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Sona Build Guide by RaVeN666

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaVeN666

Sona - Heavy Metal Support

RaVeN666 Last updated on December 14, 2012
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This is a Sona quick quide for normal/Ranked games.

Sona is one of the best support characters in the game. She is an auramaster, healbot and CC queen. Every good 5v5 team needs a support.

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: very unique passive. After 3 spells, your next auto attack will be stronger, and have a special effect.
If your last spell was:
Hymn of Valor: Double power chord damage. good for nuking/tower damaging/harassing.
Aria of Perseverance: target will do 20% less damage for 4 seconds.
Song of Celerity: slows the target by 40% for 2 seconds. good for chasing or fleeing.

: This is your basic damaging and harassing spell, with AD-AP aura.

: your most important ability. Heals yourself and one of your teammates in your range with the lowest health percent.

: A skill for chasing, fleeing, and very nice in teamfights.

: Hey man! This rocks! great for burst, and can stun the enemy team in endgame teamfights. this can be game changing.

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What should we stack?

Most important:
- Mana/Mana regeneration: In a fight you cast your spells permanently, so you need mana pool and regeneration
- Cooldown reduction: More spells-->more heal-->more burst-->More passive proc. At 40%, your ultimate will have only one minute cooldown.

Ability power: You will do a lot of damage, but your heal only get 25% from your ability power which is not so much.
Health / Armor / Magic resist: you are so squisy, so stack a little from them. You are always focused by smart teams, so you should not die in the first sec.

Not bad:
Spell vamp: I may stack it with Will of the Ancients in lategame because of the effective aura for mages.
Health regen: Your healing spell always heal yourself too, so don't important.
Attack damage: AD Sona is very fun:D

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Runes, masteries

Most of the games you will lane against the enemy attack carry. It grants more sustainability early game.

and You will let the minions for your lane partner. This helps you a lot.

: mastery 10% + ~6% with these runes. Early game 16% CDr. sounds well.

For masteries I get the common 0-9-21 support/tanky build.

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heavy early game mana regen for you and your laning partner.

Never forget to buy sight ward

CORE ITEMS: Philosopher's stone

CDR boots is good for almost all support champions. If U stack CDr from other items, or the enemy has hard CC , buy Mercury's Treads instead.

Mana regen and Cooldown reduction aura. That 520 health boost in early-mid game is quite a lot!

: Grants you infinite mana pool and a plenty of ability power (about 120 at full stack) This is a good choice, if you want to build some DPS.

Other aura items: and maybe if there are minimum 3 AD in your team. and are good but you stay back in a teamfight to heal, and the enemy don't get the debuff.

5th, 6th item possibilities:

If your team going very well, buy . You will have about 350-400 ability power if you have a fully stacked Archangel's staff.

Buy if you are focused hard, and the enemy team have lots of CC's and bursts.

Against heavy spell damage, buy

Is very good against heavy CC, and cheap.

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Summoner Spells


For the second space you should choose:

: Very good anti-carry spell throughout the game.

A good spell for 5v5 premade games for a support. Free ward for 6 seconds every 60 sec. Helps a lot for your jungler. Free bush-dragon-Baron visit.

I don't think other summoner spells fit Her correctly.

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Pros / Cons

- low cooldowns with early CD-reduction.
- have CC
- great healing
- Can harass hard with passive and Q combo.
- heavy auras
- Long range
- Enemies will hate you, teammates will love youˇˇ
- Big boobs:) and nice skins

- very squishy early game
- Vulnerable to CC
- Focused hard