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Fizz Build Guide by Nastyville

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nastyville

Sustainable Fizzion

Nastyville Last updated on February 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a work in progress guide to a unique Fizz jungle build. The idea is to give him more sustain and hp without destroying the bursty AP assassin that we know and love. (You can still 2 shot carries with this build.) You can also go toe to toe with quite a few bruisers using this build. I will provide more information and ideas as I have time.

I haven't written down how to play Fizz yet in this guide as I'm no pro. Other guides may serve that purpose to greater ends. This is more of a theory/craft play test that I have been working on to some success. While we all know the tried and trues, it is fun to get outside the box every once in a while. Good Luck!

Bonus! While impractical in most games, if the enemy team lets their baron wards fall, you can easily solo him at 18.

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Skill Sequence

Now the skill sequence may seem a bit funky. I always prefer to max E first on Fizz in the lanes. It's simply what makes Fizz so fun! I'd love to max E first here as well, but it just doesn't make sense. The 2 early W's are to get your jungle cruise on. After that you will begin ganking and lane fighting. The other 2 abilities will become much more important with this build at least.

With a few items jungle clears will become faster and faster (Hence the abort on the W love.) Unfortunately his E does very little in camps and costs quite a bit of mana (Though I do use the first hop to open the camp clears.) You will have decent mana regen with this build, but E is hardly spammable until mid to late game. E is still essential for ganks and team fighting however. Who doesn't love a 1 shot minion pack splash down as well? So satisfying! The splash dmg is just too beast to ignore.

While using a bit of AS in this build, it is really crucial to get up on dem grills. This is why I tend to max q and e first. Between slows, hextech active, item speed boosts and a great pursuing kit in general... good luck running from this fish.

(Also note that you should not skill up until right before first camp clear. In case of invade, you may need to grab E first as I don't run flash typically. If you run flash, the choice is yours.)

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My build order usually goes something like the one listed above, mixing it up and different items in upon need.

Obviously if you are getting crushed by an AP heavy or AD heavy team, you could swap out the Hextech for an armor/MR item. The idea here is so much dmg/health/escape that you can kill or avoid death in nearly any 1v1 while still 2 shotting carries and mopping up team fights. After the team fight however, instead of being forced to recall you can heal up by cleaning up some jungle or minions. You should have enough mana/hp and cooldown reduction to go round two, three or four if multiple skirmishes arise.

Some may argue spellvamp and life steal are poor stats to use on fizz. The point of this build isn't to make you a BloodThirsting ADC! Fizz snowballs like mad and the less trips back the more Gold! This build gives enough sustain to just keep clearing endlessly. On top of that... it is nearly impossible for most champs to run from this build. Flying Spaghetti Monster forbid you catch an enemy carry lurking in your fauna. Kiting on this build will make your foes cry as well. Laugh as you vanish through the jungle and your team comes to mop up the pursuers!

(Note: To get even more silly rush Rod of the Ages and skip the Spirit of the Spectral Wraith. Finish the game with a 3500hp Fizz! Bonus, you can imagine the confused look on your enemies faces when you tank towers and init team fights while crushing them!)

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Summoner Spells

While I love flash, I find exhaust to be a better option on jungle Fizz. Most junglers don't have an untargetable flash built into their kit! By end game it's only a 5 second cooldown! Exhaust is just too sweet for ganks! If ganking before level 6, I try to pick a good angle and come with either exhaust>w>q or w>q>exhaust if possible. If they flash you may still catch them before the exhaust wears off. If you succeed... AA as much as possible and time your one hop E to land just as exhaust finishes. You don't want overlap in your slows. Lights out if your teammates assist. Sometimes you won't even need them. This is especially true after level 6. You may however need double hop to secure a kill.

After level 6, I like to lead with my ult if possible and single hop > w > q. This is an all in, but they are probably gonna be dead before they know what happened. If you fear that the enemy jungler or another laner is near by, instead save that E for escape or securing the kill. Use minions with q after to get back to a more friendly lane position.