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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Thresh Build Guide by Zed The Dead

AP Offtank Tank Thresh "Get Over Here!!!!"

AP Offtank Tank Thresh "Get Over Here!!!!"

Updated on January 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zed The Dead Build Guide By Zed The Dead 27,586 Views 5 Comments
27,586 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zed The Dead Thresh Build Guide By Zed The Dead Updated on January 28, 2013
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Hello and welcome to my first League guide. I hope you all take the time to rate and or comment I am Hoping for some good feedback to make this and future guides as effective as possible.

And now for the disclaimer. This guide is not meant to get you a ton of kills but to make an effective tank and team player. Your main job is to protect your ad carry and make sure the enemy cannot get away using your Death Sentence and Flay.

SO without further ado lets jump right in.
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+great control of enemies
+versatile champ
+100% AP ratio on ult
+hilarious when paired in same lane with blitzcrank


- reliant on team work
- takes work to master targeting of abilities
- not the best AP ratios on some spells
- not very high damage
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I decided on movement speed because your job as tank thresh is to keep the enemy from escaping. So you cant let them outrun you easily.
I chose Both Magic resist marks and glyphs because between this build and Damnation you will have A LOT of armor.
This seems pretty standard for tanks and helps with bottom lane ad carries.
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This is pretty nice to have on thresh because early game you will be poking a bit using the passive of Death Sentence.
just a nice thing to have early game.

Not to much else special here just what i worked up after testing a bit of support/tank set.
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I'm just going to explain my choice of items without dragging on to much.
pretty basic tank item with tenacity and nice magic resist.

I love this item on Thresh ,because it has everything we want in this build CDR, AP, M.RES ,M.REG. and Two great passives that Greatly increase your mana longevity.

This is another nice item for our build due to the AP, Health ,and the spell slow.

This is a good addition to the build because of the Armor, CDR, Mana, and the great passive that really helps reduce your teams incoming damage in team fights

a Good item that boosts our AP and M.RES. as well as lowering the enemy's M.RES.

Nice amount of survivability in this item as well as a painful burning aura.
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Skill Sequence

This can be one of Thresh's greatest assets or weaknesses. To gain armor and ability power as well as scale the passive of Death Sentence. to use this effectively gather souls whenever you get the opportunity. you can either get ahead of the enemy by gathering a large amount of souls early or you can fall behind by being denied souls.

The first part of Death Sentence is the passive. thresh will deal damage based on souls gathered(the minimum amount of damage done is equal to his souls + AD) and the max damage is equal to 80/110/140/170/200%(based on increments of 5 seconds since last attack) of AD+souls
The next part is the active which after a small delay throws your chain in the direction you aimed.
when it hits an enemy it does damage and will yank them towards thresh twice over 1.5 seconds, and if you press the button again thresh will dash to the hooked enemy.

Thresh throws his lantern to the targeted area giving a shield to allies who walk near if for 60/90/120/150/180+ 40% of AP. An ally can click the lantern to jump to thresh (this can e used once and pulls the lantern to thresh. The lantern also reveals the area as well as picking up any souls nearby.
-can be used to save an ally by pulling them to you.
-also useful for scouting

Thresh sweeps an area in a line pushing enemies in the direction of the sweep, and slowing them. The targeting for this is a little odd, the direction of the sweep is towards your cursor from Thresh's position.
-great for giving enemies whiplash when combined with Death Sentence

Thresh creates a pentagon around him with walls that when an enemy goes through them cause massive damage(250/400/450(+100% AP))and slow the enemy by 99% decaying over 2 seconds.
-use to keep enemies from escaping
-drop in the center of a team fight
-use Flay and Death Sentence to throw enemies into the walls
-drop when escaping to slow enemies and maybe net a kill
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Summoner Spells

great utility for most situations

For when ya just want someone to stick around to give them a nice chain hug.

good for having emergency map presence or getting to a team fight really fast

this is good for escapes or catching up to enemies

This has its uses primarily against people who can heal like mundo
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The trick to farming with thresh isn't necessarily getting all the creep kills but to grab as many souls as possible. so let your ad carry get the last hits in bottom just kinda hang around grab souls and harass your enemies.feel free to last hit a minion tho if you know your carry wont get it.
champs and big minions have a 100% drop rate for souls and small minions a 20-30% drop rate.
-you can use your lantern to grab souls just out of reach safely.
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Team Work

Thresh is very teamwork reliant as a tank so coordinate with your team as much as possible.
Always accompany someone who can do good damage because your damage isn't very high and between your control and someone elses damage you become very deadly.
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Well that's it for now i will update as i see necessary please rate and leave constructive feedback.
Thank you for reading my guide.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zed The Dead
Zed The Dead Thresh Guide
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Tank Thresh "Get Over Here!!!!"

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