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Amumu Build Guide by Bashdaddy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bashdaddy

Tanky AP Jungle Amumu

Bashdaddy Last updated on August 6, 2012
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This build is a tanky AP Amumu that does a large amount of damage, both burst and over time. Amumu is often played as a straight tank which I think is an absolute waste. He has massive AP ratios, Two abilities that stack 1 to 1 and an ability that stacks half but can be spammed for huge damage. To not get AP on an Amumu is simply wrong in my opinion and from experience. Your role in the team will be to initiate, or initiate perhaps just after someone else if they are slightly tankier during that point in the game. Going in just after allows occasionally for an ult that catches more people. Everything you need to know is in later chapters.

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Pros / Cons


Scales very well into the late game
Fun skill set to play
Jungle is the most fun to play as gives you the most freedom
Game changing ultimate
Relatively unexpected build/element of surprise


Weak early game
Essentially every other jungle can smash you to pieces
Majorly dependent on first blue buff
Somewhat item dependent

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There are not really that many choices of Marks you can take on Amumu. It is best I find to take the MP as they give your damage a small boost at all points in the game and synergize with your passive well.

These runes are essentially a must if you wish to jungle. You simply will die or be majorly restricted in the time you can jungle if you do not have some added tank, even with defensive masteries. Simply a must.

This choice is perhaps more controversial. I prefer these runes because they give your damage a good boost mid game. Most people will not expect it. The alternatives are But I have found that the MR is not necessarily early game and that you have increased your overall health by the time you are in real danger of taking large magic damage. It essentially depends on how you play, but in my experience the MR has been largely wasted compared to what you get from the extra AP.

Again this choice is rather controversial, it is simply my preference for the specific way I play Amumu. However there are alternatives that are acceptable such as which will give you extra tank early and make your jungle safer. You could also go for a combination of the two. Some people will swear by but to be totally honest I just don't see how they are pan out compared to what you could get in armor or AP.

I personally have never tried it but I can see the appeal of Greater Quintessence of Vigor even with potions you find yourself not regening fast enough at times which limits your effectiveness with ganking and helping in lanes. While not normal on most Amumu builds it is relevant in this one as I do not suggest going Philosopher's Stone I could easily accept an argument for any of these runes

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The defensive Masteries speak for themselves essentially. Perhaps the only anomaly is the absence of MS masteries, however in my opinion they are the necessary sacrifice for the health regen and the damage block that are essentially for the way that I jungle. Set out the defensive tree as you like depending on the specific runes you take.

As for the final 9 points you see many builds put them in the utility tree. This I cannot really agree with. There seems nothing of comparable worth to the 4 AP 4 CD reduction and MP in the utility tree even if you are not going any AP in your build. Arguments could be made I am sure but I think most people would agree they are largely futile in the context of this build.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is a major factor in the way play a champ and largely hinges on the specific champs in the game and how they are playing. However I will try explain the general theory and the experience that I have had playing this build. Always take first and go to Blue. Take second and go wolves.

Third choice is rather more controversial but I would argue that going is better than getting as you will jungle faster and ganks are difficult to make succeed at level 3. If a lane is very pushed such as mid getting at 3 is permissible but I find it is rarely worth it. If they have flash up its often a waste of your time, which is lost gold and experience. At 4 definitely get

After this it really does become game dependent. Obviously get your ult whenever you can but otherwise it simply does depend. has such a high CD that I find leveling it early still doesnt make it viable as champs are too close to towers to use it twice even if you have reduced the CD. For this reason I find that I usually max faster however in many games I would max them at around the same rate. With experience using the items of the type I suggest with similar runes/masteries you will learn which way to skill your abilities in each specific game. It really cannot be taught, it is simply about overall knowledge of all of the champs on both teams and tailoring your build to the achieve victory.

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Summoner Spells

Speaks for itself

is obviously necessary

I would argue this is necessary as well but if for some reason no else takes It is not a bad choice but I would not really suggest anything else under any circumstances.

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Items are what makes the build what it is, along with the gameplay style which I will outline in the next section.

There are two starting items builds for Amumu. However I suggest that you go and Items are linked to your jungle path as you can only buy what you have gained in gold. So it is necessary to quickly outline what you will do on your first path. If you are top right team you have an advantage as the adc can get a few shots etc on Blue, which increases your health through reduced damage from fighting it yourself. If this happens you can go Blue, wolves, wraiths, red, wolves, wraiths. You will have very low health by the end but can be done. I have already argued against during this first path as it is often not likely to succeed and you have low health making it risky.

When you recall get and a variety of and and if you are feeling particularly generous or feel the need Sight Ward From this point I cannot say what will be the best item to purchase. I find another is ideal for the mana regen AP and health all of which are crucial on Amumu. I would follow this build almost every game I play.

At this point it become more fluid but I will do my best to give an explanation for most eventualities. If you have boots 2 Doran's Rings you will be relatively tanky due to your health and runes/masteries. But not tanky enough for long, especially considering your position in the team. For this reason I suggest getting with the goal of building it into a If the game is going well I find this to be a great item as while you are not majorly tanky the fact is they will be running from your damage anyway if your team is any good. Your ult in team fights is so good that ceteris paribus you will win team fights as you are such a good team fight hero. Maybe the best.

However you need more tank and in particular armor. I find that you are more likely to die of AD then AP at this point so I suggest getting an armor item before a MR. In fact in about half the games I play i find it is better to buy a before you finish your but still after the You have many choices of armor items to make from your Perhaps most often I see which I think is the most over-rated item in the game. It honestly makes me wonder if people simply buy it for the aesthetics. It is perhaps more relevant to a straight tank Amumu as it gives some damage with its passive but even then I think there are better options. My preference and I think the best choice is It is relatively inexpensive and gives Mana, 99 Armor CD reduction and a good passive. It seems infinitely better to me than in the scope of my build. Another option, though I do not suggest it at this point is but I find it is better to get that as a second armor item as it does not give Mana or as much CD reduction which are so crucial on Amumu.

From here you need MR and to be honest there is really only one choice on Amumu, this item is excellent for its stats and passive. Some people in high elo games (1800-2100) build if after 2 Doran's rings. I find doing so does not give you the tank you get from a and leaves you vulnerable. Getting it after Rylai's simply doesn't give you the armor you need as a tank, sure If you are playing a massive AP lineup get it buts its hardly common. It fits nicely for me as a third big item. If you get these items in a game you should find yourself doing tonnes of work in team fights. You will be scaling hard by this point and be quite a beast. Tanky but with heaps of damage, and I really do mean heaps, you will be able to 1 v 1 essentially anyone but farmed tanky dps with huge life-steal. With a good ult teams are simply finished.

From here the items are really really up to the specific needs of your team. The item progression at the top gives you some idea of the kind of Amumu I find fits so well into a team. Some of the items that are good to purchase in situations are simply items that give more AP, armor, health and MR. I wont bother to coddle you by giving you examples past this point, I'm sure you are all capable of making good game time decisions to purchase items that are necessary/useful in the specific situation.

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I have put boots in its own section because it is the most game dependent pat of my build. I often put off the upgrading of boots because I think ideally with this build you want to go but they are so dam expensive so Often I will get some tank first whether it be Rylai's, or some armor items. Most often I will upgrage after I have got or around that time.

The actual boots you choose are game dependent. I really like but I can understand the obvious reasons for going for or However I find that I can find an appropriate time for during the build, you just have to make sure you are not spending the money on the upgrade at the expense of tank early game.

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Gameplay Style

What is most important to note is that Amumu is really a late game champ. He is relatively weak early due to his squishyness as a jungle, however scales very well. This is easy to explain and illustrate. Amumu has a skill set that screams tank. AoE abilities, stuns, initiation with Q etc. However he has very high AP ratios, higher than some AP carries if you actually look. two abilities that stack 1 to 1. Hes better in every way than Sion. Not that anyone plays Sion. however because he has such good initiation he needs to be tanky not just AP. But because his ratios are so high as he does get AP and if he does get a he is going to have AP carry like damage on a tank that is largely sustained. It truly does get ridiculous.

You don't necessarily have to initiate. I have found if someone else does, say a tanky jarvan top the enemy team will converge more, meaning you will catch more people with your making for a nice team wipe. You may die early when you have only boots doran's and Rylai's but as long as you win the fight that is totally acceptable. Winning is everything.

Just remember that early you are relatively weak but that late you are a beast. It is not a turtle strat as you go AP early, I find that this build progression is the perfect amount of tank at the time to stay alive but still have enough AP to make your team destroy.

One further thing it took me a little while to realize is that if you are using your to kill one person say at lvl 6, the first time you ult anyway it is often better to ult first then use say if you come form the side to gank mid. It is safer this way and essentially the same as going first. I suppose it seems obvious really but thought I would add it.

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Jungle Path

In many guides I have seen for Amumu they will include a jungle path. This seems to me to be pretentious and pointless as no one is going to choose the exact same masteries and runes you do as if they were gospel, therefore the paths will not be viable in every case. This is especially true of Amumu as he jungles on such low health that slight changes to runes will force me to change the path I jungle, otherwise I will likely die to Red or something equally unhelpful.

The only advice I will give in reference to jungling is that it is people will ask for ganks before 4. For example you have just done Blue and wolves and head towards Wraiths and mid will ping for a gank when the lane is equally pushed. Often it is not worth your time to gank. especially pre 3 which is impossible, and even then getting Q at 3 slows your jungle so much which means less gold and experience for you. People in lanes it seems rarely see jungle for what it is, which is a lane that needs to be farmed for gold and experience. This build allows you to carry late game. Carry quite hard, but people do not really realize this it seems. Only gank if the chance of success outweighs the lost gold and experience from not jungling. If people flame you for not ganking they fail to realize that jungling was invented to maximize gold and experience by giving more total gold and experience to the team. Its simply ignorance half the time. Also its not unheard of for builds of this type to take the second blue, some people will have a cry mid but the fact is if you go with this build you will do big AP damage early game so their arguments are just simply invalid. You get as much use out of it as them.

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I don't really know what to put in the summary to be honest so I will try to reiterate what I think are the most important points. This build needs requires some practice as you do need to balance the AP and the tank. The AP is wasted if you are focused fast and the tank is wasted without the AP as Amumu has such a strong skill set for AP and good ratios. People might even flame you if you go as they don't see the tank yet, but that is simply untrue as you have heaps of health, enough to survive initiating on say 3 v 3 fights at dragon and yet still do tonnes of damage. Its just their inexperience with the build. Don't worry about it, you will prove them wrong in plenty of games.

The only things I wont to say are that this build does work. I consistently dominate with it, just give it some time. If you don't believe me look at my match history (Bashdaddy) right now. I would put a screenshot but don't know how. Also Amumu is such a fun champ to play with this build because to be honest Amumu can just start to destroy a game when built this way, he also has a fun skill set to play which is unique. A nice change from jungling WW, Shyv, Olaf etc. Boring Boring Boring. Do give it some time as while we are all different in my experience this build really is so much more fun than anything else I have ever played.