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Sona Build Guide by Kyrohad

Support Sona ARAM guide - Be the sound of despair

By Kyrohad | Updated on November 27, 2017
12 Votes
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Sona
    The Hunter of sound - AP Build
  • LoL Champion: Sona
    The Goddess of sound - Support


Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Iron Skin


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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If you're a support, you gotta support

Sona is with no doubt, an outstanding support no matter the game mode, so it's not something too hard to get how to play her. But most players do say that Sona is too much overpower at ARAM and I do agree - She's a champion that simply does the difference between winning or losing depending on the player skills and his/her teammates. You don't win an ARAM match alone.

As usually everybody does, we gonna level up her Q first because of the damage boost, but if you are in a heavy damage team but low in armor and MR, you can level up your W first as you see the neccessity 'cuz the items you're going to use boost a lot your healing and mana regeneration for the best and constant use of your skills, and if you're on a "glass cannon team", that means you gonna be the healer and maybe the tanker. Happens sometimes.

If you're going for the AP build, you're going to just support your team as your abilities reach them and as redemption cooldown ends 'cuz you're going to just f*** your enemies lifes... And they're gonna hate you and be desperate to kill you or run away from you - Depends on your skill. Just level up you Q and W after so when you reach level 11~13 you gonna be self sufficient and both do great damage and sustain incoming damage while healing yourself and your alies and boosting your move speed to run or get close. But you'll need to die to buy Redemption and some parts of Rabadon Deathcap at least. Redemption really helps even if you're going "full AP".

I think it's pretty gross when Sona players don't make redemption or just go for the kills because they are doing the AP build. Sona can be AP but she still is a support so she can make redemption without no worries with her AP and I can garantee it because I always do that and my KdA always get pretty positive even if I don't go for the kill alone and wait for my teammates. I really advice you to do that if you're not certain you're going to stay alive if you gonna enter a battle solo, even if it's one on one 'cuz sometimes there are player that really can kill you with champions you just don't think that can do something to you. No matter how bad are the enemy team, never underestimate the enemy players.

I MUST REMEMBER you that her ultimate is useful a lot if you know HOW AND WHEN TO USE IT, but if you don't,
you'll just gonna waste it and lose an easy Ace for your team or a chance to save your alies. It's a great ultimate but it's greater when you use it wisely, so pay atention and don't waste it at the start of every teamfight your team gets into but do inform them your ultimate is right to use as redemption too 'cuz its another way of incomming healing to your team. If your teammates don't say a thing about your ultimate, keep it safe for critical moments, but if they say they want you using it, just wait for a good number of enemy champions to be in your range and use it - Your enemies have a high possibility of dying because of that.

Most of you may ask why did I choose clarity instead of exaust, heal or barrier... Well,
ARAM does have a summoner spell that RESTORES MANA and most champions in the game USE MANA, so... WHY NOT USING IT? You'll have a great sustain of your mana and your alies,
what simply means that you're going to use a lot more skills than the adversary team.
Not a bad choice, don't you think so?
And why heal when Sona heals and gives additional move speed? Personally, I just don't see the need for other spell. Clarity and Flash are good to go.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kyrohad
Kyrohad Sona Guide