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Sejuani Build Guide by Joshified

Tank Spectacular Snowballing Sejuani [Jungle]

Tank Spectacular Snowballing Sejuani [Jungle]

Updated on May 13, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Joshified Build Guide By Joshified 5,003 Views 5 Comments
5,003 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Joshified Sejuani Build Guide By Joshified Updated on May 13, 2013
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- Guide is made.

- Needs a ton of more work, more chapters


- Need more images, maybe even a video or two.

- Sorry for the wall of text! Borders coming in soon!!!
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I am Joshified and this is my first guide here on MOBAfire.
Sejuani has never really been my favorite champ.. I mean really, a underpowered half naked chick riding around o top of a boar trying to become the new queen of Freljord?
Truly outrageous.
It wasn't till her lore and visual update did I find her appealing and she is now one of my favorite champions to play. I have played quite a few games with her now on the live server and even more when she was on the PBE.
Her playstyle is that of a tanky champion who can't be afraid to dive head first into the enemy team of 5, no matter the hp or the position. You must be the one who engages and makes the important calls which will either make or break the game for your team.
So lead the charge, my friend.
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Sejuani is a poweful mid to late game jungler who excels at ganking and teamfights.

Powerful Pros.
+ Amazing early ganks
+ Fast clear time
+ Incredibly powerful ulti
+ Great escapes
+ Inescapable ganks
+ Terrifically tanky

Critical Cons.
- Low damage early game
- Not a good 1v1 champ
- SLowwwwwwwwwwwww
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Standard suuportive tank.
Allows for more tankiness and surviability throughout the jungle and fights.

I haven't really done much testing with as mastery pages other than this one. While it seems to be working just fine for me and I am not aving any difficulties yet. I will be testing out some more aggresive mastery pages to try and give more damage to her early ganks.
Plus the cooldown reduction and magic penetration in the offensive tree is quite appealing.
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9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed
9x Greater Seal of Armor
9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
3x Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

I have tried several different rune pages and these are by far the best. The attack speed helps your jungle speed significantly, allows you to proc your passive quicker when ganking and increases early game dps. Greater Mark of Magic Penetration work as well, but are simply not as useful as the attack speed.

Standard for all junglers, allow you to clear with more health and provide more tankines throughout the entirity of the game.

Scaling magic resist is stronger then Greater Glyph of Magic Resist by level 6, which is usually when the ap mid characters are most danagerous. They also help late game survivability and since jungle monsters deal no magic damage, early magic resist isn't essential.

I find the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to be most effective, but it is more of a personal choice. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power or Greater Quintessence of Health are both good options.
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I am going to make sure to go through explanations for the items I pick for Sejuani in detail so that you readers can understand my thought process to why I DON'T build any damage and prefer a tanky supporttive build.

Starting Items.
- Hunter's Machete
- 5 x Health Potion

Very standard, allows for the fastest jungle clear and the highest sustainability.
While it can be somewat of a hinderance to early ganks for you to have no 'real' damaging items the jungle clear is too good to miss out on.

First Back.
- Spirit Stone
- Boots
- Sight ward
- Health Potion

Boots need to be bought as soon as possible, they are your main priority on the first back as without them you will simply be too slow around the map, which we really hinder your map presence. If, for some reason you get shut down really hard with a failed gank and need to go back early, boots are still the priority. Even if you cannot afford the Spirit Stone, rejuvenation beads and boots should still be enough to keep you in the game, since Sejuani already has such good clear times.

Spirit Stone is a massive boost in Sejuani's clear time, really great to buy early if possible. But as I said earlier, boots are more important, Sejuani has amazing ganks with her cc and these really need to be abused. She isn't a passive farming jungler, she makes the plays and you can't make plays with the proper attire.
Gank lanes looking fabulous, buy boots.

I cannot stress how important wards are through every single part of the game. Everytime you go back, make sure to buy at least 1 ward each time.

The Health Potion's are simply to help sustain you, since you have minimal sustain through early game they are usually good to purchase with any spare gold. Don't buy too many though.

Core Items.
- Spirit of the Ancient Golem
- Mobility Boots
- Aegis of the Legion

Notice a trend here? All these items are very cheap, and cheap is good for a jungler.
Spirit of the Ancient Golem, since it's recent buff, has become an AWESOME item on a lot of tanky supportive tanky items, replacing Locket of the Iron Solari on quite a few popular junglers.

Now the boots are where it comes down down to preference, I prefer speed boots because it allows me to be everywhere at once and feel like I can make the plays as quickly as I can think them up. However, against an all ad team Ninja Tabi are usually a much stronger buy, while also increasing your survivability against in the jungle.

Aegis of the Legion always has been incredible, and on Sejuani it is no exception. It gives much needed tankiness to you and your entire team, while being one of the most cost effective items in the game! A must buy almost every game.

Good Items.
- Runic Bulwark
- Sunfire Aegis
- Randuin's Omen
- Warmog's Armor

Runic Bulwark is a great item for overall tankiness, however, it should only really be rushed against an enemy team consisting of A LOT of ap. It is also incredibly strong against teams that rely on an AOE teamfight as just by buying this item you increase the survivability of your entire team.

Sunfire Aegis is one of my favourtite items, it gives so much tankiness along with an awesome AOE damaging aura, this makes Sejuani due a heap of damage in teamfights and is usually my first buy after the core items.

Randuin's Omen no this is the best item in the game to counter ad, period. It is amazing to shut down heavy ad teams and even worth buying just for the oppsoing adc. I almost always buy this to, as the stats it offers are just too good. More cc for Sejuani? What isn't there to love about that.

Warmog's Armor a very expensive item that has kind of fallen out of the meta, but is by no means bad. It is even better on Sejuani too, because of her w's damage scaling with max hp, this is a huge increase in tankiness and damage. Buy this if the enemy team isn't really ap or ad focused, or if you are really far ahead.

Situational items
- Frozen Heart
- Guardian Angel
- Locket of the Iron Solari
- Banshee's Veil
- Spirit Visage
- Liandry's Anguish
- Iceborn Gauntlet

Frozen Heart is a great item to pick up against heavy ad teams. Along with Randuin's Omen you can completely shut them down. This is only for those teams where you REALLY need it though like... Darius top/ Zed mid/ Lee Sin jungle/ Vayne bot.

Guardian Angel is incredibly strong for those late game teamfights. It can be the difference between the win and a loss. On;y worth buying if you find you are getting focused down really hard, it won't normally happen, but this items help combat that if it does.

Locket of the Iron Solari is another brilliant item to build against heavy ad teams which like AOE teamfights. So... ad AOE teamfight enemy teamcomps, against someone lke Miss Fortune/ Zed/ Jarvan IV.

Banshee's Veil is great against heavy ap teams AND team which have great abilities for catching you out. Like Blitzcrank's or Thresh's pull.

Spirit Visage is another great item to counter ap, especially if you have someone with heals on your team like Soraka or Sona. The CDR is also extremely useful, I would build this almost every game I am up against a double ap comp. ie Elise top/ Orianna mid.

Liandry's Anguish is purely for rofl-stomping. It gives you SO much damage, so if you find that you are not being focused in teamfights and your cc is not enough, buy this bad boy and watch the enemy adc be absolutely shredded to pieces. Luxury item though, as it is quite expensive and doesn't ad much tankiness.

Iceborn Gauntlet is similar to Liandry's Anguish on whenit should be bought. But it is better off buying this instead against ad heavy team comps or for more cc. Though other defensive items are much stronger.
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Jungle Path.

Sejuani is pretty flexible with her jungle path, she can either start red or blue depending on the situation.

Blue Start.

Wolves -> Blue -> Wraithes -> Wolves -> Red -> Wraithes.

This is the most efficient path for Sejuani to take. Quite a few people question why I don't reccomned golems and I will provide you witha few reasons why they aren't reccomended.

1. Both of them have decent hp, which makes it difficult for someone like Sejuani who has an AOE clear to kill them. This takes time away from your clear and can hurt your amount of hp you clear with.
2. Wolves are back up ad are easier to kill. As long as you kill wolves before you kill blue, the wolves will have respawned by the time you walk back to the camp after killing wraithes. They are also easier to clear then golems with Sejuani's strong AOE clear.

Red Start.

Wraithes -> Red -> Wolves -> Wraithes -> Blue -> Wolves

Ideally, you only want to start red if you want to do early ganks and it works best with a smiteless leash. Yet again, I hate golems, they aren't worth the time. I only ever take them when my smite is up and I have nothing else to clear.


Now since ganking is so important with Sejuani I decided to write a seperate little section for this. With the paths for jungling, you will only ever go through those exact paths 10% of the time when jungling. Almost every single game you must at least look or attempt a gank during your first clear. Top lane is usually a good place to start as by giving top a few early kills can win you the entire game. Ganking is a skill you need to learn as a jungler, rather than something someone can just teach you straight up. You need to learn through your mistakes, knowing when to gank, when to dive towers and when to take dragon all comes with experience.
That said, I will still try and provide as much help as possible C:

Early gank top

My personal favorite, usually functions better with a smiteless leash to but anwyays:
Blue side:
Start you will want to do start from red buff so that when you finish you clear, by taking blue buff, you end up closer to top. This gank is only really advisable with a smiteless leash though, otherwise you have to wait on smites cooldown for blue and you can make the gank pretty redundant.
Purple side:
Start blue as you normally do, your gank won't be as strong as blue side since you can't go through the tri bush effectively. So this gank is mainly for those opposing top laners who like to push early and exert a ton of aggression. Setting your top lane ahead in the early levels is really important for your entire team.

Mid lane gank

You can pretty much gank mid whenever you want. Just cleared wraithes? Gank mid. Just got your mid blue? Gank mid. As long as you aren't really low health, you can pretty much wander through mid lane whenever possible to create some pressure, just don't waste to much time IN the lane. Oh, and be careful of counter ganks.

Bot lane gank.

Quite similar to the top lane on pretty much all aspects. The problem is, if you go to gank before you clear your jungle completely. A good opposing jungler will counter jungle you and put you really far behind, if you fail the gank.
However, at level 6 it is highly reccomended that you attempt to force a gank bot, by doing so, either forcing the bot lane to back or getting 2 kills, you open up a free dragon for your team which can snowball the entire game.

When to buy oracles

Now, this is actually pretty important. Oracles is a lot less cost effective now since its nerfs but lets say you pull off a really great first gank and get first blood for your team, maybe even a double kill? Your opponents are now going to be afraid of you, even if they were stupid enough not to have wards up in the first place, by human nature, it is almost certain they will have some now. By clearing out all of these wards you force your opponents to play extremely cautiously, as without vision they are vunerable and don't have anyway of defending themselves. Though, 1 or two vision wards can work just as effectively.

Lane Gank/Counter Ganking

Ah.. now these are the really fun ones. Both involve a similar technique so I thought I would put them together to save on writing #lazy.
Now a lane gank, is where instead of coming through the river you walk down the lane and hide in the bushes of either bot lane or top lane. There are a couple of things to worry about though, it is imperative that you don't get seen by minions or the enemy as you walk in, or you are just wasting your time. Usually you only do these ganks when your lane is pushed though, so sometimes you can eve sneak into the second bush, if your lucky.
Now what differs a lane gank froma counter gank is the opposing jungler. You have to put yourself in his shoes and think, hmm.. my bot lane is qute pushed up with no ward, they could easily be ganked and lose their lane. By being a ninja and waiting for the jungler to appear just before he actually does, you can easily turn what could of been 2 deaths into a triple kill for your adc.
However, this is 'generally' only good if you are ahead to some degree, if their opposing jungler is going 5/0/1 and is uh.. Xin Zhao, you probably don't want to just be another side dish to his main meal called bot lane.
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Hope you enjoyed my little guide on Sejuani C:
I know it needs a lot more work, I just thought if I release it now I can see exactly what is missing from other peoples opinions and such.

Love you all. <3
Thanks for taking the time to read it :D
League of Legends Build Guide Author Joshified
Joshified Sejuani Guide
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Spectacular Snowballing Sejuani [Jungle]

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