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League of Legends Build Guide Author TOTESMCSCOTES

Taunting with Shen, A guide to feint for.

TOTESMCSCOTES Last updated on April 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Honour the Way of the Warrior

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A lot more info now since I was missing A LOT !!
Hey. This is my solo top guide to taunt with Shen. This is the first guide I've made so suggestions and corrections are always welcome. If there is a mistake with the spelling, punctuation or in total grammar please PM me what sentence and chapter. Mistakes can happen! I'd like to thank jhoijhoi for the great guide on how to code guides! Tactical high five incoming! Updates will be rolling in when I manage to figure out how some codes work. This guide will include (in order):
-Rune Alternatives
-Mastery Explanation
-Skill Sequence
-Summoner Spells
-Item Explanation Early-Late Game
-Warding Spots
-Early Game
-Mid Game to Late Game
-Lane Matchups
-Team Work
So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy my guide.

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+Taunt can save teamfights
+Global precense by level 6+
+No mana
+Nice burst early game

-Limited energy
-Taunt has long CD overall
-Very long CD for
Stand United

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Rune Alternatives

Here are some rune alternatives that might fit how you would like to play.


Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

The attack speed marks is a viable choice for Shen to make his Ki Strike go off faster and once you get a Wit's End it will pop off every three seconds depending on your attacks.

The scaling health seals are a decent pick to add to your beefiness giving you 174 hp by level 18, since Shen is naturally tanky you could always go with this instead of the armour.

The quint of magic resist can help a lot giving you around 45 magic resist at level 1 which is crazy and can negate any magic damage dealers.

The quint of ability power is there to make you hit harder, absorb more damage and protect your allies with his ult. Since his ult scales of 150% ap.

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Masteries Explanation

I take 4 points in fury to get his Ki Strike to get off quicker.
Another 4 points in blast for the extra AP and max point on Arcane Knowledge so your q can hurt like a brick.
Take max points on durability to add to chunkiness and combined with veteran scar's by level 18 +138 hp. I take the armour and magic resist for obvious reasons. I take unyielding and block for -5 damage taken (basic attacks) which could mean life or death. 3 points in juggernaut to be more beefy. Another 3 points in Legendary armour for the extra armour and magic resist and honor guard which reduced all sources of damage by 3%. Add it with Ninja tabi and that's 13% off basic auto attacks.

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Tips on Using your Skills

Vorpal Blade(Q)

*If low on HP mark a minion and attack it to regen 4/6/10/14/18/22 health.

*Remember you don't use mana so mark your opponent when ever it comes up during early game.

*The mark can heal others and this can be a nice support use.


*Pop it to negate damage from opponents.

*Auto attacking with your shield active lowers the cooldown of Ki Strike by 2 seconds per attack.

*Whenever you Shadow Dash to a target/s pop this up straight after.

Shadow Dash(E)

* Shadow Dash has the same range as flash and can reach over walls, terrains etc.

*Hitting an enemy/enemies restores energy, if you miss you won't have enough energy to do anything else.

*Using Flash to get in range for a taunt is a great way to surprise your enemy/enemies, and if your team can follow up it's a great site.

Stand United(R)

*Your ultimate has a very, very long cool down and mistakes do happen and you could waste it. Best to think of the out come of the situation before you go in.

*A good Shen player needs a strong map awareness. Keep an eye on the portraits of your team and if you see there health is low go check it out. Try to do this in a safe spot since some champions can interrupt the ultimate and stop the teleport.

*Your priorities with your ultimate are set for the ADC and APC, but if needed you can use it on other champions.

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Skill Sequence


I like to pop Q first for the regen once you E to get in range and then W resulting in very little damage you take early on in the game. During team fights stay with this sequence. Mark the enemy ADC as most of the team besides your ADC will be trying to shut him down they can also regen 1.5% of Shen's maximum health and if you have to, use Stand United at the start of the sequence. Straight after your Q try to taunt the whole team. This can draw attention away from important targets and give some breathing room for your team. Immediately pop W to negate a small amount of damage and try to get your team to follow up.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells
I usually pick Ignite on Shen for the reduction to healing effects so if you're up against a player that uses heal as a summoner spell it can semi-counter it, and also to get those low-health luckers dead.

I take this every time I play Shen because of its great use. For instance you could use it to flash taunt on a team catching them on surprise and boom, the ace. Or a great way to close up the distance or to escape.

Alternative Summoner Spells
Can be used well for solo top and you have global presence by level 1. Also very, very good for split pushing but because of its long cool down I rarely use it, and it isn't the most useful spell to use in my opinion.

Handy spell but not my main, it can be used to save your self or shut down the ADC late game. Also the slow can come in handy for closing the gaps. A decent spell for Shen!

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Starting Item Explanation

I like to start with this and five pots for the nice sustain in lane and a butt load of early armour. The five pots also help you stay in lane much, much longer.

Boots of Speed and three pots is used by a lot of champions as a starter item but I rarely use this with Shen. The only reason I would take this is if I'm laning with someone with tons of slows so its faster to build into Mercury's Treads, but not a viable pick since the nerf and pretty much every start is a lot better.

with four pots and a ward. Sustain + Extra Damage + Health + Vision. That's hella tight. If you're against an easy lane take this.

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First Back Item Explanation

Great price for the amount of hp it gives you, plus builds in to most of your items.

sight wardWards are in the game for a reason, don't ignore them.

The 25+ MR is always a +1 in my book and the tenacity just adds to the usefulness of this item. Not much to complain about besides its price. (1200g)

The armour is excellent for those AD lane ups and the 10% reduced damage from basic attacks is just amazing.

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Early To Mid Game Item Explanation

A must have on Shen, for it's +45 armour and +450 hp. Not to mention the extra damage it does to help you CS. Only problem is that it attracts tower aggro.

rescurve bowThe extra attack speed to help get Ki Strike get off quicker and also builds into Wit's End.

Explained already.

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Mid to Late Game Item Explanation

Attack speed and bonus magic resist. Plus the extra 42 damage works really well with the 40 damage already coming from Sunfire Cape.

Bonuses, +700 hp, +30 dmge and that crazy slow that'll make you stick to targets like glue.

+1000 hp which is a crazy boost in your health. It'll be very, very hard to kill you by now and with an optional item still to go you'll be just about un killable.

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Warding Spots

Red = Vision Ward
Green = sight ward

Warding is very helpful for keeping you, your jungler and other players safe. Notice how Dragon and Baron are marked red. Meaning you should ward it with a Vision Ward to get rid of enemy wards to allow an easier Baron/Dragon kill. The sight wards are good for 3 uses.
+Can save you or others from ganks.
+Can protect your jungler from counter junglers
+Can help your jungler counter jungle

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Early Game

During early game you would want to poke with Vorpal Blade every time its up. Since Shen doesn't use mana you can spam it all day. CS hard as this build isn't cheap. Try to make up goals before you start up a game. For example you could have a goal to get at least 80 CS by ten minutes and no deaths by fifteen. These goals could help you make second thoughts about tower diving a low hp Jax. It can also help to not be cocky.

Try to not to recall for as long as you can. If your mortally wounded (2-3 hits from death) head back. Don't go back just because you can get an item (unless if you really need wards).

Remember, wards are your best friends. They've saved your life many times and helped your friendly Lux or Ezreal get a kill.

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Mid Game To Late Game

During Mid Game push any lane you can as much as possible, as long as you're safe. You don't want to be handing free kills unless if its to save the ADC or APC or even Jungle. Whenever your Stand United is up your Global Presence is very strong and could easily change the odds from a simple 1v2 to a 2v2. Control Dragon and take it ASAP as it is an easy way of supplying you and your team with income.

Late Game is when (I believe) Shen shines the most. His can turn a really bad team fight into an amazing win. If you can get a great taunt on all 5 players and everyone can follow up it looks just amazing. If possible try to split push when your Stand United is up, so if anyone is in trouble your there immediately to save them. Plus its nice to get a big "THANK YOU SHEN <3 xx".

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Lane Matchups

There isn't much Shen can do against Jayce. The only thing I found useful is to max your W and tower hug. If you can get a very early giants belt and ninja tabi you can evenly 1v1 him. If you don't die till level six you are way more useful for you team. With a good ult + assist you can compensate for the gold you lost pre level 6. Levels 8+ with giants belt and a quick phage you are a little stronger than him. To sum a lane against Jayce up, don't give him kills pre level 6. You will regret it!

This is a pretty hard lane for Shen. Once Riven gets brutalizer and some kind of lifesteal she can dominate the lane easily. Play safe and ask your jungler to babysit you if needed. Just don't die until you get Ninja Tabi and Phage. Then almost every trade is yours!

If Teemo tops you are so screwed... Said no one ever. This is a very easy lane for you levels 3+. With your three skill combo teemo got nothing against you and you want to bully him out of lane and deny him as much farm as possible. Buy Oracle's Elixir just to make his day!

This is a good matchup for you but why Jarvan would top confuses me, but it does happen. It is near impossible for the Prince to beat you since your cooldowns are lower, you have better sustain and you are tankier than him.

You can beat Zed in a lane by building armour early and 4-5 pots at least every time you go back. This will give you enough sustain and durability to survive his all-in and be healthy enough to stay in lane. Q him from time to time and the lane will be won.

Painful lane for Shen. There is no way Yorick can be denied (if you are just not babysitted early game). Even if you only try to last hit and sit in brush, you can't over farm him. Yorick pushes lane like a mad man and you can't do anything vs him. After he hits level 9 and if he wasn't killed at a time, it's simply GG.

You can just build up a bunch of armour and then put a few points in W to negate pantheon poke. Shen can farm the lane and panth will usually waste his mana trying to do real damage to you. If Panth ult ganks another lane Shen can just ult on his ally to counter gank.

If you don't have ignite you won't be getting Garen to easily. He will come in, not do enough dps and just run back and you will continue farming while garen was chunked down in a bad trade. Mark him so his passive doesn't go off. Not the hardest lane.

The lane is pretty equal and indeed is a farmfest. Only thing that can cause a legit kill is jungle pressure, then I'd give the edge to Malphite just because of his ult being a better escape than Shen's E. The lane is more less even.

Early levels, Renekton can out harass and out push Shen. However once you get some HP and armour items, extended lane trades lean in your favour. If the he is to careless or greedy, you may be able to kill him out right. However even with items he can push much hard than you, and Shen does have trouble farming under a turret. Additionaly, he can break the channel of your ultimate with his W stun, something I consider a huge advantage for Renekton and his team (this will only stop the teleport, not the intial shield).

Vlad is a great counter to shen, you are melee and you can get easily get zoned by a good vlad with autos, Qs and Es. Try not to taunt Vlad since he can just go into a pool and dodge basically anything. Since you both have sustain he might not be able to kill you early on, but you should try to farm safely. Expect Vlad to push your lane VERY hard as soon as you ult somewhere in the distance.

Shen just does not have the ability to win. Q+E+auto attacks x infinity from Kayle and Shen is like half health. He can't sustain off of Kayle because of Kayle range. This is a hard lane so ask your jungler to babysit you if possible.

If Nidalee tops she usually would go AD/Bruiser. Start off with the cloth and 5 pots and you could be in lane for a very long time. AD/Bruiser Nidalee doesn't do much damage unless she is in cougar form. This is where you should be careful. Cougar form can do quite the lot of damage. Mixed in with her great heal in human form she can be hard to duel. Try to poke her a lot and negate her counter poke with W. If so go in for the kill pre-level 6 but never tower dive. By level 6 she can do a lot more damage than you and will most likely roam. While she is roaming take this chance to push up the lane and head back.

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Team Work + Objectives

I believe objectives and team work are the two most important things in League of Legends. If you get a team that hates each other don't hesitate to dodge. Mostly because they could troll or feed and just not play to the best of their ability which is a real bummer for everyone else. A dream team is when everyone is positive to each other and not a bunch of jerks who cry over a role and then the team ends up with double junglers.

For Objectives focus on turrets and dragon. Dragon is a heavenly gold supply for the team so ward it and take control of that area immediately. Green side bot has more control of dragon at first but if purple can rush down that tower there control is almost gone. Same thing goes for top and baron. Try to get dragon every time its up and ward in both rivers a lot. The support isn't the only one that has to buy wards. Mid, ADC, Top and Jungle all need to do their share.

Tell your team to freeze the lane, so it makes it easier for the jungler to gank and it puts every one in a safe position.

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To summ it all up!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and finished your popcorn in time. Suggestions are always welcome and positive feed back would make my day, negative responses must have valid reasons to take in account and thanks for giving up some of your precious and valuable time to read my guide.

Updates will be rolling in soon once I figure out how some of the BBCodes work.
May your fps stay healthy AND BYE BYE, don't forget to throw out the rubbish!