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Soraka Build Guide by newbie911

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author newbie911

Soraka: The icing on the cake, without me it's only a muffin

newbie911 Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hi! this is my way of playing Soraka

In this build I will TRY to teach you

  • positioning
  • assisting
  • warding
  • map control
  • how to not be a noob
  • and most importantly keeping your carry alive

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  • great help to your carry
  • can help your carry lane longer
  • can help your carry farm better (because he/she should never be on low health)
  • massive heals mid game

  • you are responsible for warding
  • you kinda depend on a random carry in solo queue
  • impossible to carry
  • you dont get alot of credit
  • cant think of anymore :/ lol comment if you got any plz :)

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Soraka is one of those champions which isnt rune dependant
so if you want to play Soraka then its very easy to start, use my build and you should do fine

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Summoner Spells

for summoner spells i use Clairvoyance and Flash because those are the spells which seem most useful for soraka

What NOT To Take

What You CAN Take, but not very effective (if you do choose to take one of these, DO NOT REPLACE WITH Clairvoyance)
  • Heal: if you DO take this..... dont use it for yourself... use it for a last resort if you dont have enough healing power
  • Teleport: not the best spell for soraka, but if your solo top needs a hold and your jungler is stupid, you might need to hold it for him

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items items items...... playing soraka you shouldnt get that many, but its still nice to get the right items.

so for consumable items YOU NEED TO GET WARDS( sight ward Vision Ward), i can not emphasize wards more and if you refuse to buy wards dont play Soraka.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity are good on soraka, cool downs are very important

Aegis of the Legion is also a very helpful item for reasons
-aura passive!!! its just a very good support item, i mean 12 armor AND 15 magic resist... that should be enough but PLUS a extra 8 attack damage!!!

Zeke's Harbinger is just another aura, very helpful, great item for Soraka(the reason Soraka CAN get this item is because she isnt very iten dependant) this item helps your whole team because it also reduces the armor to enemys, not to mention gives 20% attack speed and life steal. just another great item

now the rest of the items are situational

good situational items

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Skill Sequence

i MAX Astral Blessing and right after max Infuse and only get Starcall then i have to.

the reason why you DONT get Starcall is to

  • Not farm (your carry needs it way more)
  • you need to be agressive to use it to hit champs (agressive soraka isnt good)
  • and most importantly Starcall usually steals kills (your carry needs kills WAY MORE then you do)

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for laning keep you carry at high health at all times, dont farm (let your carry farm)
and try to DENY your enemies farm.

your probably thinking "soraka cant attack anything so how am i suppossed to deny farm?"
well you just hide in your bushes and when 1 of them goes up to last hit a minion
use Infuse on the enemy champ (if your carry has full mana)
then auto attack right after, they will soon give up on trying to farm, but be careful that they dont fight back.

what lane should i go to? bottom or top?

ALWAYS GO BOTTOM if you dont go bottom, you just might be soloing top :)
and you dont wanna solo top with soraka.

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Laning Partners

when you play Soraka, you mainly want to lane with a carry
but i will list a couple below for you
good champions to lane with

Decent champions to lane with BAD champions to lane with

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let your carry farm every minion (dont even auto attack) so your carry can get as much money as he/she can :)

the ONLY excuse for farming is if the enemy is pushing your turret (and if the turret is shooting) and your carry is not there

then auto attack a couple minions :)

you should have about 0-20 creep score at the end, if not... you farmed too much

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you should almost always be behind your caster minions (unless blocking a skill shot which is leathal to your carry)

in team fights just chill and be close enough for your aura items to be in range
heal whoever needs it more (mostly your squishies)

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ATM i DO NOT have a map picture so im going to try to tell you, sorry.

if you dont know where to ward, this is where in going to show you.try to keep the dragon warded the whole time, keep the bush in the river warded (or just on the river in between the bush and the dragon)

if your enemies like going into the bushes put a ward there.
do not be afraid to leave your carry to ward the whole river, just tell your carry to play it safe (or that your going on a warding adventure)

when you do ward the river there could be about 6 wards ON the river
1. by the dragon (always warded)
2. by the baron (always warded)
3. by/ in the bush near top
4. by/ in the bush near bottom
5. in the bush near the river and middle lane (optional)
6. in the other bush near middle lane (optional)

always keep an eye on the mini map, if there is a enemy about to gank anybody, ping them
(your team might not see them at first)

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for you lazy people who dont want to read all of this just

  • dont be a noob
  • buy wards
  • dont get kills
  • dont farm
  • heal your carry
  • keep the dragon warded
  • dont be a noob

well, after doing all of that you results should look something like this

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if you still need help

if you still need help add me on league of legends. username is "noobie911" i'll try to answer all your questions, thanks.