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Soraka Build Guide by spetsnaz1991

AP Carry Soraka APC

AP Carry Soraka APC

Updated on April 20, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author spetsnaz1991 Build Guide By spetsnaz1991 4 2 44,905 Views 1 Comments
4 2 44,905 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author spetsnaz1991 Soraka Build Guide By spetsnaz1991 Updated on April 20, 2014
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Soraka APC

I made this build i hope you enjoy it, soraka APC is powerful and she still keeps the main role of support, also it can be used in top or mid, and soraka is a perfect jungler she will not need smite for that.
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Soraka APC need to be full AP, why? easy man soraka Q passive is that give you 6 magic penetration to the enemy, until 10 times in 5 segs will become in direct magic damage, well i will talk about this later.
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As I said before soraka is full AP you will need the most AP whould have. Oh yeah 6% extra of magic penetrarion it means that you 6 magic penetration of your Q will 6.38 few no but on habilities will be a nightmare for enemy,i will explain more of this.

I add speed movement because of the lack of boots you whould need to be faster, and also give her a little mana regeneration and speed atack.
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Soraka APC is powerfull but also consumes alot of mana, and if soraka goes out of mana it become useless, first of all soraka must have mana regeneration and also it give you the advance over other mana users ap champs, like can be the mayority of supports. This is what i call attrition war, what is this, easy you make that the enemy AP champ goes out of mana leaving alone his ADC or the mid lane in any case, and this the way this work you move close enemy champ and pres Q to hit him, if the support can heal it will expend his mana to heal him or the ADC. But i will talk for special case of each support.

And it will give you an oportunity to take down the ADC or the tower, when you are going to do this make sure to eliminate any enemy minion because yours minios will help you giving covert from the enemy tower or in the worse case to interfere the way of the enemy jungler.

If you are not able to take down the tower or the ADC dont worry my friend here is other part of the strategy. if you are mid keep farming and killing enemies minions, then keep making the attriction war.

After you got you 2 mana regeneration ítems you also will have the advance of 40% colddown, it means your ultimate will be avaible any moment, here also has to be fast, you try to give a look on other ally lanes, and see if someone is in trouble, you press R to try to save them. I add the Rabadons Deadap bacause it will give a bust all you of yours skills, giving more heal or mana to you or you allies,and giving you more damage for your Q.

The Liandry's Torment will give you a extra magic penetration and also give more damage for you Q, and the most important of this, it will slow your enemies and putting them slower than you. The Rylai´s Crystal Scepter will multiplicate for 2 the extra damage and slow of the Liandry's Torment, and this two together will increase 800 hp. And the most important adding you more AP stack
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Skill Sequence

Soraka Passive make her the best support, yeah the least life of mana you or yours allies have the more you will heal or reocover mana.

Here is another key for the strategy, you will always start with Q, this skill is extreme powerfull is like Veigar meteor or Lux ultimate, alittle weaker but with the advance that you can use it every 2 segs and also the Q will give you colddown for you W, the W is also very important because it will heal you. Other important fact about the Q is that the passive is that give you 6 of magic penetration, but if you are figthing with someone for 10 segs, it menas that this champ will be defedless agains your Q, and this will mean direct magic damage.

The E is perfect for AP champs or for champs that use combos to kill. For AP champs this will silence the for 3 segs make them vulnerable to you.

And always leave your ultimate for an emergency to you or to any ally in other lane, for if you are far from a team fight.
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Soraka APC is slow moving but strong agains Ignite and Exhaustion also bacause of it condition of Support Tank it doesnt needs Barrier for the damage. In place you will need Ghost yeah ghost with the masteries i use soraka runs 350 or alittle more i dont remember, well the ghost will give you 450 o alittle more speed and if you are dealing with a fast enemy with out the Ghost you are going to die if they use Exhaustion.

You will need use Exhaustion because it will help you to scape from fast champs combined with ghost or, it will helo you alots for pursue a enemy champ.

I dont reoomend use Flash because of the lack of speed of soraka, a fast champ will take like 2 or 1.5 segs to catch you. But if notice in ranked that enemy team is using long distance ultimate like Ashe, Draven, Ezreal or Jinx flash will help you preventing die with that ultimates.

Fighting mid you will need Teleport, why vacase at early Soraka will runs out of mana and you will need to buy the starter ítems for never return to base, also the Teleport will help you to helps out in any lane with no ally champion close. And you any of you allies leave a warp behind enemy push it will help you to gank the enemy and crash them.
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Pros / Cons


    The best farming.
    Good dealing with other supports.
    Hight sustain.
    Fast healing or recovering mana for allies.
    Good tanking under towers.
    Very good at team fights because, soraka wil deal alot of damege to all enemies at the same time.
    Strong resisting gankings, it dependes if you have your first main ítem and you has at least 3 skills points in your Q.
    Can stay in any line alone.
    Can jungle easy.
    Your Q shine when you are close to and enemy champ in bushes or stealth champs like Teemo, Twicth or Evelyn.
    Until you get your 2 firts main ítems rarely you will need to return to base for lack of mana.


    Weak agains Diana, LeBlanc and Veigar, sometimes Lux it dependes of the habilities of the enemy player.
    Weak agains champs with hight speed atack combined with life steal.
    Weak agains AP off Tank until you get Void Staff.
    Slow taking down towers, you will depend from yours minions to take down towers.
    If your team become dependent of you, if you die probably your will team die too.
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Team Work

Soraka in team fight is a nightmare for the enemy, why? simple she will make alot of damge to every enemy champ and also if you are skilled you will prevent any of your allies die.

Soraka is alittle diferent makeing focus, you will focus with your W the most feed ally champ, you the ally champs that is almots to die.

Using the E you will focus the most feed enemy champ for prevent use any skill, also use it for any ally champ that runs low mana.

The ultimate, always leave it for last, yeah if the team fight is going bad used to chance the balance of the battle and probably make the exterminion of the enemy team. And olso it will help your team if they have defeat enemy team, and leaving your team the oportunity to take nexus, you use your ultimate and, hey look all are like new, ready to take the nexus and if the time runs out, ready for another team fight.
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Strategy Agains Each Enemy Support or AP champion.

Here i will put each strategy for every suport and champion, please wait for it bacause now i runs of time and late or tomorrow i will continue with this.
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