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Taric Build Guide by Trooper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trooper

Taric, the Pink Tank (Tank/Sup)

Trooper Last updated on November 4, 2012
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Introduction & General

Thanks for viewing and welcome to another Taric guide. This build and guide is focused upon bringing up Taric as Tank Support of your team. Your goal is to get focused, distract them, CC and aoe and boost allies, hit them with auto attack, heal your team, CC wanderers/free kills.

All Taric's spells are made to assist your teammates, and your base stats are high enough to work as a decent tank, that's why he is the perfect combination for both.

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Summoner's Wrath Allows you to have more CC and lowers enemies Armor and Magic Resist. Combine this with your W to bring your enemies armor down so your AD Carry can rape their faces.

Vigor Along with Philosopher's stone it will keep us in lane without the need to heal ourselvesand waste mana.

Enlightenment Is here for the CDR that will help us keep spamming our skills.

Initiator For helping running, assisting, healing, initiating.

Juggernaut Great help for tenacity, along with our Mercury's threads it will give us 50% tenacity. Also the health bonus is cute.

Expanded Mind This will give us larger mana pool to use to last longer before we go oom.

Meditation Since we don't run any Mana regen items, this will greatly help you in early game.

Instead of 1/21/8 you can go 9/21/0 if you think you will have enough mana and want to deal a bit more damage and have bigger CDR.

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Pros / Cons

+ Stun, Armor reduction, Armor aura, Ap/Ad aura, Heal.
+ Actually has good AP scale.
+ Tank, Distractor, initator.
+ He's Fabulous!

- A bit slow
- Needs experience to know when to use skills and on who.

Mana problems on Taric are overrated, just attack minions and keep philosopher's stone with you.

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Skills & Tricks & Playing

Take a good look at your passive. Each time you Basic Attack someone's face you get mana, that's exactly why you don't need any mana regeneration items. When your opponents back, refill your mana. When you get a chance to slap that siege guy, refill your mana. When you see enemy champion, slap him to refill mana.

Simply said, you heal yourself and your ally for 100% of the heal (200% health regained total). Or you heal yourself for 140%.

Basic attacks on minions reduce cooldown of Imbue by 1 second, while basic attack on enemy

champion reduces the cooldown of Imbue by 3 seconds!!

Tank everyone up. Use it to increase physical damage done to their team, or keep it passive to help your team survive. If the bottom lane is dealing tons of physical damage or your AD carry doesn't have armor in runes for some reason, consider maxing Shatter over Dazzle

Your OP stun. The closer your target is to you, the more damage it will do. You can even steal kills with it.

Slam their faces with a damn good AP scaling ulti, give everyone a nice big steroid and just nuke them, kill them, slap them, whatever! The cooldown is kinda low so you can use this for farming if you know no champions are coming to rape your face.

Tricks of trade:

Its good to go in Duo Lane while having someone on voice so you can efficiently use Flash+Stun+Exhaust to get your buddy fed.

Your role is the following in specific stages of the game:

Game tips: - Scare their support in early game and stabilize your farming ground so your AD carry can do his farming. If chance arises toss Dazzle and force them to waste their Flash, afterwards you can Dazzle and Exhaustto pick your side a kill.

When you can, go up to Middle Lane and pick your AP guy another kill with your combinations.

Use your Shatter when your AD carry is taking less damage than their AD carry, as it increases your friend's Armor greatly. It is good in combination after your Dazzle as enemy will start backing away, and Shatter will ensure harassing them will deal tons of damage.

When your AD carry is attacked start following behind them. Stay between your Carry and enemy champions to get more focus, the Imbue you pop on your Carry will heal you as well. Do not use Shatter unless they are taking damage from the turret. Not wasting your Shatter will keep your Carry alive.

In larger fight, you have two focus choices: The largest damage dealer/threat, and the 'Guy who will chase your Top Damager'. If their damage dealer is stunned he will soon die if your team can focus well. If you stun the chaser, your Top Damager will survive and rape the rest if all goes well.

If you can, land your Ulti for increased damage for your whole team in a teamfight.

During fights always hit someone with your basic attack every time you can! It will keep your mana up and lower your Imbue CD which is crucial to being a good Taric player.

Your Imbue with Elixir of Brilliance and items will lower your cooldown on ~10 seconds. Each hit on enemy champion will reduce it by 3. Which means if you keep attacking someone you could heal plenty of time.

In teamfight, decide if you wish to use your Shatter. Keep it on to keep everyone's armor +30 or snap it to reduce their armor by 30.

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Summoner Spells

This one is really simple, and I don't recommend changing it, but of course that is all up to you.

Flash to stun and kill, flash to run, flash to heal and save, flash to kill. Flash is your friend.

Exhaust is your (well, your teams) kill ensurance. Get close to someone and deal damage, when they start moving back toss your stun and pop your exhaust (might as well as pop W to reduce their armor further). Someone will pick up the kill as they'll be damn slowed.

Heal might be useful, but as you will heal people several times during the fight if you land your basic attacks properly, it will nerf your heals.

I do not like Clairvoyance simple because two wards will reveal map for a longer time than Clairvoyance throughout the whole game. It might be useful when both teams have Oracle and map is unwarded, to save people from warding as you use it to check if people are ganking them or not.

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Shurelya's Reverie

Start out with Faerie Charm and 1x Vision Ward and Sight Ward. Feel free to take pots instead or more sight wards if you don't want Vision ward. You have enough sustain to stay in lane for a long time.

Rush Philosopher's stone for more sustainability. Pick Boots of Speed after that and rush Heart of Gold next.

Finish Mercury's Threads and start working slowly on Randuin's Omen. It will give you health, armor, regen, cooldown and a impressive passive. Don't forget to use the Active to slow enemy team down when you rush into them and slap them with your skills. You will grab attention and their team will get slowed by your passive.

Build Aegis of the Legion over time. Recently I get this more often before Omen since it is more supportive and lets your team survive longer, you can tank later on. You will grant your allies a total of +42 Armor, +15 Magic Resistance, +8 Damage at that moment. The Armor will make sure all can endure for a longer time, and Magic Resist will null/lower the Magic Penetration of enemy team. Basically, you just made half of your team mini offtanks. Shurelya's Reverie is your next item for chasing, escaping, and chaos.

If the game isn't over yet you have few items to make, depending on your need. They can be ANY, I just listed some!

Other items are:

Zeke's Herald if your AD members of the team need a boost up.
Abyssal Mask if you want to do more damage, their team has really low MR or you want to assist your AP members.
Will of the Ancients if you want to help people get more AP, want everyone to heal off a bit easier, want to easily heal yourself when you use Q,W,R so you keep high health constantly.
Deathfire Grasp if you want help taking down their big fat dudes.

Other ideas:
Rabadon's Deathcap if you want some damage.
Sheen if you want to slap damn hard each time you hit them after a skill.

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In progress (Images)

At the beginning of the game you will have to decide if you will use Vision Wardor Sight ward first.

First off: Will your jungler gank bottom by minute 7-8?
If the answer is yes, you need to prevent them from placing the ward, destroy it using Vision Ward or make sure they are distracted enough for your jungler to walk in.

If the answer is no, place Vision Ward if enemy has already placed their own or you want them prevent from feeling safe and make sure they don't push you too much.

When you are destroying wards, ask carry to cover you.

The enemy will return soon with Vision Ward after you screw them over, which means you could take 2 of them. Keep aware of your enemies number of wards in inventory on bottom. Depending on the Blue / Purple team, they might only ward Dragon so that's where your pinky should be as well.

Make sure you harass them when you see they want to place their ward. You need to protect your own and ensure map awareness.

Depending on the Blue / Purple team you may also ward their Blue / Red to enable your team to know position of enemy jungler & people moving around map, which will enable more ganks.

Mid game:
Your role isn't primarily warding, but do so on certain spots. Warding exits of their jungle (In front of Baron, in front of Dragon, long bush bellow wolves & blue, wraths, crossing bush on lane with golems) will help a lot, depending on the flow of the game you can push the wards more inside their jungler or in certain active bushes. Don't waste your wards because you need your items more!