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Sona Build Guide by Dagsson

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dagsson

Sona - Buff whatever is in sight

Dagsson Last updated on June 15, 2012
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Greeting summoners,

i played lot of games as support and i am normally the support in our small group of player. I played Soraka, Taric, Karma, Leona, Orianna and some others. BUT, I never had a funnier time than with Sona. In the third game, i asked myself to try a new build. And this came out. Buffs whereever you look. Whereever I come with Sona, there is someone who can take profit of my presence. Not only the Buffs of the abilities, there are lot of itembuffs too.

I dont talk more, I start the guide.

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The role "Support" - problems and moments

In my days in LoL, i have seen lots of people playing AD-Carry. And you are the "little" support aside and have to do, what your carry says. Hold on a second. You have to do what he says? No. You are not his dog. Two situations:

- The Carry (I mean here always the AD-Carry) and me (this time Soraka) laneing. He starts an attack, deals damage, recieve damage. All ok. I heal him once, my spells are on cooldown. 5 seconds later, he goes in again and dies. After all, i am the one who has not healed him and he starts flaming. I couldnt explain him that my heal-spell has nearly 20 seconds cooldown.

- The Carry and me laneing (again). The carry cant lasthit. I say to him, he shall try to get more lasthits because he is 20 cs behind. He goes on and on and on. -50cs. Well, I start farming because otherwise we lose a lot of gold. Flaming again.

You dont have to think, you are in the weaker position. The support is not a role to be there and do nothing than healing. I play sometimes very offensive as supporter and look, the enemy Carry is afraid of me. There are lots of situations I zone an enemy only with my precence. They focused me, the support, in teamfights. And I survived. That is, what your goal should be. Not to do the major damage. This is not your goal. Your goal is to be the one, who carries the game without damage.

And I tell you, with Sona, you can do all this. And in the early game, this is YOUR time.

And the last part in this section: Killstealing as support? Doesnt exist. Yes, it would be better, the Carry has killed the enemy. But there are lot of situations, you stand much better as support than him. Just try to let the Carry kill the enemy, but dont hesitat to do the final blow on them. Doublekill as Soraka with one starcall? No problem. Doublekill as Sona under the tower? No problem. Kill them. Its a teamgame.
A fed support with lots of auras is much better than an Carry who cant lasthit. Fed Sona with 4/1/4, I will tell you, their carry will run, when they see you, the not-so-little support. In this time, your Carry can easyly farm his way back ;-)

And another example: 5/3/13 Sona. After a teamfight, sadly, two of us died. But there are two enemies between our middle towers (1. and 2.) Nobody has the possibility to kill them. Flash in, kill the first with the passive Power Accord, change to MS-Aura, chase a littel, again Valor active, Auto-Attack, dead. Dobule kill Sona. And in the chat? OMG. And my carry - I have to say, he didnt die once - said after the game: He was support but had the farm (over 200 CS). We won and well. But here I want to thanks to my teammates for not flameing. You have understood the part "support". I am doing well with your help!!!

Low-Elo-Tip in ranked:
You are firstpick? Pick support. There is no discussion who plays support AND i often see the carrys are picked first in ranked. When your team will communicate, you can counterpick all of them. Try it.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended spells:

  • Flash - I always recommend flash. There are so many situations, you can use it for.
  • Exhaust - If your AD-Carry/Laneingpartner dont take exhaust or u dont have any in the whole team, take it. Shut down the enemy AD-Carry or AP-Carry just before he starts his combo.
  • Heal - More heal? No problem.
  • Clairvoyance - Always usefull, when you dont need the heal or the exhaust. But then, make profit out of the spell. Otherwise, a heal or another exhaust would be more usefull for teamfights then Clairvoyance

  • Clarity Yes, its usefull, but you dont need this spell. Really. I never have mana issues.
  • Ghost If you think, you have to be faster, you can chose this instead of flash. But this will not save you against 5 chaser when you have to jump over a wall.
  • Teleport 4 seconds casttime is sometimes to long to save someone. And to come back to your lane faster... When your AD-Carry knows his job, he plays defensivly when you are not in lane.
  • Ignite Nobody takes this spell? Seen a Mundo or Tryn in Draft? TAKE IT.

Never ever
  • Smite - You are not the jungler!
  • Revive - Just revive, run in again and die. Well done.
  • Promote - Just no.
  • Surge - I never used this spell.
  • Cleanse - When they CC you instead of your carry... it should be gg.

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The maingoal is to buff whatever is in sight. That means, we build only items, that can buff our mates. No matter what. But step by step.

Starting with the usual support items:

3x 3x sight ward OR

Enemy has no jungler? Very rare.


If you dont spam your abilities, you will never have mana issues. If they have no jungler, you should nearly be able to spam because of the extra 3 mreg/5. If you have no more mana, only use your W to heal and only change for an attack with your passiv boost.

When to go back the first time is up to you. Enemy pushes hard, go back earlier to get a

philosopher's stone and maybe more .

This will give you a better gold income and you can use your abilities more often to defend. Ask for a gank, when overextended.

Otherwise, save your money for

philosopher's stone and

Never forget new wards.

Until your second recall you should decide, what you priorize as first aura item.

Mana for Carry (also usefull for you):
Healthregeneration: emblem of Valor
The emblem of Valor grants you 25 armor. This helps you survive against the harass of the enemy carry.

If you dont need one of these, go directly to
More Gold = More items later on. You have with +14gp/10. In a minute, you gain 84 extra Gold. Not much, but enough. The hole itembuild is not expensive.

And now its again up to you, what to finish first. I recommand the boots.

A lot of CS (always recommanded)?
Only AD-Dmg?

After this you can finish your items into these:

shurelya's reverie

These are your core items. Now you give all your allies:

A Buff from your abilities (+AD/AP, +Armor/MRes, MS)
15 HP/5, 12 MP/5, 10% CDR. In a siege, these auras are well to spam abilities and not loseing much mana and counterheal enemy harass.
Additionally, you can give them additional MS with shurelya's reverie extremely well for chasing or retreat and a 230HP-Shield with .

You have still 2 slots free in your inventory. These two slots are situational. When your team has 2 champions with a good AP-Dmg, you can decide to take

This not only helps the other two caster with spellvamp and more AP, your own abilities are getting stronger too. Dont pick this item when the two APler have it already. A third is more than useless.

For the AD-Carry, you can chose zeke's herald. More AS and Lifesteal is always usefull. The reason I have this in the overview is only the cooldown on it. With this item in addition, you will have 40% CDR. A bluebuff isnt usefull for you. So let the others have it.

Other items you can chose:

: Gives a bit of AD, Armor and MR. And some life for you.
: If the enemy team has a lot of AP-Dmg and stacks a bit of MR against your caster, this is a good, but not perfect choice. You have more resistance and give a debuff for them.
: A overall good item. More health, Armor and HPregen and CDR and a passive slow. In teamfights you have to be in the middle and use this. Can help, maybe not. Situational.

And i repeat me... DONT FORGET WARDS. No, its not only your job to ward (and tell this to your jungler and your guy on top), but you have to do it. There are lot of good guids about warding and I recommand to read them. Wards win the game. Its true.

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In laneingphase there are three main goals:

  • Look that your AD-Carry can farm and never dies.
  • Warding
  • Harrass, harrass, harrass.

AD-Carry can farm and never dies

First, the AD-Carry. He has to farm. You can tell him that. Maybe you get an aggressiv AD-Carry, so you have to be a bit more carefull, because he may take much more damage then a passive one. In this case you should upgrade your healing aura first because it grants your mate more armore and mres and a bigger amount of healing. Check the CS from your and the enemy carry from time to time to see how good he is working and maybe tell him he is in front or behind.

I dont go over where to place wards. There are lots of good guides where to ward and what to ward and yes... warding overall. One thing: Ward the entry of your river. Not in the brush. Near the wall to Dragon. You will see the entry of tribrush and when the jungler comes from the river you see him 2 seconds before. These 2 seconds are crucial. Believe me. You can also see, when the enemy jungler maybe goes to your blue or in your jungle.

Harass, harass, harass:

Your maintool is your power accord. Two heals, one valor, autoattack the enemy carry. Maybe you can harass with your valor. But try not to push your lane. There will be an attack of your Hymne of Valor to minions. When you are in turn to push, dont overuse it. But when you get pushed, use it as often as you can. Hymne at level 2 and you are level 3, you can do over 100 magic damage. With Mana-Regen-Runes and masteries, you will have enough mana to cast this. So you can burn the mana of the enemy support and then, its time for a gank.

Farming as Support:
When your AD-Carry decides to recall, you should start farming. NOT AUTOATTACKING. Lasthitting as an AD-Carry would do it. This is extra Gold and EXP for you. But let the enemy push. Your Carry will be thankfull when your lane is near your tower and he can farm without the fingers on the panic-flash-button because the lane is pushed. Sometimes, you can freeze your lane near your tower. Perfect work, OP-Support.

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  • Hold the mid
  • Ganking as Sona

Hold the mid
Sometimes ingame, you have to go mid to help the AP-Carry (or whatever there is). With your buffs, this champ may heal with your presence, but in some cases he needs to go back. As long as there is no enemy you can take one or two lasthits to bring the lane back to the center of the lane - NEVER PUSH. But in case, there is an enemy, you should hold the lane and try to lasthit. Again, never push. Important: Tell your AD-Carry that you stay in middle as long as the midchar is back in lane.

  • Free gold for you
  • Mid-Tower doesnt take damage
  • Free XP
  • Lane stays in the center or nearer to your tower
  • AD-Carry gains more EXP
  • AD-Carry has a harder time to farm
  • If you dont do well, your enemy will go for a kill (be defensive)

Ganking as Sona

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Some results

I show only some results. I played ranked and normals with this build. When I dont forget to do, i will post my AD-Carry below my stats. In this pictures, I will show my name that you can see, I was the support :-) There would be much more games, but I forgot to screen these. Some are better, some worse.


NORMALS: I have to say, here i try sometimes new things... or sometimes, there is a trollitem.

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Just for fun

An AD-Carry who dont know how this game works? YOU ARE SONA, THE DEATHLY PLAYER.

The Game was at 3 minutes GG. Enemy Taric died to the OP-Range of Sona:
Tbh, this was not a fault of the AD-Carry... but something went wrong and we had Karma and Sona in the premade team... so we decided to change the roles ^^ But it works :D

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Summary and Disclaimer

It has to be said, I like to play this playstyle with Sona. There are better builds for sure, but with this build, you have good buffs, you are usefull in lane, you have a good amount of sustain when solo and your damage is not bad. You are welcome whereever you are showing your instruments.

For comments: I hope you can discuss this without flameing and telling me (and others) how bad they are doing. I ignore comments like this, because I want to have fun. If you dont like it, dont say a word and go on, you have better things to do than commnenting something that is bad (in your eyes).