows should mainly be used when you are duo laning, but is still effective in 1v1 situations.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Lich's Bane

Between the build order between Lich's Bane and Rabadon's Deathcap, you could go either way with which one you want to build first. I would go with the Lich's Bane first since it has a more expansive recipe and you can build it easier and get the abilities from those items sooner until you have enough for Lich's Bane rather than having to wait a whole 1600 gold for the Needlessly Large Rod and 800 more gold for the Blasting Wand. When building Lich's Bane it is best to build Sheen first since it's passive is similar to that of Lich's Bane. Then you can buy the Blasting Wand. Lich's Bane's passive, Spell Blade, is very good for Teemo since it activates whenever Teemo uses an ability and does extra damage on his next basic attack equal to 50+75% of his ability power. Since a good Teemo usually has high ap, this will do MAJOR damage on his next basic attack. Firing Blinding Dart at target will do a good amount of damage in the first place, then hitting them with another large amount of damage will be devastating.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Rabadon's Deathcap

Like I said before, the build order between Lich's Bane and Rabadon's Death is up to you. The boost of Rabadon's Deathcap in it's ap will power up Lich's Bane greatly along with the rest of you abilities. Not only does it give you 120 ability power, it increases your total ability power by 30%. So, yeah. That's a lot of ap.

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Items and Recipe Build Order-Frozen Mallet

The Frozen Mallet is an exceptionally great item for 1v1 situations with Teemo. When building you can either go with Twin Shadows or Frozen Mallet considering the both slow down a target, however frozen mallet slows down your target on hit with your basic attacks, allowing it to refresh with each hit and allowing Liandry's Torment's passive to continue.

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Ability Train Order

The ability train order is the order that I normally use. With Teemo, you almost always want to start with Toxic Shot and then Blinding Dart. Once you got two training points into each of those you will be pretty good to go ability wise at level four. You will be able to push lanes more effectively since you will be able to do a good amount of damage when attacking, forcing the opponent(s) to fall back behind their tower. Then you will want to put a training point into move quick. Why start building Move Quick so late? It is better to get an early lead on attack damage in a match when your opponent(s) are still squishy. It isn't until about mid game that speed is what really matters whether it comes to catching someone or trying to run away from a bad situation. By level six you want to put the training point into Noxious Trap as soon as you can. As you level up you want to try to finish training Toxic Shot as soon as you can. Being able to deal damage over time will come in handy in mid game. Then you want to build on your Move Quick then finish building your Blinding Dart. Then finish Noxious Trap then finally end your training build with your two open spaces for Move Quick. Also building your abilities like this will help you with Map Roaming which I will talk about in a later chapter.

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Mastery Build

Teemo's Mastery build can be a little tricky. You want to make sure you balance your masteries between attack speed, movement speed, and ability power. Most of the mastery points are going to be put into Offense, unless you just want to build a tanky Teemo and build your defense. However, his attack speed, movement speed, and ap are the most important to Teemo.

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Now, this is where building Teemo's armor comes in. The Runes are best suited for Teemo to gain his armor rating. The Quint of Armor may give more armor rating than the rest of the runes but you can only build three quints so you don't get as much out of it as you think, plus I save the quints to help with another thing. For Teemo's armor, you should put in nine Seals of Armor so that way Teemo isn't as squishy. Then you need to build 9 Marks of Magic Resist. For the glyphs, build 9 Glyphs of Ability Power. Now the quints, you want to build 3 Quints of Movement Speed. Reason being is that it is the only rune that actually gives you movement speed.

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Strategies and Techniques-Mid Lane Fights

Now this is where we get into the fun stuff. In this chapter, I will share with you my personal strategies and experiences that have resulted into my knowledge on how to play Teemo. Normally, I play the mid lane as Teemo. One of the best ways to start out the match is to go directly to the center of the map/mid lane and stealth. This will give you free reign on your next move. Now you have two kinds of mid lane players. Ones that stick behind until the minions lead and the ones that go right to the mid lane and circle around to see if they can get a look at who's mid laning against them. Let's talk about the guys that go to the mid lane immediately. Since you're stealthed, they of course can't see you. The best thing you can do from there is spring your attack there. Now because of camouflage's passive, you get that two second 40% bonus attack speed. Attack them until the two seconds is up and fall back. The smarter opponent usually falls back as well. Now depending on the time frame, you can do the same thing again but stealthed in a different spot or if the minions arrive, fall to the back of your minions and attack the opponents minions. While fighting the minions, if the opposing champ gets too close, attack them and force them to fall back. If you want, you can try to sneak your way through the minions and attack him from there and fall back. Basically, this is a hit and run tactic. However, this works a little differently since your toxic shot deals damage over time. Once you get to level two, you can really start dealing damage to the enemy and keep it there and eventually force them to recall or just flat out die because they are stupid. Going back to the beginning of the match with you at the center of the lane, we will switch the strategy to the opponent that doesn't show up until the minions do. If your opponent does this, fall back when the minions show up and take out the enemy minions from there. If they get the lead in doing damage to minions sooner than you, you are going to have problems. Once you have fallen back behind the minions, you go to the previous strategy and attack them whenever they get close or you find an opening, then blinding dart them to death. Constantly forcing the opponent to fall back will help you get the lead in levels and damaging the towers. Something you must watch out for if you are pushing is gankers. They are your worst enemy when you are attacking the towers. If you see someone start coming from the side behind you, immediately fall back to your tower for safety unless you know you can take the pursuer. The champion that most commonly ganks during these times is Master Yi, either because he's a jungler and he is actually trying to gank you or he is multi laning and he is either trying to gank or just happened to find you pushing and is trying for the kill.

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Strategies and Techniques-Stealth Assassinations

One of the main points of Teemo is assassinating your opponents and getting a speedy getaway. One major give away of this is his passive. What else would he have it for besides hiding to get out of a bid situation? It's truly devastating if you are stealthed near one of your shrooms and someone runs into it. They are slowed and you get the attack speed boost from coming out of stealth plus you can blinding dart them for some major damage. They will either run away which is pretty much useless since it gives you the advantage in damage dealt and speed unless they are close their tower and you can't get a good tower dive in time assuming the poison doesn't kill them, or try to take you on which could mean two things. They are either very stupid or there is another enemy champ close by to back them. If that is the case, you need to place another shroom where you are at an retreat back, turning around to deal damage to them as they chase. You don't want to get too far as this happens because if they run away, you are most likely to miss the kill unless the poison from your shroom kills them.

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Strategies and Techniques-Ganks and Map Roaming

Ganking and Map Roaming kind of go hand-in-hand for Teemo. One important thing for Teemo is to put his shrooms EVERYWHERE. That is where the Map Roaming comes into play. When you Map Roam, you are basically wandering through the map and placing shrooms in logical places that an enemy champ may go through if they were to move to another area of the map. Map Roaming is also how you can get good ganks. If you have sight on enemy champions on your mini-map, you can get some good insight on to what part of the map you should make your way towards to get a champion kill or two. When ganking with Teemo, always make sure you have at least one shroom. When you get to your destination, make sure you are coming in from the side of the enemy champion from the jungle. Before you pursue, place your shroom at the entree/exit point of the jungle you are attacking from. Now you can do two things depending on the situation. If the target's health is low, simply flat out attack them. The only way they can really get away is if they are too close to their turret for you to finish them off. If they decide to take you on, they are stupid assuming you placed that shroom before you attacked. If the champion is high on health, attack more passively. I would suggest going back and placing more shrooms if you have them before you attack. Most players will usually try to follow you unless you have teammates also trying to pursue them close by. From there, if you feel you can kill them head on, go ahead and do that. If you get into trouble or feel that you aren't going to be able 1v1 this champion, lead him through your shrooms and attack him while he's slowed and run again when he comes out of slow unless you know you can finish him off.

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Strategies and Techniques-Gold and Experience Farming

Gold farming can be fun and easy to do with Teemo. The earliest form of farming with Teemo (assuming that you follow the build) is after you buy Nashor's Tooth. Nashor's Tooth is really effective when killing lane minions. The boosted damage and attack speed will almost completely guarantee that you will get the last hit for the gold. Then you will be able to buy the items for the rest of your build more effectively. Another way to farm with Teemo is with his Noxious Trap. Placing your shrooms into a group of minions will cause them to explode and deal damage to all the minions in range and do damage over time for the kill. Also it is a good form of experience farming since you have done damage to a lot of minions and are involved with the kill in case your minions or another champion get the final hit.

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Strategies and Techniques-Team Fighting

Teemo is not a champion made for team fights. However, it is sometime inevitable to be involved in one some point in time, so you might want to read this. Teemo, as we all now is a squishy champion with a short ranged attacks. Getting head on into a team fight is a really bad idea. What you want to do in these situations is stay back behind the rest of the champions and attack from as far back as you can. This will keep you a decently safe distance away from the carnage in case you need to make an escape. Something that is also useful in a team fight is Teemo's Noxious Trap. You can place a shroom right in the middle of the fight and run back at out to deal some damage to the enemy champions without getting totally destroyed. If necessary, you can place shrooms around where you are at and attack from there, that you have a fighting chance if the enemy champions win and decide to come after you or you have a high chance of getting an escape. If you built Twin Shadows, you can activate its ability to guarantee that you slow down two of champions to make an escape.

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Well, this is the end of the build. I hope you find this information useful and wish you luck in future matches on the Fields of Justice. If you are having trouble in situations that were not covered in the guide, feel free to PM me and I will gladly help you out with new strategies that you can apply to your game style. Rate and comment your thoughts on this build and if you have any suggestions as to how I can make this guide better feel free to let me now. I'm open to any criticism.