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Sona Build Guide by NECOxESMELO

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NECOxESMELO

support AP Sona Solo q. 2015

NECOxESMELO Last updated on February 9, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

Threats to Sona with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Kalista he is so squishy you can put he's hp to 1/4 in no time but he have burst,poke and knock up on his ult so still play safe somewhat
Vayne she can deliver a great damage to you if you just let her but she have a low range so it's easy harass always buy pink for her ultimate losing sight of her will deny your adr hits like 4 to 6 hits early game so you need to buy one
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Hello,I'm Mr.rabbit i been playing sona ever since season 1 and the only reason i started playing LoL. this guide is about ap sona the focus of this guide are early game "all out ap" means all mastery and runes even itemization while still being viable being a support.

Why early game? unlike the other supports this current meta sona's early game is the most critical part of the game cause she have low hp and defense not to mention supports now a days are all about "all in" like Leona if you survive the early game or win the upperhand in bottom lane then everything is easy after that.i will continue now for the actual guide.

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Pros / Cons

+ Pros
+ can attain 90+ap early game means really great poke people won't ignore your poke anymore especially against squishy marksman
+ potentially can burst someone on your own early against squishy
+ you and marksman being fed means both of you have a huge burst
+ more impact on your heal and shields
+ can be the most high MS in the game Via Song of Celerity means can't be catch if played right.
+ 6 bars hp early game means you can't be burst down in one go
+ some players will underestimate your damage diving to your marksman means it's a win ^^
- Cons
- low armor early game
- can unintentionally take kills because your marksman can be somewhat low damage early game
compared to you.
- hesitation will occur often in this build if your just new.

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Summoner's spells

you just need this spells everytime, you will lose a lot chance of landing perfect Crescendo ,escaping for your life, saving the team mate and early game potential
kills if you don't have this.The odds are to high give up this spell.

with a high ap early game you will caught everyone almost always off guard with this spell
you will see early game if you and your carry have at least 2 kills enemy marksman will afraid of you to come near even if your own marksman get stunned and all because you burst him/her down on your own.

my best friend spell when i'm just starting to play sona although this spell will bring down enemy's damage after playing sona countless times i see sona have burst damage early game and this Ignite can help you more but i recommended Exhaust if your not confident enough to become really aggressive and can't lead the kill cause you don't know if you can

note: Exhaust also great against all in supp. champ and i think basically exhaust is for "all in" not against a poke support.

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Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Mark of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

  • Greater Mark of Ability Power: more ap more damage for the poke
  • Greater Seal of Health:so you can start 6 bars in every match so you can't be dead on all in early game level 1 to level 5, cause all players in LoL tends to do that it's sona after all
  • Greater Glyph of Ability Power: for more ap
  • Greater Quintessence of Ability Power:again for ap

    + stats
    + 30 ap
    +72 hp

    *this good on your poke people will back away even if your Hymn of Valor is level 1

    *why no armor?sona is really low on armor, early game armor in bot lane is for against harass in lane well it's against marksman too after all but most of the players when playing against sona their not going to harass sona at all they going to kill her on the spot so you need flat hp i played a lot of sona vs Leona , Thresh and Blitzcrank and all i can say these champ are popular because of their all in runes armor against them when playing sona is just no, you need hp. high armor sona with just 4 hp bars is just too laughable i tried it countless times.

    *all in champ bot lane means their going to all in most of the time your marksman, so your marksman have hard time dealing damage because of the short hitting time because of the stun or silence means insufficient damage you can lend a hand on that because of high ap means you can back fire i remember getting grab by blitz just end up stunning them and deal huge on the enemy adr and my adr comes up killing them those all in doesn't matter if you can deliver a higher burst alone well if your even in scores that's it like 0/0/0.

    *why no penetration at all? every match i played i always check the runes of the enemies bot lane after the match and i recognize lately most of the players this meta i played with, going full offense not magic resist or armor much especially the ad carry marksman so why would i pick penetration if there's nothing on the way but it's my personal preference just check it cause it's really worth going full ap if your enemies don't have magic resist on their runes.

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To makes things long, short and understandable.

logic behind it

*you need get as much possible ap combine this with your item early game. you can attain 90 ap on your first back it's huge it's great against all in champs you can't expect to just always escape the enemy if their strategy is all in and expect to all in your adr not you means you can free hit so while can free hit it's great to hit it hard right?^^


*the focus of this is you need to take as much hp as you can combine this with your runes
you can have 6 bars hp in game! nothing amazing right? xD well it is on sona so you can't be one combo by all the champ in the game early game

always remember sona base hp is just 4 bars it's i think the lowest hp base in the game or just one of the lowest. you need hp what's the point of defense if your hp is just too low pop it up.


runes + offense:21 = 40ap level 1 without item

runes + defense:5 = 6 bars hp level 1

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better harass it's charge if hit the enemy champ you have a gold and extra damage, the potions for sustain obviously if you really poke a lot that because you should be, your mana can be a bit problem Mana Potion can help

from what i see supp. like sona who should poke a lot didn't suit this item but if you just wan't to play safe not really poke often even though you should cause your afraid of all in champs then go with this

don't ever upgrade this item it's not worth the first it came out it's really worth but after the nerf it's not worth it.sell it if you about to get your 6th item

first back:

assuming you have 950-1000 gold some sona player will just rush Sightstone you can do that as an option but not set in stone

only rush Sightstone if:

if the jungler can solo dragon early game
if jungler camping bot lane
if enemy mid lane is roaming a lot

if enemy jungler can't solo dragon jungler will just call for help, so you need to keep eye on the enemies in lane

buy this if your enemy in bot lane is all about all in like this champ Leona and Blitzcrank this kind of enemy support can force you and your partner marksman to battle them from my experience if this champ's players are good escaping means one of you dying so instead of escaping attack them head on buying with mastery and runes i recommended you can gain 90 ap on your 1st back this will greatly effecting your Hymn of Valor and Crescendo's damage, damaging spell hit hard than any sona in bot lane their encounter early game better to do this if the enemy support can force fight cause in the end of the day who will win the trade is the one have better damage output that executed properly.

+great on enemies support that can force fight 2v2
+your poke couple with your passive can be like a nuke that will hurt a lot against squishy champ
-lack of vision means open to gank
-bad against not all in champ or poke like champ
-just a potions sustain

if your enemy jungling ganking but not much cause it's camping mid or top and it can't solo dragon:

Amplifying Tome for more ap Faerie Charm is for sustain and to build it to Forbidden Idol and some Stealth Ward from gold that left cause the enemy jungler don't gank to often it's obvious if there going dragon if the jungler can't solo it so no need to rush Sightstone but sometimes you feel just uncomfortable it's ok to rush that item.

- if your not rushing Sightstone you can go with this it's really great if the laning phase ended earlier than it should be.

- if the laning phase taking to long and team is not regrouping it's better to just balance your sustain, damage and the cdr is really good.

keep in mind only build this items if your already have Sightstone :

this is your next 2 cores after finishing Sightstone it's for mana regen,ap, 40% cdr and can reduce healing power, hp regen and life steal this is over all really good.


more mana pool better burst cause at this point your mana is just a problem if you need spamming non-stop the +200 mana is really a great help but in general it's for the better burst.

thought you never see this here?well think again all your spells scale good on ap this will greatly buff your damage,heal,aoe shield and the best part huge boost on MS all your allies can chase can escape no problem with this you have to analyze if you think high MS doesn't mean much on this game, example think of a fed Mordekaiser this champ have a huge damage over-all what his lacking is mobility you can help him get anywhere in time that he couldn't be.

hour glass

ap sona is annoying she can poke a lot,heal and give a whole team a high mobility so don't be surprise if assassin start focusing you cause in the first place it's easy to kill you if caught off guard so buy this item or if not try to have a better map awareness.

only get this item if already have [morellonomicon]] Athene's Unholy Grail Sheen Rabadon's Deathcap because getting this for your main boost of your ap it's not worth no impact at all you need a better ap,mana regen and , cooldown reduction first.

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Skill leveling explanation

you can see the skill sequence on the top of this guide

power chord
// After casting 3 basic abilities, Sona's next basic attack will dealbonus magic damage, with an additional effect depending on the last basic ability cast.
// your passive if this charged it's next depend on your last cast of spell. can be double damage, damage reduction and can slow the enemies knowing whats kind of effect of power chord you can be real impact in game.

hymn of valor
// Sona sends out bolts of sound that deal magic damage to the two nearest enemies within 850-range, prioritizing champions.
// max it first it's your main skill it's makes you what your are pre-6 this your main harassment level 2 is far more great on level 1 you will see it if you follow my guide in runes and mastery.

aria of perseverance
// Sona heals herself and a nearby allied champion with the lowest health percentage.
// max it's 2nd for a better heal and shields countless life will be save well just 4 allied champs minions can die their idiots.

song of celerity
// Sona gains a burst of bonus movement speed that decays down to the aura bonus over 3 seconds
// max 3rd before her rework the impact of this spell on level 1 is just the possible slow but now you can see MS boost when activated even if it's level 1 it's scales on your ap means higher ap higher MS you can't be catch at all you can be if it's Udyr with a Ghost or Hecarim can catch you literally and higher slow on the enemy which is great couple this with your great map awareness.there is no way your going to die unless you wan't to save someone so recklessly.

// Sona plays an irresistible chord in a line, dealing magic damage to enemy champions and stunnin them for 1.5 seconds
// level this if possible that's only way you can be real threat on team fight a simple stun on the whole team means ace if you execute it can use this burst someone too your ap after all

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Presence on the team

if doing well you or doing what you should be like healing your team mate shield them all, poking a lot, stunning with your Crescendo at least 3 or more better if it's carries and what's really fun around sona or playing as sona ap is your whole team have MS if your ap high enough your Song of Celerity can be compared on this Talisman of Ascension's MS boost almost that high but you can do it more often than that item so don't buy that, you have yours which i think much greater. you can one combo anyone or not if you have a high ap around 500+ap enemies wouldn't ignore you at all cause they will see your synergy on your team the first they will notice is the mobility you give,the heal and shield.

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early game healing

healing your adr because she have low health is good but if it's at least 60% and can hit a minion have sustain lifesteal and can't get killed then don't do it especially if your mana is just decent just use the mana to poke to zone the enemy adr so your adr can hit the minions for lifesteal and for the gold. i see some sona player healing the adr because the adr have 80% it's ok to heal them if there's a life threatening situation

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this is a common role of support as it is for the whole team just the important of warding is warding baron and dragon though there's a plenty of guide about warding i'm not going for the detail.

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i have to edit it, to place it closer to each other. that is going to be a long image if i didn't edit it.

for ap sona having 5 deaths is too much because of her mobility so sure tha five deaths it's me being greedy or have a less map time i will post ranked games not normal ones, my division and no edited anymore

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if you manage to read this guide until the end thank you, this guide is i think not so long but no so short basically because i wan't to focus on sona's early game rather than elaborate everything mid to late game because you will find it out just by playing at least 2 times.well happy bursting and get last hit by your marksman because your a support >.< . i will elaborate the enemy match up soon on ap sona .my spellings are not good but i intent try to make it better.^^