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Taric Build Guide by Birdybirdy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Birdybirdy

Taric: Now in a manly edition.

Birdybirdy Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys! My first language is not English but I'll make the best of it.

This is my first Taric guide and I've been playing Taric for a while, this is just what I build and it's actually a pretty sick aura-build, at least give it a shot.

I run this build all the time in Ranked Games and It's ?@*%ing awesome.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration x9 - Since the rework on Taric's Radiance
Greater Seal of Evasion x9 - Stacks nicely with Evasion and optional; from Ninja Tabi so you'll get the extra movement-speed from Nimbleness .
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9 - For extra beefiness.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x3 - So you can get to them easier to land a Dazzle.

You don't really need Greater Seal of Armor since you have the extra armor from your Shatter

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You should run 0/9/21 cause Taric usually got problems with his mana in the lanephase and the Utility-tree helps out a bit with those problems. You will need the Cooldown Reduction on your Flash and an improved Clairvoyance.
The extra movement-speed from Quickness so you'll get to them easier to land a Dazzle. Don't put any points in Utility Mastery cause you won't be getting any buffs anyway.

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First items:
Start off with Faerie Charm Sight Ward x3 and Health Potion x2.

First recall:
Philosopher's Stone Sight Ward

You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!

Second recall:
Sight Ward
Sight Ward
Sight Ward

Core Items:
Sight ward

If you die with your Oracle's Elixir and you know they have a lot of wards and got enough money for it, buy a new one. If you don't have enough money for it you should skip it, get some wards and some items then buy an oracle later on.

Buy Sight wards as long as you have a slot for it!!

If you have a stupid team that picks 4 Psychical champions you should skip the Will of the Ancients and if they would pick 4 Magic champions you should skip Zeke's Harbinger

"But what about the Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Ninja Tabi in you're item-build?"
Well, if the enemy team doesn't have that much CC you can get either Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Ninja Tabi.
Ninja Tabi is great if you're against a lot of Psychical champions and they will stack nicely with your Greater Seal of Evasion and Evasion .
Ionian Boots of Lucidity should you buy if you're up against a team with not that much CC and not that many Psychical champions.

Final Build:

Against heavy CC.

Against heavy AD.

Against almost no CC.

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Skill Sequence

When you play Taric:
You should be going bottom lane with a ranged carry, for an example Caitlyn (This is the best combo out there (in my opinion)) And you will usually be up against a support and another ranged carry.

Level 1:
Put one point in Dazzle (E) at level 1 just in case they're invading your jungle or if you're gonna invade their jungle and for the level 1 zoning.

Level 4:
Put your first point in Imbue (Q) at level 4, if you're having problems at bottom with your health you should put a point in Imbue (Q) at level 2 or level 3.

"What should I max first?"
You should max your Shatter (W) first so your lane partner gets extra armor, in that way she can harrass the other ranged carry (let us say Vayne) more than Vayne can harrass Caitlyn and you'll get a higher burst damage.

Level 9:
When you reach level 9 your Shatter (W) should be maxed out.
You should have 1 point in Dazzle (E) and 1 point in Imbue (Q).
When you get here you should max out your Imbue (Q) (And of course; don't forget to put a point in Radiance (R) at level 6, 11 and 16.)

Level 13:
When you reach level 13 your Shatter (W) and your Imbue (Q) should now be maxed out.
Now max your Dazzle (E).

How to use the new Radiance (R):
The same way that you use Shatter (W). It deals damage right away and gives yourself and your allies attack damage.

When using Shatter (W):
If you use your Shatter (W) you and your allies will lose the Armor Passive from it, so you should really think before using it.

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Summoner Spells

You should use Flash and Clairvoyance. These Summoner Spells are usually used to any support but there are other choices for you as well.

My Favorite Summoner Spells:
Clairvoyance - You should always use this Summoner Spell if someone else doesn't.
Flash - Is good if you're a little behind and need to heal/stun someone, and also, for escape.

Other Possible Summoner Spells:
Ghost - If you need to get to them easier for a stun/heal, also for escape.
Fortify - If you know you're up against a back door champion this spell is great if you need to stop him while pushing or if you're all dead.
Cleanse - If they have _A LOT_ of stuns (For an example: Kennen Amumu and Leona)
Heal - This Spell is on the edge to good, it can save a life, that's pretty much it.

Summoner Spells that you shouldn't use:
Ignite - Unless you're up against Fiddlesticks or Swain and nobody else in your team uses Ignite.
Teleport - You won't do any real damage to towers so you cant back door and if you have a good team your jungler will cover your lane if you're both dead.
Smite - Come on, you won't jungle with Taric will ya?
Clarity - Was a great spell before the rework on Taric's Radiance but not anymore.
Rally - The beacon will get killed in 1 hit so it's pretty much useless.
Exhaust - Unless you're up against 5 Psychical champions and no one in your team uses Exhaust.
Revive - This is just a waste of space since it's the longest cooldown ever. You could do so much better with Flash Fortify or Ghost.

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Farming, Warding, Lanephase, Midgame, Lategame.

In the lanephase you shouldn't farm at all, give all the farm to your lane partner. Keep dragon warded all the time.

Just stand in your brush and land a Dazzle and then use your Shatter then repeat over and over again. Use pings so your lane partner is ready when you use your Dazzle.

Communication is the key to success.

If you see a level 2-ganker in the enemy team you should put down one Sight Ward at 1:30.

Here's some examples on level 2-gankers:
Lee Sin Shaco Xin Zhao Gangplank Nasus Udyr

You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!
You should always buy at least 1 Sight Ward every time you're at town!!

When the lanephase is over and midgame arrives you should roam for kills & towers, keep buffs warded (Baron, dragon is the most important places to ward. Optional but really awesome: Their Blue buff, their Red buff, your Blue buff, your Red buff.)

You should get an oracle by now and clear all the wards from the enemy team.

Now that we get to lategame and the teamfights, you should lead your team to fights. Engage with a Dazzle, run in to their team and activate your Radiance When it's in the clear to use Shatter, do it.

Different timers:
Lanephase: 00:00 - First tower down or 20:00.
Midgame: 20:00-35:00.
Lategame: 35:00-Endgame.
Baron: Spawns 15:00. Respawns 7 minutes after death.
Dragon: Spawns 02:30. Respawns 6 minutes after death.
Ancient Golem (Blue buff): Spawns 01:55. Respawns 5 minutes after death.
Lizard Elder (Red buff): Spawns 01:55. Respawns 5 minutes after death.

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I absolutely love to play Taric and I hope you will love to play him too, he's not hard to play, not at all.

Please comment and rate this guide, keep in mind that this is my first guide ever.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you out on the field of

Summonername: BlRDY
Server: NA
Country: Sweden