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Rakan Build Guide by Vort

Support *Support Rakan (7.9)

Support *Support Rakan (7.9)

Updated on May 6, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vort Build Guide By Vort 56,899 Views 2 Comments
56,899 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vort Rakan Build Guide By Vort Updated on May 6, 2017
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How to play Support Rakan

Rakan is a tank peal support with excellent mobility, one of the best shields in the game, disruptive tools, and a decent bit of healing. He excels at protecting carries in long, kitey, drawn-out scraps, although he can also be played as a pseudo-initiation champion, and can run alongside dive champions if necessary.

In lane, Rakan rarely wants to all-in fights, and relies on his carry for most of the damage output of the lane. Though he's technically a ranged champion, his attack range is very short, coming it at 300 range, and as such, shouldn't be looked to for pressure and harass in most lanes. Instead, abuse his Battle Dance double cast to allow your carry to win trades. His generic combo is as follows: Counter-engage with Battle Dance first cast, and Grand Entrance onto the higher threat target or easier burst-kill target. Drop Gleaming Quill onto the target and trade with autos briefly. Right before Battle Dance and/or Gleaming Quill expire, or if needing to disengage sooner, jump back to your carry with Battle Dance, and trade with autos or kite back as necessary. The Quickness can be used as a catching or chasing tool to extend engagements and scraps, to disrupt entire enemy teams if diving in, or to lock up enemy dive champions and assassins that attempt to engage on your carry.

Summoner Spells
There's just about no reason not to take Flash. It provides incredible mobility and safety in lane, increased initiation and kill threat range, and is generally your best play-making tool out of all the summoner spells. Not taking Flash will often draw the enemy jungler and mid lane to your lane more frequently, as they'll read it as an opportunity for easy kills.
Exhaust is Rakan's bread and butter. It allows him to further stall out engagements and facilitate his drawn-out kitey playstyle. It also enables him to shut down assassins and dive champions even further.
If you're expecting little dive-pressure from an enemy lane, and they're not stacked with assassin threats, Ignite is a decent secondary choice. It'll provide additional kill-threat in lane, particularly if you decide to go the route of skilling extra points in Grand Entrance early, and/or running Spellthief's Edge. It will hurt your post-laning however.

Most of the time, Rakan's strength comes from his rapid abuse of Battle Dance shields. Windspeaker's Blessing further amplifies the strength of these shields (as well as his Fey Feathers shield, and provides shielded allies with additional resistance stats. It is the best option for a peal-focused playstyle, which is currently Rakan's primary strength.
If you plan to play Rakan as a dive-support rather than peal-support, opt for Courage of the Colossus . It will provide him with additional durability when engaging. Combine with Ignite, optional early points in Grand Entrance, and an optional early Spellthief's Edge for further engage threat. This is not Rakan's ideal role, but he can fill it to a degree if desired.
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Support Rakan should prioritize standard utilty items, tank stats, CDR, and due to the nature of Fey Feathers, he can opt for a small bit of attack speed in runes if desired.
Starting Items
Rakan typically plays with a peal focus and avoids unnecessary hard engagement. He has plenty of mobility tools, and doesn't get caught out very easily. He also excels with early Cooldown Reduction, and as such, Ancient Coin is usually the optimal starting item choice. It will also provide substantial gold, and essentially unlimited mana.
In the rare case that you choose to favor an all-in play-style, opt for Spellthief's Edge. The item will hurt your sustain and ability cooldowns early, but will buff the potency of all abilities in laning phase. When upgraded, it also provides a slight increase to mobility.

Early Core
Regardless of what build path you aim to go, these will be your early priority items.
Sightstone is your rush priority, providing lane brush and map control.
Boots are usually next, built into Ninja Tabi if brawling it out in lane, Mobility Boots if pressuring the map, or in rare cases, Ionian Boots of Lucidity, for earlier Cooldown Reduction spikes, and build flexibility. Rakan has higher mobility than many supports, and as such, Ninja Tabi are proportionally more acceptable to purchase on him. This is further encouraged by his role as short-range peal/scrap off-tank support, his innate shield, and his heavy preference towards sticking with another champion as frequently as possible.
Redemption is your priority for high tier items, as Rakan fights in Extended engagements, focusing around team mates. Drop it when you or your team engages or is engaged upon. The health and CDR are excellent stats early, and the regeneration is appreciated.
Once you have Redemption completed, Locket of the Iron Solari provides great synergy, both in adding resistances to back up the health of Redemption, but also in providing a shield to help people survive until the Redemption active drops. You can easily turn fights with this combo, and it should make you considerably tanky for the mid-game.

Utilize Control Wards in key locations later in laning phase, and through most of the rest of the game to help control key locations. Upon reaching level 9, pick up Oracle Lens to further help control vision around the map.

Core Build Paths

Path 1: + >Eye of the Oasis

This build path combines Ancient Coin and Sightstone into Eye of the Oasis. You'll have 20% (+5%) Cooldown Reduction, a lot of health, and a fair bit of magic resist at this point, as well as two open item slots. I usually try to get a fair bit of armor and at least 10% Cooldown Reduction with those slots, but they're fairly flexible. This build path allows more options for utility, durability, and flexibility, but lacks the utility frequency provided by build path 2.

Path 2: >Talisman of Ascension& >

This build path upgrades Ancient Coin into Talisman of Ascension, and Sightstone into Ruby Sightstone. It has even more health and armor than the previous build path, and has lots of utility via the actives and active Cooldown Reduction, but sometimes still has to solve utility, Cooldown Reduction, and resistance issues, in just a single item slot. It's generally stronger against caster teams, or if snowballing and rotating frequently.

Path 3: + >

This build path mimics build path 1, but exchanges health for Ability Power early, and possible gold gen. Only go this route if building Spellthief's Edge early for lane pressure. Alternately, sell Spellthief's Edge late game for an item slot, and upgrade Sightstone to Ruby Sightstone eventually.

Luxury Items
Rakan has several strong luxury item options late game. Ideally, you want 40% Cooldown Reduction, but sometimes settling for 30% in favor of more utility or durability can net better results.

20% CDR Options

If more armor is needed, and you're against an attack speed heavy comp, Frozen Heart is an excellent luxury pick-up.
Though not Ideal on Rakan, if you really want 20% CDR, and want to be a minor threat, or help peal run-down champions harder, Iceborn Gauntlet is an acceptable option.

10% CDR Options

Ardent Censer is an excellent item on Rakan. The ability power boosts all of his abilities in potency, and the passive can be rapidly re-applied to allied targets with Battle Dance.
If playing with a dive comp, Ohmwrecker is a surprisingly strong build option on Rakan. It allows him to neutralize defenses, facilitating late game dives, and also provides significant health and armor.

Zeke's Harbinger provides an excellent mix of budget armor and AP, and allows you to spike the DPS of your carry and yourself, periodically in fights and scraps.
An armor/MR hybrid option. Decent if your team is grouping a lot, and you want proxy pressure.
Sometimes you just need more health. Particularly good against poke and AoE, as a hyper-late luxury item.
Mikael's Blessing should be built against certain target taunt and stun spells, if they're proving to be deadly to your carry.

Other Luxury Items

Knight's Vow is an absolutely excellent item on Rakan. It doesn't provide any CDR, but the armor is appreciated, and the passive has excellent synergy with his kitey pealing playstyle. His carry can sustain him, and he can soak some of the damage that soaks through his shields, in place of his carry.
Zz'Rot Portal is excellent if you need a mixture of resistances, and/or your team needs help with or against siege.
Thornmail is excellent if you need budget armor in conjunction with all the effective health you innately have in the build.
If you're playing around a dive comp, Gargoyle Stoneplate provides a strong mix of resistances, and allows you to dive in with your team, as deep as possible, with the ability to soak huge amounts of burst damage. It's essentially the new tank version of Guardian Angel.

Boots Options

Ninja Tabi are ideal if you're generally stick with and babysitting your carry, and scraps are coming to you. In many cases, these are your best bet.
Mobility Boots are ideal for pressuring the map, and providing gank support mid-game.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity aren't ideal, but are worth considering if you're pressuring hard, and want to spike off early cooldown reduction.
Mercury's Treads aren't anywhere near ideal, but if you're up against a comp with really heavy CC, and you're getting split from your carry by it, they can be considered.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vort
Vort Rakan Guide
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*Support Rakan (7.9)

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