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Soraka Build Guide by 97BligenN

Support Soraka - Infinite Sustain

Support Soraka - Infinite Sustain

Updated on December 9, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 97BligenN Build Guide By 97BligenN 6,579 Views 7 Comments
6,579 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 97BligenN Soraka Build Guide By 97BligenN Updated on December 9, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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More Soraka Runes

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Introduction to this guide.

2. Pros & Cons
Ups and downs of Soraka.

3. Masteries
Mastery choices explained.

4. Runes
Rune choices explained.
5. Summoner Spells
Summoner choices and variations.

6. Abilities
Abilities explained.

7. Items
Itemization explained.
8. Gameplay
Gameplay tips

9. Matchups
Comparison to other supports.

10. Summary
The End!

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Hello and welcome to my Soraka support guide. Below I'm going to be explaining key aspects and choices of playing her in the bot lane. Above you can see the table of contents, so if you just want to read a certain part etc.: Items. Click the Items word above and it will take you to the chapter. Also above every chapter icon I have added "Back to the Top" buttons which will take you to the table of contents.

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  • Two heals
  • Mana regen for ally
  • Global Ultimate
  • Decent kit against both ad and ap
  • Low base defenses
  • No hard cc
  • No escapes
  • Throws away bananas

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Sorcery & Intelligence - Adds up to a total of 10% cooldown reduction at level one, which isn't sagnificant, but will help with the overall sustain. Also reduces the cooldown on activated items like talisman of ascension, Twin Shadows and all trinkets!

Mental Force & Arcane Mastery - Gives you a bit of extra AP, letting you heal more, deal a bit more damage and make Astral Blessing give a bit more armor!

Expose Weakness - This is a pretty decent mastery for a support, especialy someone like Soraka, because you will be spamming Starcall in teamfights, and with this mastery it will benefit your team not only with magic resistance reduction, but with the aditional damage aswell!

Phasewalker & Scout - Both are used mostly to advance in the utility tree, if you think something else benfits you more - go for it!

Meditation & Strength of Spirit - Aditional maximum mana, mana regeneration and health for your maximum mana. It means that you will be a bit tankier, regen more mana with Infuse and can use skills more often overall.

Summoner's Insight - This mastery is pretty sweet, reducing cooldowns of your summoner spells, which is quite useful as Soraka has no escapes of her own.

Alchemist & Culinary Master - These are decent masteries for the instant potion heal which is quite strong at low level.

Greed , Scavenger , Wealth & Bandit - All of these help you with gold income, which supports usualy lack since they're not supposed to take the kills, this also solves the problem of antisocial adcs who don't get Relic Shield.

Wanderer - A bit of extra movement, which as mentioned before helps Soraka a lot since she has no escapes.

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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Seal of Armor - Provides you a lot of armor which is a must considering you're in bot lane up against an ADC which, last time I checked, deals physical damage.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Helps quite a lot with poking people down in the early game. Also you already have penetration from Starcall so why not top that off even more?

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist & Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - Gives you decent magic resistance for early game, aswell as giving you some bonus for lategame so you can remain tanky at all times.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - Gives you a decent amount of early game ability power, meaning you can heal for more, and deal more damage when you engage.

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Flash and Ignite is a pretty decent combo, and a usual one for supports. For those that don't understand why: Flash offers you good escape which Soraka lacks, and Ignite lets you secure kills, alowing your ADC to get Barrier. Another possible choice is Exhaust if your enemy team is very burst-heavy, it would weaken their burst by quite a bit, saving many lives throughout the game!

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Soraka's healing abilities heal more, as the target has less health. This is a pretty decent passive as she has two heals and one mana regen spell, also it means that it's best to use your ultimate at the last second before someone dies rather than amedietly.


It makes stars come down from the sky, dealing magic damage to nearby opponents and reducing their magic resistance. This is maxed second, as this ability is quite nice in teamfights, and using it decreases cooldown of Astral Blessing.
Click this!

Astral Blessing

It heals your ally for a decent amount, and gives them some armor. This ability is maxed first because obviously it's your heal and it gives your ADC sustain, but with rank the armor also increases making it easier to 2v2 duel.
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On ally cast this spell regenerates some mana, but it sacrifices 5% of her maximum mana to do so! On enemy cast this spell deals a bit of damage, and silences them for a short duration, this spell is very good when you need to interrupt something like Death Lotus in a middle of a teamfight.
Click this!


Soraka's ultimate heals her entire team anywhere on the map, this is a great ultimate which alowes you to get assists all the way from top lane, save lives all over the map or turn a teamfight arround with a massive heal!
Click this!

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Item Sequence

Ruby Sightstone 1600
Ionian Boots of Lucidity 950
Timeworn Talisman of Ascension 2200
Locket of the Iron Solari 2500
Twin Shadows 2400
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3000
Main build:
Greater Vision Totem - This item lets you get away from buying vision wards, since you can have only one of them up at any time anyway.

Ruby Sightstone - This item lets you get away from buying stealth wards, so yeah if you get this and the trinket you don't need to buy any type of wards!

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - This is a pretty good choice if you ask me, because Soraka is good only for her abilities and she needs the maximum cooldown reduction.

talisman of ascension - Gives you GP10, decent cooldown reduction and decent regens, aswell as an amazing chasing/fleeing active.

Locket of the Iron Solari - This is a pretty standart support item, because it gives decent defenses aswell as an aura for nearby teammates.

Twin Shadows - This item gives you decent magic resistance and ability power, making you a bit more fierce, but the main point of getting this is the active which seeks out two opponents, slows them and reveals them on the map. This can be used well to check if the enemy is doing baron or to catch someone who escaped after a teamfight.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This might not look like a good support item, but considering Soraka's Starcall - it's a pretty decent choice slowing everyone for quite a while and letting teammates with Liandry's Anguish deal double damage.

Starting items:
My personal favourite start is: Stealth Ward, Stealth Ward, 2x Health Potion and Ancient Coin. This option is good because you can ward up the river, aswell as already having aditional gold income! On your first back you should obviously look to get a Sightstone and upgrade your Ancient Coin into Nomad's Medallion. Also if you got to level9 before going back, you can also finish off your Greater Vision Totem.
Another viable start is: Vision Ward, 3x Stealth Ward, 3x Health Potion and Mana Potion, but it's only good if you're gonna be playing very aggresively and will be pushed up A LOT.

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Early Game:
In the early game, you should play passive, because Soraka doesn't have any heavy cc, meaning you can't lock down a target very easily. But if you do get engaged on, you can come up on the top, because should simply silence the enemy support so he doesn't cast any spells (or ADC if it's a caster like Ezreal), and heal your own ADC giving him health and quite a bit of armor, which means he can trade a lot easier even against his counterpicks!

Mid game:
The mid game, I call it lv6+, this is the time when you need to play like a Shen, observing every single lane without messing up your own! You need to keep an eye on every lane and use Wish when needed, but not to waste it when your ally is going to die ether way.

Late game/Teamfights:
In the late game, your team should look to catch someone off alone, and then engage a 4v5 teamfight... Obviously... So yeah your job in that, is to keep wards active on objectives (best would be pink on baron) and let your team ward the jungle with the new trinket system. When you catch someone off, silence them asap, or if you saw using their escape ability wait a couple of seconds, to deny them any chance of living. In the huge teamfights you should get into the middle of the enemy team and start spamming Starcall, aswell as keeping an eye out on everyone's health bars and healing them with Astral Blessing as soon as they get damaged, but don't hesitate using your ultimate if not everyone needs the healing.

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Alistar - He's a pretty decent support, but your silence can shut him down for quite a while, try to silence him as soon as he starts moving towards your ADC so he doesn't start his cc chain and try to outsustain him in lane because your heals are a lot stronger.

Annie - She is a very strong support due to her crowd control, but that can be countered with your silence, in this case it's actualy good to considering maxing Infuse second. Also if she plays too passive you will simply outsustain them as she has no heals at all.

Blitzcrank - Try to keep the bushes warded, and if trouble comes try to block the grab for your ADC, it's better for you to get grabbed than your adc. Altho if you can enticipate when he wants to grab you can mess up his combo quite easily with a simple silence.

Fiddlesticks - Keep that scarecrow silenced nonstop, it costs no mana, and if you don't he will walk up and fear your ADC for 5days! But don't poke the support, better poke the enemy ADC here because of fiddle's Bountiful Harvest.

Lux - Try to poke as much as possible, she has no heals and heavily relies on spells, so you can even max your Infuse if your ADC plays smart and doesn't get poked too much. This way you will establish lane dominance quite easily.

Sona - Your heal is stronger, but she deals a lot more damage, try to not get within poke range and just wait for the lategame where you can silence her at the start of the fight to prevent a huge stun and heal your entire team for more than she can.

Back to the Top
Anyway thanks for reading this guide, if you notice some wrong coding not working, have something you think I could add or just want to hate on my work please comment or pm :D

Change Log:
2013.12.01 - Published the Guide
2013.12.09 - Made drastic changes
Special thanks to MissMaw for making the amazing banners and a signature leading to this guide!

Also thanks to Meiyjhe the banana man for telling me what was wrong with my guide, and helping me make it fit the average summoner's needs instead of making everyone play like me!
League of Legends Build Guide Author 97BligenN
97BligenN Soraka Guide
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