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Neeko Build Guide by SnakeTastic

Jungle Snakes jungle Neeko Guide

By SnakeTastic | Updated on September 12, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

Snakes jungle Neeko Guide

By SnakeTastic
Hello My Name IS SnakeTastic i Play League of legends for a bit now and in this guide i will Show you how to play Neeko Jungle
Pros Back to Top
+ Very good Ganking Potential
+ High Aoe Burst Damage And CC
+ Camouflage
+ High Outplay Potential
Cons Back to Top
- Short Range
- Falls of a bit In later Stages
- Requires Coordination with Team
- Squishy AF
Early Game Back to Top
Neeko can be quite strong early game due to her base damages which can deal lots of damage with multiple procs from Blooming Burst. When you have level 2, you should look for quick combos with Tangle-Barbs into Blooming Burst as it allows you to get 2 procs off. At level 3, you can combine the combo with the passive from Shapesplitter, that gives your third autoattacks bonus damage. Succesfully executing these combos will put enemies at very low hp levels, allowing you to get deal additional damage with whatever keystone you're using. Even though Shapesplitter can be used to engage, it should almost never be done in the laning phase as it has a really high cooldown + it's your only escape tool from ganks.

You should aim at basing around 1375g so you can buy Lost Chapter and a Control Ward as vision is crucial for midlaners, since it's the easiest lane to gank. It's not always possible to back with that much gold, so basing for a Dark Seal + Refillable Potion + Control Ward is also quite good as those items are super cost efficient, and can be sold later on.
Mid Game Back to Top
Midgame is usually when the outer turrets start falling and people begin to rotate around the map. This is where Neeko starts shining as she has her core items, but she's also perfect at roaming and picking off targets. You should push your lane as fast as possible and then look for other lanes to gank with your passive Inherent Glamour, that allows you to take form of an ally champion. It's crucial that you coordinate this well with a teammate, so he goes out of vision while you take his form and appear, else it can blow your cover and backfire. There are lots of different cool tricks you can do with her camouflage ability, such as taking form of an ally with low hp, baiting in greedy enemies and then unleashing all your abilities on them.

It's important that you switch to Oracle Lens during the mid game. Sneaky champions like Neeko relies on catching people off-guard with Inherent Glamour, so it's important that you clear out any vision the enemies might have. Your goal for the mid game is to extend the lead as much as possible by forcing solo kills / dives, and by taking objectives, so you can close out the game before you get outscaled.
Late Game Back to Top
While Neeko is still decent lategame, she unfortunately falls off compared to the traditional mage picks, due to her being short ranged. Full item ADC's with a support will kill you on the spot if you mess up your combo, so you have to play it out smart, and know when to go in. Lategame is all about teamfights and objectives, so vision is more important than ever, as 1 death can cost you the game.

In teamfights you should always wait for the opponent to waste their mobility spells before you go in. Let your teammates bait and line the enemies up for a perfect engage, and then you can go in for a quick combo with Pop Blossom + Tangle-Barbs + Blooming Burst, proccing Shapesplitter. That should oneshot most squishies, or at least leave them at 10% HP, so your other carries can clean up.
As lategame is also about big objectives like baron and elder, you can take advantage of the tight areas, and look for multiple stuns with Pop Blossom and Tangle-Barbs. Goal for lategame is to play it smart, and wait for the perfect moment to engage. 1 single fight will either win or cost you the game.
Tips and Tricks Back to Top
There are quite a few tricks you should be aware of when playing Neeko. Since she's a new champion, people still haven't found out everything about her, so i will add all new tricks here as they appear.

Passive - Inherent Glamour
- While disguised as a champion, you gain their auto-range. If you're disguised as Yasuo you will be melee range, while something like Annie will give long range autos.
- allows you to charge your ult WHILE being disguised. It means that the enemies can't see you charging it, so it's super effective at catching people off-guard.
- Can be combined with W: Shapesplitter to seriously confuse your enemies.
- Disguise yourself as a weak support champion to bait greedy players(usually carries) and then unleash your entire combo on them for swift kills.
- You can greatly help out your jungler by appearing on the opposite side of the map while being disguised as him, so the enemies think they are keeping track of him, but in reality his position is completely hidden, allowing him to pull off cheesy ganks.
- If you have Banshee's Veil active, it will be hidden when you're transformed to another character.

Q - Blooming Burst
- Can be procced multiple times if it kills an enemy unit, so it's a great way of clearing waves fast.
w - ShapeSplitter- Basically an upgraded version of Wukong's clone as it also moves in a direction that you decide. Be creative by for example letting the clone move in your original direction, while you move the opposite way to confuse your opponents.

- In patch 9.9 Neeko received a change that makes it so her clone can get hit by abilities immediately instead of after a short delay. This is a pretty big buff as you can now use it as a meat shield against for example Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble or LeBlanc's Ethereal Chains. Use it to tank important abilities!
E - Tangle - Barbs
- You can disguise yourself as for example Ezreal to fool the enemies and make them hide behind minions, lining them up for the perfect root.
R - Pop Blossom
- You can pop Zhonya's Hourglass right after using Pop Blossom, so you're safe from any CC/damage while charging.
- When disguised, the enemies won't be able to see you charging the ultimate.
League of Legends Build Guide Author SnakeTastic
SnakeTastic Neeko Guide
Snakes jungle Neeko Guide
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