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Yorick Build Guide by Wystful

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wystful

SO, you wanna summon ghosts huh?

Wystful Last updated on June 4, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Renekton Hard lane, he can keep up with your sustain pretty well honestly and does a lot of damage.
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Hey guys, my name is Fisk and I am a plat player who has played a decent amount of Yorick and wanted to share what I have found to be his ideal build. I feel like Yorick is an actually rather strong champion who is currently EXTREMELY under-rated. He deserves a lot more attention than he is given. Alright let's get started!

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Pros / Cons


  • Awesome Ghouls
  • Incredible Laning phase
  • Great Peel ultimate
  • Amazing Early/Mid Game
  • Naturally very tanky
  • Great Sustain
  • Great Duelist
  • Can fall of late game if played incorrectly
  • Difficult to master outside of lane
  • Somewhat team reliant
  • Needs a lot of damage items to stay relevant
  • Easily Kited/Vulnerable to slows
  • Weak at levels 1-3 since he doesn't have his ghouls at full power yet

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Summoner Spells

This will talk about what summoners I take on yorick and why.

This is basically a must take on yorick. It can help him close distances, run away, out play and lots of other awesome things. Take this every game, no exception.

This is my other favorite spell on him. Since yorick is such a good duelist, later in the game you may find yourself wave clearing and split pushing a lane and tp lets you do that without missing team fights. Also, it lets you bully your lane opponent early by keeping you in lane all the time. Furthermore you can use your early game strength to teleport bot lane to win a fight there if they get ganked etc etc. And last if you die or get low, you can return to lane quickly which is nice.

Also a decent summoner, I prefer tp but this spell can help your late game a whole lot since you can exhaust and 1v1 their carries. Also it makes your dueling power in lane really really good.

This spell is OK. It will give you a lot more lane pressure and strength. I would personally recommend taking this in lanes vs tanks (think cho'gath, nasus, mundo) to give you kill potential and extra bully and burst early game.

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Really solid passive for yorick actually. It gives him a great damage buff and tank buff which is awesome. It allows him to build extra damage because of the percent scaling on damage and lets him avoid going tank until late game since it'll give a little boost early and mid to survive without tank. I recommend casting as many ghouls as possible simultaneously when you are trying to fight someone as it is an instant 15% (20% if you use your ult) tank and damage buff.

This is yorick's by far best damage ability. Max it second in melee match ups and third in ranged match ups. Melee champions will be easy to wack with your Q (as it is an autoattack steroid) so you can max it vs them, ranged champs will likely kite you so you won't have as many melee opportunities. Also, keep in mind you should avoid maxing this ability if you feel like you aren't getting to autoattack much. Late game this ability has great DPS. 20% AD+auto attack+150 base and the ghoul does 40 bonus damage on hit. Plus you get a great movement speed buff to help you stick. This is gonna be most of your late game damage.

Maxing W will give you more ranged harass, poke and sticking power. You should max this second when you don't get as many opportunities to auto attack or when you're getting kited often. It will give you lots of slows and sticking power plus you can cast it at a range so you can harass ranged champions which is nice. Not as great damage as Q but the cc can be useful.

This is yorick's bread and butter ability. It is what makes his lane so strong and what gives him his incredible sustain. Max this first always. It can poke ranged, it can help you duel melees, it gives you stupidly good trading potential, it is his best ghoul early game. Use it primarily as poke and cast it on the enemy whenever possible. It will keep you full health and it will whittle them down until they can't lane. Really good laning spell.

Alright, the ultimate. This is yorick's late game prayer here. Late game yorick still has decent dps but without a lot of gapclose or cc it can be hard for him to get onto enemy carries so this is his way of staying relavant. Early, this ability will give you better dueling power, similar to the way shaco uses his clone. Use it to 1v1 or 1v2 the enemy when you fight/get ganked and you should be able to win fights. If you don't win from just your and the revenant's damage, your revival will let you clean up one of those low enemies. Now, late game it is your savior. It will do two things for you: first, by ulting your ADC, since it scales on a percent of the allies AD, it can increase your dps a TON. It can basically make it a 5.5 v 5. That said, I only ult my adc for the extra dps (aka ulting him right as the fight starts for damage) if we are ahead and we engage. Second, you can use it, obviously, to save your carries. I personally prefer this option. I save it as peel for the carry that dies first as the extra seconds you keep that carry alive can change the flow of a fight entirely, shifting it in your favor. Cast it on them right as they die (to guarantee it will actually revive them because the revenant can get focused and kill or just killed by aoe if you use it to early or it may expire)and watch the magic happen. Remember, if your carry is in the middle of a group and you can't click on them, you can click on their portrait on the side and it will cast it on them.

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OK SO, I know most of you probably saw the runes I was running and went WTF IS THIS. I know they are a little odd but they are all needed. First, the ad marks and quints are really good because his ghouls scale on his AD so they will do more damage in lane if you have more AD. Second, the scaling HP just helps his late game a little and allows him to build extra damage outside of lane because he will be tankier. The scaling MR helps him be able to get away with just Merc treads for MR because he can still get around 100 MR without any actual MR items. His passive helps too because of the free tank. Finally, yes I know there are mana regen in there. The mana regen is pretty much vital because he is so mana reliant. Taking a 6 to 3 set up allows you to get most of the benefit out of your scaling runes will still grabbing mana regen. Second, it's split into two parts because you need the MR and the HP both, so choosing full mana regen in either place is a bad idea and you need all regen you can get honestly.

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OK, so I know my masteries are also pretty funky but they are like this for a reason. First, what's important to understand about mastery trees is the deeper into them you get, the more late game focused the masteries are (ie armor pen is deep in the offensive tree). The first 9 tend to be the strongest early game masteries in a mastery tree. I will break this down tree by tree.

Offensive: I take sustain and damage here. AD does very well on yorick since his ghoul's autos scale on his AD. Note how I don't take CDR here. This is because you will max out your CDR through items so its pretty gold inefficient to take cdr through masteries although IT IS VIABLE to take the cdr mastery, I personally just dont.

Defensive: I invest the most heavily in this tree taking 15 so that I can get both the flat mr and flat armor masteries. I do this because I will be building a lot of damage throughout the game so I need the extra tank to stay somewhat beefy throughout mid game.

Utility: I take this tree for three masteries: meditation for mana early, strength of spirit because you will have so much mana with this build it will be giving you 10 health regen per 5 when all is said and done so definitely worth having. And finally alchemist since you start flask and pots so this will give you a ten percent boost to every pot you use. It starts to add up.

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I will cover most of the items mentioned in the build above, just to show you why each is good. I won't cover the viable alternatives though. I feel like they are just not as good as the other items I mentioned but they are buildable.

Yorick's Best start by far. Gives him sustain and mana early which help him survive until he gets all of his ghouls up. Will give you mana regen throughout the early and mid game until you sell it. Solid item on him.

I'm putting this on here because it's viable, not because I think it's particularly good. If you are facing a high damage ranged top like ryze or maybe rumble this can be a good item but in general just build flask instead.

The Holy Trifecta of Yorick Items:

Yorick's best item. Gives him AD, mana regen and mana all of which he requires. Plus the auto-attack buff from muramana really helps his damage and works well with his Q. If laning phase ends quickly, don't rush manamune, just hold onto tear as yorick has somewhat high CD's early so the ticking stacks from tear will be helpful. If the lane does continue for a normal/long period of time build this first as it will let you stack mana with autoattacks which you will be doing a lot more in lane than if you aren't in lane.

A crucial item to yorick. Gives him mana to help him get AD from manamune and the auto attack buff this gives him is awesome. Besides scaling with his Q well, it gives him sheen which is great since he casts a lot of spells and a slow so he can get that extra sticking power he needs late game. Since he has no hard cc he really needs this slow.

Until the update, I didn't really like this item on yorick BUT now that it has been updated it's core on him. The armor shred has always been great since his ghouls autos will proc it. As a result by ghoul spamming someone, you will shred 35% of their armor pretty much instantly. Next, the 20% cdr makes this item ridiculously good on him. Cdr is an amazing stat on yorick, maor ghouls, so this really makes this item great. Finally, the final nails in the coffin for making this item a core part of his build is first the health health as it allows him to actually decently tank up while getting extra damage and second the movement speed from phage is wonderful. Even more sticking power.

Trifecta conclusion: For yorick, this basically does what trinity force does but is a much tankier alternative. The phage+sheen combo is really really good and the manamune is a great damage+mana item for yorick. GET THE TRIFECTA. It is tank triforce.

Tank items: These are vital for your late game survivability. You will die instantly without building these, plus you get so much damage from the trifecta earlier that you really only will need tank from this point forward.

This item I like a lot on yorick. It gives him mana (mana=damage with manamune) which is awesome and it gives him a little more of that gap close that he really needs. And of course the HP is great. I build this item when I feel like I don't need extra stats (armor and MR) and can survive without it.

This item is basically like righteous glory except no mana, more HP, no engage BUT incredible sustain. Build this vs poke comps as the passive will really feel helpful vs poke. Otherwise, get righteous glory instead.

Really great item on yorick and I build it in probably 90% of my games on him. Gives him CDR (although some will be wasted but what can you do), mana (which means damage hello again manamune), and a lot of armor to help you survive. I generally build it last as you want HP before building this item, especially if they have a lot of magic damage because armor is useless vs magic damage but hp still is helpful. Great item though.

I generally don't build MR on yorick outside of merc treads because I feel like he is A. Good at negating burst with his passive and B. Is one of the few champions that gets natural mr per level. Runes+Merc treads+yorick's natural tank and sustain should be enough to push you to the point where you can deal with mages damage. That said, this item is good vs ap heavy comps. It will max out your CDR if you build it fourth, the healing buff is really, really, really good and the hp plus mr is good if you need mr.

I generally like spirit visage better if I am going to build an mr item but this is viable honestly. Get it if they have a ton of cc and you need the spell shield.

Boots: There are really only two viable boots in my opinion.

Build these in probably 80 to 90% of your games. These will give you MR, so you won't (generally) have to build an MR item like visage or banshees. Plus the tenacity is really nice as it will be harder to kite you.

Ok, I know I said I wouldn't talk about the viable alternatives but this one really is decent. Build it when there are like 4-5 ad and no really AP carry (like 4 AD and morg support). They are good in that case. Otherwise get merc treads.

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Yorick Strategy

Here is a quick break down of strategies you should use on yorick throughout the game

  • In lane, combo your E and W together on enemy champions. It will give you extra burst and it will give both ghouls more sticking power. Whats great about that is extra sustain from E and both ghouls are ranged so you don't have to take any risks to your own HP. Free damage.
  • Try to use all of your ghouls on the enemy then back off. The ghouls will do damage for you and if you run immediately there will be no way for the enemy to trade with you.
  • Late game, stay near your carries. It will guarantee you can get your ult off on them and save them . Remember that the portraits on the side of the screen will allow you to cast your ult on a carry if they are to deep in the fray to click on.
  • Remember your dps is really good. After you use your ult, chase down the enemy carries. There is a good chance that with muramana, iceborn and black cleaver that you can easily kill them.
  • You never have to face check bushes, let your pestilence ghoul do it for you! It can clear bushes of things like nidalee and shaco traps so always cast in when checking a brush. It could save your life.

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Yorick is a really good dueling bruiser that can be used to bully pretty much any lane you can think of, even his worst matchups are pretty easy throughout your lane if you play him correctly. His dps is also rather insane for bruiser standards. He lacks burst damage and cc however, so make sure you stay alive for longs periods of time, keeping your carries fighting and getting as much sustained damage on the enemy as possible. Good luck summoners! Remember, death is only the beginning.