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Team Guide by frostysnow95

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League of Legends Build Guide Author frostysnow95

Team Synergy (Updated for Season 3)

frostysnow95 Last updated on February 21, 2013
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Hey all you summoners out there, welcome to my short but informing team build. What you see here are builds for five different characters that I found to have great synergy(For those of you who don't know what that means go look it up). If you have any questions simply ask them in the discussion area and I can answer them asap! Thanks, and enjoy the build!

If you don't feel like searching the word here is a link:

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Team Work

To start this off for Bottom lane, you are going to want to have Ashe and Zilean pair up and do their magic below, giving top lane for Yorick, and Shen, jungling thus leaving middle lane to Diana.

I have chosen these pairs as too how each champion works and flows with each other in game. I have played with all these characters personally and found that together they could be unstoppable.

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One of the hardest champions to lane against top lane. His sustain is incredible and the amount of poke he can do is great. While he is susceptible to ganks, if he escapes he can own this lane like non-other. His life-steal and his final will not only keep him alive but the AD Carry alive as well, making him incredibly important for team-fights. If you have a lot of pressure on you ask for a gank and Shen should come running.

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Shen is normally banned, but despite it he is one of the best junglers, and is why he is often banned. His abilities keep him sustained to go through the jungle at a good time, giving him room to go in and gank around level 3 at the earliest. Shen's final will keep any dying champion alive and bring some extra punch to the team-fight. Shen is incredibly helpful and synergies well with Yorick's final.

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Ashe & Zilean

These two are not normally seen in ranked matches and the normal pvp match, but it's their special combination of poke and damage that really makes these two a really competitive pair. Ashe's slows and range for her basic attacks flow well with Zilean's Time Bombs. Zilean's final is incredibly and will save Ashe to fight again and usually win the fight. Overall these two have incredible synergy and work well in any team composition. The only downside is that they will be squishy for a bit but after level 6, they should both have a good amount of sustain.

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I have chosen Diana as my mid character because all her abilities are great at poking at enemies, and her final is a great Ability to spam and indefinitely finish off others. You need to remember to start off with some health potions, as early-game goes, Diana isn't the best. I have found that Diana is a great "Snowball Character", which basically means, the minute you start feeding this moon woman she will not stop getting stronger. You should always ask for help if mid gets too hot with enemies because Diana cannot start team fights, she can only end them!

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Well this is the end of the build. Good job for making it down here, I know it's hard to read all that. I hope you have found this build to be informational, not only about this possible team, but also the individual build of the characters. Again if you have any questions or comments just simply ask them and I will answer as best I can.

Signing off,



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