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Sona Build Guide by dvux

Support Sona: The Fighting Support (Update: 6.12.2012 Preseason3)

Support Sona: The Fighting Support (Update: 6.12.2012 Preseason3)

Updated on December 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author dvux Build Guide By dvux 6,518 Views 0 Comments
6,518 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author dvux Sona Build Guide By dvux Updated on December 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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This is my first LoL-Build and it was writen for my friends, who wan't to play support, but need a few help with Sona's build order and the most problems of new support player: warding.

PS: English isn't my native language, so be sorry for mistakes :)
PPS: I will try to add a german translation after all capters - i hope this is okay on this page...

Why Sona?
In my opinion Sona is one of the best Supporter in the game. With her fast spam groupheal, speedbuff, a teamfight-winning ultimate and good damage, you can support the team to win.

And i love the way to play with her. With a good Lanemate you can be very aggressiv and later in the game the teamfights are realy funny with a lot of spell-spamming!

Sona i very great with a good range AD carry on bot lane. For example Sivir, Caitlyne, Ashe or Varus.
But melee ADs are okay, too. But for them you need more heal at the beginning of the game and that can be a problem with your mana...

I prefer in a free selection the arranged combination with Sivir and VoIP :)
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I prefer Greater Mark of Insigh for a better damage output. then long time you will have low AP. But if you wan't its possible to change the Marks with Great Mark of Force for better AP.

Than i fill the Seals with a mix of Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Greater Seal of Defense for a better mana regeneration and small defense.

Update WIP
The Glyphs are reserved for Cooldown Reduction. A Mix of Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction is good for early CD push and good help in the LateGame.

And than i add 3 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction for a few more CD. But if you think swap them to Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power for a small AP buff.
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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash as a good escaper or charce skill and the Exhaust is a must have as supporter!
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Update WIP
With 0/5/25 you will have all good points in the Utility Tree:
Summoner Spell Buffs with Summoner's Insight
Mana with Expanded Mind and Meditation
Warding Power with Scout and Swiftness
Gold and Exp increase with Greed , Wealth and Awareness
Cooldown Reduction with Intelligence and Mastermind

and a few defence with:
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Skill Sequence and Use

Your a healing supporter, so your main skill must be Aria of Perseverance! No discussion!
Spam it every time you can

After this you can push your damage output with Hymn of Valor. This can be very effectiv in combination with your passiv Power Chord. Use [Hymn of Valor]] as 3. skill and than use a auto-attack with Power Chord to do great damage for a supporter ;)

The Song of Celerity is a good buff, but he don't increase essential with more points, so use 1 point on lvl 4 and the others at the end of the game.

Your Ultimate Crescendo is very effectiv in Teamfights or catch single enemys that harrash youre lane. Learn to use it with the best timing. Than the start of a fight isn't necessary the best point to use ;)
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Update WIP
See the Items in top for my actuell chose!

Starting Items:
Start only with the Fearie Charm as fix item and go on with the Consumables.

You ask why?
The 2 [[Sight Wards will defend your lane from early ganks.
The enemy will try to kill you early; so with the 2 Health Potion you save your ***!
And at the Beginning if the enemy is very agressive you need a lot of mana; so you need the 2 Mana Potion to compare this... later you solve this with the Tear of Goddess.

Early Items: Solve gold and mana problems
On the first time back buy Philospher's Stone, for a constant heal, manareg and money.

Than Build fast up the Tear of Goddess. This Item is great and a must have for Sona! Why?
It's solve all your mana problems!
With the high spamming rate of your skills u fill the Tear very fast. (+750 Mana at 45min is possible!)
You can build it up later to the Archangel's Staff for a good AP buff

And now build Hearth of Gold to a second gold item so constant buy wards!

After your Core build you can buy shoes. I prefer the Ionian Boots of Lucidity for a faster spaming of your attacks.

Why the boots so late?
You need the 2 gold items early in the game to refinance them. So early boots waste time, and time its money!
You need the Tear of Goddess fast to build up your mana pool effectiv. So eary boots waste time, too.
With Sonas Speed skill on lvl 4 you have a little spare :)

Support Items: Aura
With the Soul Shroud you get a very effectiv Sona-Support-Item. Another mana regenration and Cooldown reduction. What do you want more? (With low gold start with Kindlegem to enjoy the early CD for you)

Than upgrade your Philosopher's Stone to Shurelya's Battlesong (attention: you lose a gold source) for a great speedbuff to escape for your mates or follow escaping enemys.

Damage Items: The fighting Supporter
Now you have a good base to support your team, now you can upgrade the Tear of Goddess to the [[Archangel's Staff. With roundabout 3000 mana you become a good damage buff with ~90 AP.

At last you can build up a Will of Ancients for another AP increase an a good support aura for your AP carrys!

Important: If you buy a Will of Ancients your fill up your invantory with 6 items. So it's advisable to sell the Hearth of Gold to have a free slot for Wards!
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Warding is the different from a player with a support hero and a gamewinning supporter! You can only fight what you can see!

With Sona's speedbuff and the 2 gold items you can ward very effectiv.

For the best places look on this great instruction:
mobafire warding helper by Panglot
League of Legends Build Guide Author dvux
dvux Sona Guide
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Sona: The Fighting Support (Update: 6.12.2012 Preseason3)

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