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Alistar Build Guide by vlatt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vlatt

Support/CD Alistar

vlatt Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Ok so with all of the changes to Alistar I thought I should share my build
To make a Note this build is just the way I like to play Ali IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE
and if you choose to play this way make sure you remember that your team is more important than you, die for them if needed.

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Play Style

So the play style I have come up with takes a little practice, You should always lane with another champion who knows when your going to throw food into their face. So communication is key.
Your partner should also be a heavy damage dealer DO NOT lane with another Tank.
Also try not to solo, this will hinder any opportunity to tower feed(will explain this phenomenon below)

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When to not pick Ali

if there are already 2 tanks, its probably a better idea to pick a carry or at the very least choose a different build than this(unless of course neither tank is tanking),
there is only 1 carry,
you have a sneaking suspicion you should be someone else (your not sure if you should be Alistar),
You want all the kills,
You dont like tanking,
You dont like saving people at the cost of yourself,
you dont like tanking the turret aggro so your team can take a tower or champion down,
and other such reasons

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Tower Feeding

Definition: to throw a weakened enemy from the safety of their comfy tower into the death grasp of your partner or fellow lanes.
When to use? due to the complete AWESOMENESS of ALi's Ulta this technique can be used at level 6
What to do? Ok so this is the simple yet hard part. DONOT use this against an enemy champion who has a stun and KNOWS YOUR COMING.
So when the enemy retreats to the safety of their tower, (with usually half health) travel around to the other side, and when in range of the tower use Unbreakable Will, then USE Headbutt to throw target champion into the death grasp of your ally (your ally needs to know your about to do this, communication is key) then move towards enemy champion and Pulverize allowing for maximum damage from your ally and you (usual results include death)
**NOTE** the use of Unbreakable Will is that during this process you will probably remain under fire from the turret and this will minimize the damage you endure just in case your under the tower longer than you want to be **
** Note** I can try to get a video of this for future reference if anyone is confused by what this entails (not much)**

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Map Awareness

You should always know whats going on, and look for opportunities to Tower feed the other lanes, it will greatly help your team.

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Group Fight Note

You should be looking to start a fight, but know that your team is behind you.
you need to be the thorn in the enemies side, tearing apart group fights by causing on of their members to be thrown into a fight.
This will result in you being their target, know when to use your ult, and know when to flash in or out of battle.
if a turret needs destroying dont hesitate to take the turret aggro with your Ulta, and if an enemy champion is approaching headbutt them away so your team has more time to attack the turret
*DONT try to get all the kills, it will help your team out more if you can let them recieve more kills*

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Summoner Skills

For Obvious reasons Flash , it is a must behind every Ali, it gets you in position or out of trouble

But my second choice requires a little reasoning
I have found Clarity to be amazing with Ali, there have been hundereds of times when im thinking OOM, DAMMIT OOM! but clarity has saved me, or helped. It has given me more lane time for not having to recall for mana, and given me mana when team fights are starting and there is no time to recall or wait around

Why I didnt choose
Ghost -with Ali's new passive the ability to run through units, just pop a roar and keep moving. And with Boots of Swiftness and Shurelya's reverie the need to ghost vs need of mana doesnt seem worth the tradeoff
Ignite - really an ignite alistar... you shouldnt need to ignite, if they narrowly get away I dobut the ignite would have gotten them
Exhaust - I feel between everyone else, your headbutt and pulverize this isnt needed
Teleport - If you feel like teleport, go ahead but I feel there are better choices
Fortify - there are better choices
Revive - there are better choices
Clairvoyance - there are better choices
Rally - not neccessary
Heal - redundant - triumphant roar
Cleanse - redundant - ultimate
Smite - not jungle build

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ok so my rune selection is a little tricky (on 2 runes)

Greater Mark of Health x9 - increased health for low levels (wont matter as much end lvls)

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration x9 - at lvl 7 the buff of mana regen is comparable vs greater seal of replenishment

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reductionx4 + Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction x5 (helps with CD in beginning levels) + Greater Quintessence of Scaling Cooldown Reduction + Intelligence rank 3 = 15% CD reduction at lvl 18, to have runes set up this way enables us to use Boots of Swiftness over Ionian Boots of Lucidity or any other pair of boots to your choosing

Combining the Runes (9.19%), Spirit Visage (10%), shurelya's reverie (15%) and the Intellegence Summoner Skill (6%) you cap your 40% CD (at lvl 18 totals 40.19% CD )

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Item Reasoning

So in my Choice of Items I like to start with Boots of Speed and 1-3 (depending on ur preference Health Potion , I chose 2 potions to help out during level 1, before you gain Triumphant Roar you know while there is pre-leveling battles, I feel that 2 health potions helps you to stay alive better in those first few levels.

my choice of Boots of Swiftness are to help with Speed during combat
Shurelya's Reverie has an active that grants your team a speed boots which will and i guarantee WILL help catch some enemies, it also has some needed mana regen and CD

Spirit Visage is another one of the items i feel is necessary, the CD reduction it gives puts you at 40% reduct, and the healing bonus it gives you will help boost your Triumphant Roar

i guess my resoning for the Spirit Visage over Frozen Heart is that it just takes too long to get Frozen Heart, the cost of frozen heart over spirit visage is about a 1200 dollar difference, that money could put you a lot closer to some other item you've been eyeing or you need, not to mention that with Clarity you dont really need the mana bonus the frozen heart gives

as for the other items, they arent *NECESSARY* but I have found that the Guardian Angel comes in handy late game when you get focused.

and Trinity Force is just a good luck in getting this ontop of everything else, but it would make a good addition

other good items
Thornmail, Force of Nature

boot substitutions for lower levels: Ionian Boots of Lucidity

In all honesty the first 3 items are the Core of my CoolDown Build, everything else is situational and varys

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Chapter 7

Still working on this build, if I left any valuable parts out, or information just let me know and I'll try to add it,
also I will try to get some video's up (may take a while)
oh and input is greatly appreciated. (please let my know why you dont like it or do)