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League of Legends Build Guide Author TOTESMCSCOTES

Taking Shots with Ezreal - A guide on the striker~!

TOTESMCSCOTES Last updated on November 24, 2013
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Hi there, this is my second guide ever on Mobafire and I decided to do it on Ezreal, seeing as how he was one of my favourite champions ever since he was on free week. What makes him one of my favourites was the skill shots. I love playing games that challenged me to get better and better (Like Street Fighter), so I easily fell in love with Ezreal. I practiced aiming my skill shots almost every minute of my free time. Then on the weekend I would play a proper match to see how much I've improved from the training I did. Seeing as this is my second guide I hope I have learned from my mistakes and have improved on quality!

Thank you jhoijhoi for the line dividers and the TOC is on its way~!
Ezreal is a very mobile champion thanks to Arcane Shift. It can let him make unexpected engagements, an easy escape or to catch up to a fleeing enemy. His Mystic Shot is his bread and butter. With a good range and painful damage throughout the game it's one of his best moves. Accompanied by a very low cool down and the ability to reduce every other skills cool down each time it hits. He has multiple gameplay styles and is overall a great champion.
Ezreal can be easy to learn but hard to master, due to 4 out of 5 of his abilities being skill shots. His late game damage can fall out and it doesn't help that he is extremely squishy through out the game. He doesn't have any CC and his Essence Flux is almost useless besides using it to push down towers or give your team a small buff since it no longer reduces the enemies attack speed. It won't hinder is dueling abilities that much though.

Summoner's Wrath gives you 5 attack damage/ability power whenever Ignite is on cooldown. But is a slight bonus.

Fury grants you 4% of attack speed which isn't much, but we need to spec into it to get to further into the tree.

Deadliness grants a very small bonus late game so it isn't that great. Although it does let you get Weapon Expertise which is a great option to spec into. It gives you a bunch of free armor pen which really does increase how much damage you do early on.

Havoc is a lousy option giving you so little for how much you give. I didn't make this one because there were other options to max other than this. Lethality isn't that great either but you might as well to get deeper into the tree.

Frenzy is a very good pick. Late game your going to hit a critical almost every AA you do, and this giving you 10% extra attack speed your going to get those hits off faster. Combined with rising spell force you should be able to hit just under the attack speed cap.

Sunder gives you even MORE armor pen.

Executioner is a great addition to almost any carries/bruisers/assassins because of the extra damage you get to do to low health targets. A must pick to conclude the offensive tree.

Durability adds to your overall health. Helps to take a bit less punishment than you usually would.

Hardiness is taken for less damage from the enemy ADC and pretty much all basic attacks.

Resistance is taken so you have a tiny boost in the amount of MR you have but more importantly, you can spec into Veteran's Scars

Veteran's Scars is for the extra health and survivability. Not much is to be explained here.


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
Greater Mark of Attack Damage is one of the best Marks any ADC could have. They make it easier to last hit, increases AA damage and skill damage which means for some stronger poke. Recommended for any ADC in my opinion.

Greater Seal of Armor is a must get. Ezreal is a squishy champion and without armor he is an easy target. Whenever you're laning in the bottom lane you're always going to be faced up with another ADC. The armor helps you to take less punishment from mistakes.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist helps you to negate damage from those AP supports. Eg. Janna, Lulu and Soraka etc. Since MR doesn't increase per level it is good to get these. During mid-late game when the AP Carries will be doing some serious damage it would be good to buy an item that has MR in it. Relying with Glyphs is risky and can cause you to being bursted within seconds.

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal is a great pick for a Doran's Blade start. The sustain from it can help you to out trade the enemy carry which leaves you coming out superior. It also means you can stay in lane a lot longer than the enemy. So you are a higher level and most likely have more creeps than the enemy AD Carry.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage great start if you're not starting a Doran's Blade. It makes it even easier to last hit but that's about it. Your AA will do a lot more damage which can help you shine through trades. If your strapped for cash and can't afford Life Steal quints pick these up.
-Use it to farm if you're worried about getting poked/stunned etc. It isn't a guarantee substitute for last hitting but it is a bit safer.
-Each time it lands it will reduce all your cooldowns (not summoners) by one second. Use it a lot if you have a support who can give you mana. Eg. Soraka.
-Shoot it into a brush to check if an enemy is hiding there. A sound effect should proc and your passive should show on the hud.
-When pushing towers hit you team mates with it giving you and your team and attack speed buff.
-Don't use it to harass if the enemy is behind minions. It does not do enough damage and the mana cost is substantial.
-This has a short range so don't try to compare it with you Q.
-It's your second flash. Use it to escape either over walls or just further away. But this second flash does damage.
-Don't use it to intiate unless you know you can kill him/her without getting killed in return.
-The missile that is being shot can also hit invisible targets. Can be helpful to chase them down with Q.
-Open with it when a team fight starts. The attack speed buff plus the great damage you do with it can wither there team down.
-Practice sniping with it in custom matches with friends.
-Use it to clear big waves of creeps. Don't worry about the cool down. Remember that Q reduces everything by 1 second each time it lands.

Ignite is a great tool for Ezreal. Being able to finish of those low health luckers is very satisfying and when you want to squeeze more damage in your burst just use this. The cool down is reasonable for what it does and the range is perfect for Ezreal.
Flash is one of my favourite Summoner Spells. I take this 99.9% per game because of it's great utility. Sure you have Arcane Shift but sometimes they'll still be able to catch up. Flash is also a great tool for juking. If your E was on cool down you could just pretend you are going to flash over wall but juke them and flash into a brush. Highly recommended!
Barrier is a viable option for Ezreal. It is a great baiting tool and can be used to absorb some heavy burst damage, keeping you in the fight longer. It takes awhile to get used to but once you've mastered it, it really can become a great addition to your kit.
Doran's Blade is one of the better starts you can have right now. It ticks all the right boxes, gives you health per attack, +80 health and extra attack damage. With LifeSteal quints sustain really shouldn't be an issue and you should out shine the enemy carry in most trades. (Not Draven though)
Rushing a B. F. Sword is a great thing to do. Not only does it increase your damage and build up to some of your most important items, it makes farming under the tower so much easier. If you keep getting pushed to the tower and your missing too much creeps because of it but can't afford a B. F. Sword get another Doran's Blade. It really does help.
Vampiric Scepter is a great item to rush on Ezreal. It gives you crazy sustain which should make you stay in your lane for a very long time. Especially if you're paired up with a support who can give you sustain. Not only does it give you a crazy amount of sustain it builds into one of your first epic items, The Bloodthirster.
The Bloodthirster is an amazing item for Ezreal. The amount of damage and sustain you get is crazy. And usually you should be able to get this about 15-20 minutes into the game depending on how good you've been doing. This item can increase your damage output substantially and it's usually good to take advantage of it.
Phantom Dancer is also a great item for Ezreal and overall any AD carry. The attack speed increases how much damage you can throw out within a certain time period, the critical strike will guarantee a 1v1 win against most AD carries who faulter during mid game.
Infinity Edge is one of those must-buys for any AD Carries. It gives you a butt load of extra damage, additional crit strike and (my favourite) 50% critical strike damage. This will be dishing out HUGE amounts of damage ranging from 700-1000 damage.
Iceborn Gauntlet is an excellent item and a suitable replacement from Season 2 Trinity Force. It gives you a small AP boost which is not much, but it is a sound addition. But the main reason I take this item is for the passive. So after using an ability your next basic attack will slow and do a lot of bonus damage to champion, creep and even structures.
Last Item Choices won't be included since it is up for you to decide. I decided to just do the main items. Alter as you wish.
Early on you want to farm a lot. Don't always go for the kills because farming creeps is much safer. 15-20 creeps is around 300g. Try to poke a lot with your Mystic Shot it does heaps of damage early on and with constant hits you'll have a better chance of winning your lane. If they are standing behind their creeps don't bother to try to hit them with your Mystic Shot, try to AA them. If they try to counter-attack you just run back until they walk in front of their creeps and just hit them with a Mystic Shot. Be wary of ganks, they can set you back quite a bit. Try not to push the tower in this stage of the game. It can make farming much, much more dangerous as junglers will start to camp their and enemy lanes will start to roam bot to help out.

If you got some extra surplus buy some wards. This helps your support out a bit. If you took Barrier ask your support to take Ignite unless you're faced with a hyper carry. It can make for a strong lane.

Try not to farm with your Mystic Shot to much. You need the mana if an engagement happens, but if you're with a support that can sustain you, then go for it.
Mid Game is where you want to start focusing objectives and getting yourself and your team ready for teamfights. Take control of dragon to maintain a steady income for your team. Push turrets to give yourselves more control over the map and making it easier to roam in their jungle. Mid game you want to set yourself up for the late game team fights so maintaining a steady income is very important to achieving some of your core items. Try not to lose your 2nd tier turret mid game as you make it a lot easier to be caught out or make it easier for them to counter jungle. If this happens ask your team to help out with the warding. Wards save lives bro.
During Late Game you should have most of your core items by now and should be doing some pretty decent damage. Before a teamfight breaks out poke them with your Mystic Shot. This should lean the battle in your favor. When the teamfight starts hit the opposing team with Trueshot Barrage for great AOE damage and max stacks on your AS steroid. Then hit your team with Essence Flux so they can have an AS steroid as well. Start throwing out Mystic Shots and AA's. If your caught re-position yourself with Arcane Shift and if you have too, Flash. This is also the time where you should stick with your team. When you are alone you are vulnerable to being caught out by the team which might resolve into an easy team fight win for them. If everyone has a spare slot, help out the support by warding the river, parts of your jungle and parts of their jungle. This gives you better understanding of where everyone is and a decent prediction of what's going to happen.

Focus tanks first. If you are being flamed for that just ignore them. Enemy ADC's are usually behind the tanks and the only way to get to them is to get through the tanks. This is a much safer option than heading in between everything which could lead to an instantaneous death.
This concludes my Ezreal guides. Hoped you learnt something new. Go ahead and leave constructive feedback, i'll always respond. PM me if there is a spelling/gramatical error as I usually skim through it.
I'm sorry about the Lane Matchups chapter, it's taking a lot longer than I expected but it should be there in about 2 weeks.
If you're still up for reading why note check out my Shen Guide here.