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Shaco Build Guide by McKenzy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author McKenzy

Tanky Burst Shaco(Jungle)

McKenzy Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I think it´s time to share my build with the community. I started with the build in a game in which you need much endurance. Everybody knows that Shaco is a character who kills very fast or dies very fast. I hope I can help new players to find a good build and give advanced players some new ideas.

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Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed You will need extra Speed for some kills in early game.
Mark of Attack Speed You need it for fast jungling.
Seal of Armor Only for survive ability.
Glyph of Magic Resist Only for survive ability.

The Armor Pen. runes are for the standart jungle mob armor and early ganks.

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Creeping / Jungling

In the jungle:
You start at blue and wolves at the same time.

1.Start placing one box at wolves [1:20min] and walk to the blue-buff.
2.Spamm boxes in front of the blue-buff.
3.After killing blue the wolves are the next step.
4.Trigger your box and kill the wolves.
5.Place a box at the ghosts and start killing them. The box will help you.
6.Now you come to the red-buff.You have to wait some seconds for 2 boxes.Start pulling the creeps into your boxes and finsh the red-buff.
7. You can gank midlane or continue at your jungle.

You can gank every lane you want after the steps and you have no problems to go back in the jungle.
After you get Wriggles start doing dragon. It´s important! Kill dragon so often you can!

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Skill Sequence

The spell which every summoner hates, because it´s the characteristic of shaco.This ability gives shaco the possibility for jumping over the map, over walls, even other things.It´s his ultimate for chasing, baiting and escaping, which can be used in many difficult situations.The ability gives your next attack have 100% crit, and therefore its best to attack the enemy from the back to get the 25% increased damage from shaco's passive. It allowes you to make easy ganks,because you getting invisible.However, good teams usually looks for gank at the early levels, so deceive is awesome to have at level 2.The first blood is often save for your team when you come to gank.
Jack In The Box
It´s like your best friend in jungle or at ganks.You can use it if you are getting some damage in jungle or you block the way for enemies while you are chasing or getting chased.Place the box while you are running and around it the enemy gets feared.
Two-Shiv Poison
Usefull for pulls into your boxes in jungle. You will not loose much health for killing buffs.The passive effect on this ability makes you to stay for a 1vs1 fight, because the enemies can miss you with autoattacks.Use the active effect if you are out of range and need to slow them from distance.It´s also a great ability to finish someone.
One of the greatest ultimates. You can deceive your enmies with it and save your live.
-Karthus ulitmate
-Ash ultimate
-Darius ultimate
-One second of ingite
-Tower damage
-Non target spells like Pillar of Flame
It also have the same passive of your items like you, so dragon is a easy job for you.
Later you can solo Baron!
Beware when you have buffs (Baron,Blue,Red) they can see which is the right one, but they can´t see it when they see the character informations about items and so on.

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Wriggle's Lantern
Why: The life steal of Wriggle's Lantern give you sustain through the jungle.
The passive is usefull for fast jungeling.In the jungle life steal is on of the most important things you need health before, after, inside gank/team fight.
The passive this helps you get those early dragon kills.
Defence and attack damage is great for sustain in early game. Boosts your damage just that little bit and adds in a suttle amount of armor
Active Ward: As a jungler helping the team control dragon, baron, crucial gank spots, combined with jack in the boxes, give you map awareness This is one of the main reason's for not adding madreads bloodrazor at this build.
Trinity Force
Why: The movement speed is great for chasing. You gain attack speed and attack damage, crit, mana and health. The passive from sheen gives you a enough damage for easy ganks. Phage often saves you a kill or save your live because of extra health
Boots of Mobility
Why: You need to very fast as a jungler, because every lane want some ganks. Although the enemies will never escape.
Warmog's Armor
Why: You are not the first target anymore. The enemies need much more damage for you and often is the consequent that they dont´t if they should focus you or not.
Atma's Impaler
Why:You exploit the health of Trinity Force and Warmog´s Armor for great damage.
Infinity Edge
Why: Your damage getting awesome. One Deceive behind your enemy and he will give up the fight. During fights the chance of critical strike is so high by Atma's Impaler & Trinity Force & Infinity Edge that is make no sense to fight against you.
Zeke's Harbinger
Why: Your attack speed is too low without it and you don´t want to loose you lifesteal. You support your team with the passive and you reduce the Armor a little bit.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite& Exhaust
The new jungle is still not too strong .You don´t need.
The combination of the both summoner spells make you stronger for ganks.
The enemy is slowed by exhaust so that you can place a box to fear him.
You will get more time to damage him. Ignite is used in a fight or gank where is a caster or ad-carry, which heals himself.It´s also helps to finish of running foes.

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Pros / Cons

-Weak early game
-Farm/feed depending
-low attack speed compare to other builds
-weak against caster
-countered hard by warwick,kogmaw and malzahar

-High survive ability
-Ulti: Harder to find the real shaco for the enemies , because of the tankyness.
-High damage
-You also can start a teamfight
-Good at chasing
-Good escape

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I hope this guide gives you a nice overview about my way to play shaco as a jungling burst-tank. If you think this guide lacks some informations you would like to get PN me or write a comment below. If you think this guide sucks don’t rage at me it’s MY way to play shaco it doesn’t have to work for all players in the world. If you find any mistakes or want to discuss about possible improvements contact me.

THX 4 Reading
GL&HF with this build and tell me if it works for you

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Thanks G3N3R4L F41L3R for some tipps.