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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Dyzzii

Assassin Taste Their Fear! (In Depth Kha'Zix Guide) (6.11) [REMADE]

Assassin Taste Their Fear! (In Depth Kha'Zix Guide) (6.11) [REMADE]

Updated on July 21, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dyzzii Build Guide By Dyzzii 11,791 Views 0 Comments
11,791 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dyzzii Kha'Zix Build Guide By Dyzzii Updated on July 21, 2016
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Hey guys, my name is Dyzzii and I am a platinum jungle main on Oceania. (OP.GG Link: One of my best and strongest champs is Kha'Zix. I have always loved this champion and this is a guide I created several years ago, but have recently received inspiration for another Oceaniac Kha'Zix main and have decided to completely re-vamp my guide.

So I hope you guys enjoy my completely re-vamped guide and look forward to any feedback!
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Why Kha'Zix?

Kha'Zix is an interesting champion in many aspects, and is also seriously flexible in how he can be played. He can be played in either the jungle, mid or top effectively, can take on the AD assassin role, play as an AD bruiser, or even a tank or hybrid (AP + AD) damage dealer. Plus the evolution side of his kit brings in even more options in terms of how you play depending on the way the current game is unfolding.

He carries insane burst potential, resets which can make or break a game, an ultimate providing strong outplay potential, and natural sustain. He thrives by killing targets who position poorly and punishes them very hard for their mistakes.
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Standard Jungle Runes

My standard Kha'Zix rune page focuses on playing him in the jungle, and utilises some armour pen to assist with dueling along with some normal AD marks, scaling health seals, 5% flat CDR and scaling MR glyphs, and flat AD quints.

The 5% CDR is there to assist in early clears whilst helping you reach your 45% CDR cap (with my masteries), the armour pen assists in early dueling abnd scaling hp/lv assists you by giving extra survivability against all sources in teamfights and later stages of the game.
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On Kha'Zix i take the standard 12/18/0 mastery page. I run Thunderlord's Decree because I find it so much more impactful than Stormraider's Surge . However I highly recommend trying both of them out and seeing which you prefer, Thunderlord's Decree is simply my preference.

I also run Assassin to increase your damage so isolated targets ( Kha'Zix's main focus), and Sorcery to increase your Taste Their Fear damage. I also run Intelligence to get another 5% CDR and increase your CDR cap to 45%. It helps for early clears and late-game scaling.

The rest of my masteries are relatively standard and straight-forward.
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Pros / Cons


+Easy and semi-fast jungle clears. Especially post level 6.
+High mobilty with your Leap
+Is a very strong jungler overall, with insane invading potential as 99% of enemy junglers will always be isolated.
+Has pretty decent sustain with Void Spike healing.


-If you overestimate your damage, you may be left stranded if you used your Leap to engage. Which generally ends up in death.
-VERY item reliant. If you fall behind you will struggle to make an impact unless the enemy team are out of position consistently.
-Takes A LOT of game knowledge to play well and make enough of an impact to carry your games. You need to know how to force people out of position and know exactly when you can kill someone.
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Kha'Zix has a very unique jungle clear. You want to try and make use of your Taste Their Fear isolation as much as possible. This means you want to clear the small creeps of the jungle camp BEFORE the big one on the majority of your clears. This takes a fair bit of getting used to, but after several games you will pick up how to do this with ease. Will attach a video eventually showing the full clear cycle and other small tips for jungle clears as Kha'Zix.


Most games you will be starting on the bottom side of the map in order to grt the best possible leash by using your bot lane. The only exceptions to this would be when lane swapping, letting ypur bot lane start a camp to give them lane pressure, or when trying to defend from a potential invade or steal an enemy buff.

After taking your first camp (either Crugs or Gromp), move onto your first buff and kill it normally (focus the large monster first). After this point, it is generally better to kill the smaller monsters first in order to isolate the large one to improve your clear speeds and take less damage overall. In 99% of games you should easily be able to complete a full clear and back with around 725-750gold and be level 4. A full clear is both buffs, and all 4 small camps, with the clear finishing at the top side. You are able to take scuttlecrabs too but I would only recommend doing this if you're playing on blue side in order to use the Crug smite buff to stun the crab lowering its defenses. You generally cant make use of the extra gold on your first back however which is why I do not do it often.
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Standard Assassin Jungle Build

The best start on Kha'Zix is starting Hunter's Talisman and Refillable Potion. He has enough natural sustain with his Void Spike to complete a full clear with relative ease doing this start. It is far more gold efficient than starting with Health Potion's.

On your first back you will generally have around 725-750gold. Which is enough to buy your Skirmisher's Sabre and a Vision Ward. A pink ward at this stage of the game can be sooo useful. You can use it to get deep vision in the enemy jungle without them suspecting it, and if worst comes to worst and you run into the enemy jungler, 9 times out of 10 you will be able to kill them in a duel anyway, and if not, you're generally able to escape with your Leap and Void Spike slow.

You then want to build that Skirmisher's Sabre into a Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior as early as possible. This gives you a massive damage spike with the armour pen, CDR and flat AD this item provides. You also want to pick up tier 2 boots some-time after finishing this, I normally end up building Boots of Swiftness however Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi can both be good options too.

After finishing your Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior I have great success with building a Black Cleaver next. It provides high damage, a very strong armour shred, a whopping 20% CDR and also some tankiness and a passive that helps you kite and chase enemy's. Is overall a stupidly good item on Kha'Zix and he can make use of every single stat this item provides with huge effectiveness.

Most games i'l end up building a Maw of Malmortius after my Black Cleaver to give me the added armour pen and AD, along with surviveability against high magic damage. However if they dont have any significant magic damage threats, i'd recommend getting some lifesteal through either a Mercurial Scimitar or a Bloodthirster. I have also had huge success with getting a Duskblade of Draktharr instead of a Maw of Malmortius and many people don't expect it. However I only recommend this item if you do not need the Maw of Malmortius or any lifesteal just yet.

I will normally always get a Mercurial Scimitar on Kha'Zix after my Maw of Malmortius or Duskblade of Draktharr as the pure amount of CC in the game right now is too much for an assassin like Kha'Zix to handle. This item also provides enough lifesteal to help out, along with added MR. However if the enemy team isn't heavy on CC, I recommend replacing it with a Bloodthirster.

At this point in the game, you should be sitting on 5 item's and looking at building your final one. You generally dont need any extra damage at this point as you should be able to 1-shot the enemy carries if they step out of position. I normally recommend building either Dead Man's Plate or Guardian Angel as they are both perfect for Kha'Zix, but sometimes Banshee's Veil can be useful too, or a Sterak's Gage (ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT BUILD A Maw of Malmortius, AS THE PASSIVES NO LONGER STACK. If you do find yourself struggling to kill the enemy carries, now is when it can be a good time to pick up a Duskblade of Draktharr as it will guarantee you finish off your target.

Remember, don't just build the same thing over and over again in every single game. Managing your build path to how the game is playing out is so crucial to success. This build should only be used as a GUIDE to help you make decisions. It is not going to work in every scenario of every game. It is also not the best build for Kha'Zix, it is simply what I personally have the best success with. Experiment for yourself and see what works for you!
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Evolution and Skill Order

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Jungle Champion Matchups

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Mechanics and Outplay Techniques

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Well I can't believe you've read all the way to here... But good work! This guide is still a major work in progress, and I plan on adding many different video segments and expanding on the guide a lot, adding different build options, mechanics, sneaky tactics etc as I get time to do so.

Anyway, I really appreciate your time in reading this guide and hope it has at least been somewhat useful. Feedback is always appreciated and I always want to hear what other's have to say! Let me know if there's anything I can help you with and i'l be sure to help answer questions in the feedback/comment section!

- Dyzzii
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